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chetan bhagat he is one of the most famous authors of india and in today's video i am going to be discussing about his books what are the movies that are based on his books what are the books that he has written so far in his career and what is the general view point about his books and also i'll be reviewing a few books that i have read myself which are a part of this video so without further ado let's get started with this video hi there i am manpreet i make book related videos on this channel every tuesday, thursday and saturday if you're new here please make sure you subscribe and hit that bell button so that you get notified every time I post a new video i have done a couple of videos in this author spotlight series that i do to feature indian authors and discuss their works and i will link the playlist down below so that you can checkout all the videos that i have made in this series so far starting with what kind of novels chetan bhagat writes so he writes about young urban middle class indian people and he caters to mostly very young audience that doesn't read that much but that would pick a book every once in a while and that personally i believe that is the reason why he is so successful because he writes really easy novels that can be read by teenagers by young people in record amount of time even if the chetan bhagat book is your first novel that you are going to read in your life you just flip through it chetan bhagat also writes columns for newspapers and he discusses a lot of indian issues indian society issues, political issues a lot of those essays have been compiled into different nonfiction books that have been published by the author and i am going to be telling you about the latest book that has just come out also in this video when it comes to how many books he has sold an estimate is that he has sold 7 million copies so far and he is one of the biggest not one of the he is the biggest bestselling author of the country so far as per my current knowledge he is one of the biggest english novelist in the country not one of the biggest he is the biggest english novelist in the country talking about his work before we begin with the books that he has written his work is much loved and hated his work is much loved by the teenagers who read his books especially the ones who do not read a lot of books but they're just beginning reading and chetan bhagat is really nobody can deny him the credit of making india read because of his books a lot of people who would not even think about picking up a book or being able to comprehend it nicely can now pick up a book enjoy it and move on now into a full fledged reading life and become a full fledged reader so obviously the people he converted into readers and the people who love his books love him a lot but he is also much hated and criticized i particularly have two videos about the whole issue one video is why i love chetan bhagat where i discuss about the majority of elite india hate chetan bhagat because before his rise there were only literary novels which people would read and you know nobody with mediocre or beginner level skills of reading would be able to read a book or novel written by an indian author and he was able to get so much of audience he was able to get so many people read books he was able to get a fan following that nobody had had before in india as an author so obviously there are a lot of people who do not like that i made this video specifically to address the issue of hating him for like unnecessary reasons or like just hating him out of jealousy or because he doesn't write the books that you want to read okay and another video i made was what's wrong with chetan bhagat books which was me discussing what could be the genuine critique that his books get but obviously i hadn't read the entire works of chetan bhagat okay i had read a few books of chetan bhagat so a lot of you were like manpreet why don't you read all of those books that we hated and really make an opinion about it and not just say that we hate it and you are making this video because we told you so okay so i got a lot of those kind of comments and i'm working on it which is why i have started reading the whole chetan bhagat books once again which is why i actually bought some of the copies that i had lost to friends who do not give me back the copies that i lent them and also i got the new works of the author's that i didn't have before and in this video you will be seeing all the books that chetan bhagat has written so far what they are about i have read a few of them so i'll also give you a little review of the books that i have read so let's begin with this section of the video i hope you are enjoying it so far if you're enjoying it so far make sure you hit a thumbs up and tell me in the comments down below if you have watched those two videos as well those are like pretty old videos so they might be weird but if you wanna watch them they're linked down below in the description i m going to begin with the latest release of the author i.e india positive by chetan bhagat this book is a collection of essays and columns by chetan bhagat and the essays in this book discuss indian political issues, indian economic issues, and indian social issues and i really loved the author's take on it i just finished reading it in the morning i really loved the author's take on all the issues and i felt like all the essays were very balanced though i did have one issue with one essay where he talked about male trolls but did not talk about female trolls it was not an issue I just wanted him to discuss that as well because when it comes to trolling on social media and on the internet women are not behind men ok there are women who troll you and i have been through the experience of influencers trolling me as well in the same industry i work in so i really wanted him to address that as well but i really hope in the next book the author comes up with discussing essays and all he tries to address the issue of female trolls as well but otherwise i really loved this book i feel like there are a couple of issues that i missed okay i just do not follow news. I do not follow like all that depressing stuff out there which is out there on social media so this was a very good book for me to just know about all the issues from a you know sort of neutral perspective i would say and i think this book really gives you a nudge to formulate your opinions take your action be a responsible indian youth and you know being india positive so i really love this book for that i would give it four point five out of five stars on goodreads it's four but definitely pickup this book so i really like this book and this is the latest release of chetan bhagat all the books that i'll mention in this video are linked down in the description so you can check them out if you want to buy them go ahead and buy them from amazon which is my favourite shopping website when it comes to books so apart from the first book i discussed i have organised this video in the form of the first book that the author published until the latest book of the author apart from the latest one that i showed you so let's begin from five point someone by chetan bhagat so this is the book that i had already read like ages ago more than a decade ago but this book is about these three engineering students the movie amir khan starrer 3 idiots was based on this book as well and it's about these 3 engineers and their life in IIT which is the most prestigious institute for engneering in india and it's about their life there and how they talk about this issue of you know these educational institutes sucking the creativity out of you and putting you in this rut of just learning stuff and studying about it instead of being creative so that is what the book is about quite evidently for young audience that may be going to college in a couple of years or that is already in college and i feel like you would enjoy this a lot i have read this a decade ago this time i am reading it again so let's see how that goes for that you need to subscribe and hit the bell so that you get notified of the reading vlog I'll make while reading all the chetan bhagat books the next book that chetan bhagat wrote was one night @ the call center this book is about these set of friends who not friends colleagues i would say who work in a call center and somehow they start restrospecting on their lives and what has happened in their lives and they also get a call from god and it was also adapted into a disastrous movie called hello Salman khan was the part of it and i remember years ago I tried watching that movie & couldn't watch it for like 10 minutes