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unzips trousers so I'm sure you guys have all heard of the child friendly entertainment that exists on YouTube it's a it's a massive money cow that's been happening for about a year now but a problem with this is that children are quite morbid as a good friend Freud will point out they're called funny tune TV Mickey Mouse baby dead in gas explosion Mickey Mouse and dog rescue finger family nursery rhymes honest in HD not as many views as 4chan bedrooms am i right IV Mouse pregnant with Mickey Mouse threatening suicide Mickey Mouse panic divided rather filthy greed – Minnie Mouse – finger family songs nurseryrhymes how do you make a nursery rhyme out of adultery Minnie Mouse dead Minnie Mouse dead by a digestion of food saved by an IV Mouse Nursery Rhymes Mouse tattooed chick on the back of the Minnie Mouse funny story Mickey Mouse baby get caught in elevator hi Mouse cartoon in this episode Mickey Mouse is solely evisceration Mickey Mouse pretend to die funny pranks because goofy graffiti on the wall should Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse be arrested unjust Minnie Mouse spawn a colorful egg Minnie Mouse and IV Mouse sheet while selling food poisoning to customers this could only live up to expectations its IV Mouse boys she's kind of hot yeah oh my god I am now a professional witch oh she's popped it he's he's the dad what's a slut oh the crap out of it dude why Superman about my creeping into everything now Wow it's egregious what's wrong with this is some weird fever dream god he's having an asthma attack help him he's literally going into cardiac arrest at st. Johns Ambulance we're here to help ah if I ever catch my kids watching this this is a fucking beating way to happen

46 thoughts on “Child-Friendly YouTube Content

  1. Some of these videos are honestly disturbing and unnerving. That’s the worst part. It’s desensitising kids to murder and cheating on your S/O. Why is it only violent video games being looked at in this generation? I’m genuinely concerned for these children’s well-beings.

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  3. Mickey & Minnie Mouse Kidnapped & Die by Elsa fingers coldness but saved by Ivy Mouse babie daddy new episodes

  4. Closing on my house on the moon, because I dont want to be on the same planet as adults that grew up watching these type of videos.

  5. Next video: gay trans Nazi mickey mouse rapes spongebob in prison(finger family 1 hour nursery rhymes)

  6. Mickey mouse open gas valve causing gas burn and malfunctions escalator grinding babies! Funny Story! New Episodes! HD finger family rhymes for children! – Funny Cartoons TV

  7. I don't think actual people make these cartoons. I'm convinced that there's some factory out there with machines that mass produce this shit.

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