Children Literature

one okay today I'm going to present a little bit sorry about sunken chill and it's like okay I will start the story once in the forest still live a monster called sunken ship sank and chill is the most clever animal in the forest he is very friendly lots of animal likes to play with him and when Sun can chill asked his friend to play hide and seek then all his friend play along with the Kings as they were looking for a perfect spot to hide sunken shield counted until 10 seconds before the real game started and then just after sank until finish the counting he goes and fight every each of his friend and then now in another part of the jungle leave for hungry tiger he was looking for something to eat but then he spotted some country on that moment sunken she was trying to surprise one of his friend from back of the bush and then they were shocked and frost by the latter oh that comes from the tiger Sanka two friends ran away well sunk and she still stood on the same spot and then the story started when the tiger started starting to eat sank and chill but Sanka chill was clever he tricked Tiger countless time and then at the end tiger gave up the tiger admit that Sun can chill is so clever he cannot beat the cleverness of sunken shield and then at the end of the story Tiger the tiger left the place and he promised to some country that he will not come back and that's how the story and that's all for me thank you for watching

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