so yeah that movie wasn't good but let's see how the book would be i haven't read this one but this is the second book by chetan bhagat next comes the three mistakes of my life this is about these three friends who live in ahmedabad and this one friend who talks about the three mistakes of his life i have read this book you know i would say that as a teenager you would really enjoy this book as a college student you would really enjoy this book i enjoyed it when i read it then so yeah and you can see the copy is new because somebody took that copy from me and never gave it back dear friend i remember you yeah this was the third book and it has also been adapted into movie called Kai Po Che starring sushant singh rajput i guess next book that i read by chetan bhagat was 2 states this is the one he wrote after this fourth book and this is the first book that i read of chetan bhagat and then i ended up reading a few more books this is the story of chetan bhagat you know he says the story of my marriage it's about two people who fall in love while they're studying together and the difficulties they face while convincing their parents of their marriage because they belonged to two different states which are like quite different north and south of india so this is the book about that i really enjoyed it. i felt like it was an entertaining novel you know everytime people say manpreet how can you like chetan bhagat books and all that i am always wondering that i liked 2 states a lot i loved it so that's that let's see how I find it this time i read it but i loved it when I read it so yeah this is a definite pick if you haven't read his works ever start with this one. please. next book is Revolution 2020 this sort of features a love triangle about this guy who is poor who is trying to get into an engineering college like getting a good rank while getting through the coaching and about this one guy gets a good rank these guys were friends and there was this love triangle there's this girl and all of that makes up the story of this book i have read this book and back then when i read it i found it really boring and this is the only book that i am very scared about reading again because i found it very very boring then but i don't know how I'll feel this time so let's just see i am really hoping that i would like this book this time but this is what the book is about a love triangle featuring these two people and featuring you know how these coaching institutes in india are trying to dupe students and making them pay so much guaranteeing them good rankings in entrance exams and how that has become such a big business and you know some of it is legit but a lot of it is just misguiding the students that is what i believe this book addresses but i read it a long time ago so do not remember much about it except that i felt it was very boring next book by chetan bhagat that was published was what young india wants and this is a nonfiction book a collection of essays just like the one i have read and i told you about okay there are different essays discussing different issues about indian society , indian youth and indian politics i am really excited to read this because i remember this roommate of mine who was such a crazy fan of chetan bhagat and we kind of had a fight because i had read revolution twenty twenty and i didn't like the book at all i was like no i am not reading this author again and the author is not good this is not the same manpreet you are watching right now okay that manpreet was very opinionated in the sense she would make her opinions on the basis of nothing okay now i try to be very objective when it comes to my opinions but then i had a very long argument with this girl who was such a big fan of chetan bhagat and she was like have you read what young india wants? don't come to argue with me about chetan bhagat and unless you've read this book and all that and that is why i am so excited to read this book because it's gonna remind me of our conversation but otherwise but otherwise if you are into nonfiction books and i have read one non fiction book by chetan bhagat and i really liked it so i have really high hopes from it but yeah! this is the next book that he published and reminding my self manpreet do not review and do not do your tbr in your author spotlight videos you're not supposed to do that next book has also been adapted into a movie i.e half girlfriend and i believe this is one of the books that is most problematic according to my viewers according to my indian booktuber family because of certain ummm dialogues in this book but i have not read this book completely i read half of it but this time i'll complete this and discuss more about this book but otherwise this is the next book of chetan bhagat also been adapted into a movie and yes this is about this guy who belongs to bihar and this book is set in different places bihar new york and this is about this guy who has trouble communicating in english because the guy is not that good in english and the girl is very good at english and it's about the struggles the linguistic struggles of this guy while he is in the love with this girl and also it's about how indian youth don't really define their relationship personally i don't think this is an issue unique to india a lot of people in relationship don't define their relationship and it talks about how the guy in the relationship might be so confused about where the entire relationship is and how it could be a lot of struggle you know so i.e what this book is about and i am really excited to read it once again after reading about this book after researching about this book okay I feel like the attempt to talk about the linguistic struggles and the whole your relationship status not being clear within your self within the two of you that really is the subject that that indian youth would appreciate reading about so let's just see what i think about this book but yeah that is the next work of chetan bhagat next book that he wrote after this was One indian girl and a lot of people critcised his books for this but you know this is the thing with chetan bhagat he has never been appreciated much by critics but he is much loved by the audiences so i don't know about this book but this book has been narrated from the perspective of a girl and you know touches the theme of feminism so let's see how this book is as well manpreet stop doing your tbr please the next book that he wrote and i believe this came in the same year when one indian girl came and this is making india awesome this is again a collection of essays and columns written by chetan bhagat and you know reposted and collected into this book again if you are into nonfiction books want to have some discussions or h ave a perspective about indian society indian economics indian politics then pickup this book and in the end i have the girl in the room 105 which is about this girl who dies okay instead of the usual works of chetan bhagat which are contemporary romance sort of things which with a lot of spice the indian spice in it this is more like a crime thriller this about this guy hindu guy who falls in love with this muslim girl and their parents don't agree and they breakup and all that and now this girl calls him in a room and he finds her dead there so who is the killer would it be the girl's father girl's fiance or i feel like why could he not be the killer he could not be the killer i guess he is the protagonist of the story okay but who knows what happens in the crime thriller but yeah this is the last book that is going to be featured in this video because after this there's india positive that was recently released and yeah these are all the books of chetan bhagat if you have read his books let me know in the comments in the below what you think about them if you haven't read them let me know if you're thinking about reading his books and i really haven't gotten this good response and so many requests for doing author spotlight because i just started this series i was just like i really want this you know information put together in a video and then i got so much of love from you guys to all the videos that i have made a lot of hate as well because a lot of people think that i am reviewing the books in these videos i am reviewing the books that i have read but i do not review the books that i haven't read which i try to make quite clear in this video but yeah negative comments are there but i feel like overall response to these videos have been so positive and i am so grateful to you guys for doing that to me and thank you so much for watching this video if you've watched this until now this is manpreet signing off i'll be back with another video very soon

