Charles Bukowski – Poetry In Motion (Higher Quality)

41 thoughts on “Charles Bukowski – Poetry In Motion (Higher Quality)

  1. The world is too PC for this guy, what with all the pronoun bullshit and safe spaces he'd have a field day today. He was great because his work is Brutal.!

  2. I like his poetry, and I identify with a lot of what he says, but I don't like how he always assumes the poet is male.

  3. I always thought poetry was annoying, and books were obnoxious. Never read a full book in my life. But since seeing this video I’ve become so interested in Charles Bukowski, and I’m halfway through Ham on Rye

  4. Maybe I haven't given it a proper go, but I've never got into "literature" apart from the erotic kind. Too much work or I'm not clever enough; all the "clever" people read, and I've heard it's autistic to not appreciate novels. The antiquated language of classics doesn't help. Why would anyone read a thick novel now when all of science, history and philosophy is available at the touch of a button. Arty-farty. Perhaps I'm missing the point….

  5. Coming from a poet, he's so damn right, and he knew himself he was like it too just like us all! Absolute legend! May he rest in peace! ❤️

  6. I agree with Bukowski about most poetry being dull and overrated. But a lot of his stuff is repetitive and monotonous too. His books of poems were padded out sometimes to 300 pages, half of which could have been removed. He had moments of greatness, yes. Something tells me though that all that bluster and arrogance was concealing a lot of insecurity. I still dig him though.

  7. The only man or poet who looked at /treated life so disgustingly that even life feels ashamed…His lines are as filthy as pigsty poo, yet more real then anyone's on earth.

  8. Excuse me, but did he say beer shit or bear shit? That a human body could produce either seems impossible to me.

  9. I can't help liking him. He can be so cynical but with a glimpse in the eye. There's so many layers to him.

  10. Genius I'm. Not the smartest guy in the world i couldn't name 10 famous poets but after finding this man I think I found the only one I need.

  11. The best video I’ve ever seen on this tube noob carrots. I get the beer shit quote man… it comes out cause there’s no other way it has to come out

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