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  1. Chetan Bhagat : waste of another sperm
    He being the top selling author in India holds the same reason as to why Salman khan movies make so much money.

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  3. Please make a review video on half girlfriend and one indian girl….please…and revolution 2020 wasn't boring πŸ˜ͺ….but don't read onr night @ call centre ( i think chetan bhagat wrote it by mistake) ..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. truely saying i not liking chetan bagat's book bit i love "one indian girl" .. you can read this book.. this book is comparatively good,

  5. Half girlfriend, One Indian Girl, Girl in the Room 105 are some of the crappiest books I have read.
    Especially the Girl in the Room 105 was the shittiest.
    Revolution 2020 and 2 states were the best from him.
    One night at the call center was good too and the five points someone was average 😚

  6. I will reserve my opinions for now. I want to add them on the Videos that u updated after Reading and Reviewing these TBRs that you have πŸ€—

  7. I just ordered five point someone , looking forward for one Indian girl and the girl in room 105 , currently m reading twinkle khanna funnybones … β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ See uhhh sooonnnnn

  8. I just read only two books by him. One Indian Girl and The girl in room 105. Honestly, I like One Indian Girl. It was practical and communicative. But the girl in room 105 was not up to the mark. The time-sense in the novel is so BAD & I hardly like any of the characters in the novel.

  9. I am truly thankful aap itni achi books batati hai
    I wish you get immense successful in your life .😊😊😊😊

  10. i do not like chetan bhagat, but i cant be subjective and bias all the time,
    thus i watch your video, and then i realise, there is nothing wrong in my perspective. Also, your level of content of video get upgraded, its 16 minute video, and nowhere in the video i feel like i should stop the video. Great work mam, noo…noo.. noo… THE great work mam😊

  11. My passion for reading started with Chetan Bhagat.. and I have no shame in saying that I have read all the books of Chetan Bhagat till date..

  12. Please review Wake up life is calling by Preeti Shenoy.. Which is a sequel of Life is what you make it.

  13. Half girlfriend- the way he portrays the male lead is terrible…. being from the same state as the male protagonist it hurt me to read those cringe worthy dialouges from him…

  14. I have read 4 books by Chetan Bhagat… and i think that for now i am looking for other books… no hate for him though…

  15. I've read all his fiction books except "the girl in room 105" and "3 mistakes of my Life". But I liked his "revolution 2020". boy was in love with one girl since childhood, but girl never responded in positive manner. When he struggled for getting into IIT, so many things happened. When he returns, everything was changed. Then he rise from ashes, that route is not good. But ended up with big. But ending is such that it may never be adopted in bollywood. Bollywood may still not prefer that kind of ending.

  16. Hello Manpreet… That was a nice video πŸ‘Œ

    As far as I am concerned I have read 4 books of Chetan Bhagat, namely:
    1. Five Point Someone
    2. One Indian Girl
    3. Half Girlfriend
    4. The Girl In Room 105

    Chetan Bhagat's books are to be read at own risk or will. The fun part is that I have seen people on Goodreads who just read him to trash his work, but whatever it is they read his books with great attention and depth and then rant about his books with such a passion.

    All in all, I am eagerly waiting for your reviews on his books, to see that do my views match with what you think. That's why haven't said anything about what I felt about the books I read. I would just say, I haven't loved his work, but yes, I read them, period. πŸ˜‹

  17. Some of my friends love reading Chetan Bhagat. But my perception about Chetan Bhagat was bit different. That's may be because I came across some really bad reviews about his books. And may be that's why I was afraid to read his books. Afraid that I would end up being disappointed. But you gave me a new perception. Now I have enough courage to pick 'the girl in toom 105' which my friend bought recently. 😁

  18. As usual a good video,
    Now let me tell you an incident, when I was in class 11 (in a JNV : govt. hostel system) I got the book "half girlfriend" in hindi from a MP migrant boy, I was so into the book I read it and it became my favourite book (I read all the major books after 12th : I also came to fell in love with books after 12th i.e. hp series). The main "dirty line" of this book became a famous hit in all the boys and after me every one got crazy about this book, all the seniors, juniors lined up for this book, they searched library (some of them were the people who used to go to library just to read news paper). But our library didn't have any of the Chetan Bhagat's novels, Library madam who was so close to me once told me that the books were removed by our former principal. (I didn't get it why she removed such a good story.)
    It became a great hit in our school.
    The MP boy went back to MP but he never got the book back (although it was a library book from MP),
    In 12th class September maybe, I found the book who served all these people in the play field in a rag position (all the pages coming out, like it has been rap*d).

    On the other hand "chanderkanta" a good series was famous among only a little group, but whoever read it, he cared for the books in the series a lot and still you will find them in our library in a very good situation.

    I think it was my adolescent phase that I liked the wording, but now as I have read a lot, I can understand where the problem lies.
    I am not good at conclusions but you can understand what I want to convey.

  19. Let me tell u joke dii…my frst book was half girlfriend five years ago…n i started i feel that book was πŸ˜£πŸ˜›..i liked revolution 20-20..

  20. I could have been"first" but I was arranging my books. (Textbooks + otherbooks: I am currently low on storing space.) ( You should consider a giveaway of a small Almirah, I would love to win that πŸ˜€. I don't like racks as books get dusty in them, an Almirah is always a safe option.)

    P.s Yesterday I checked all of my e-mails to know how many times, I have been first on your videos.. and the number is 10. (Close to winning a book πŸ€—)

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