Character Development Tips for Fiction Writers (Part 1)

hello this first of a series of writing tip vlogs that I'm making before I begin I'd like to see if you think what this is my studio – look at my new shoes I think it's amazing the little bit of freedom of writing tips these are tips on how to build a believable character they're generalized tips but you can apply them to different genres of fiction writing you might be asking shade what are your qualifications how to finished a book I know I know because I had the problem of being both the procrastinator and a perfectionist yeah me I do have a degree in English literature specializing in creative writing and I've never had less than an A – and any creative writing class that I've ever taken so so you can choose to use these tips or not stuff that I was taught by my professors and teachers throughout the years and just things that I picked up but one things you want to consider when creating the character is how the character behaves in public and in private but also how a character acts around different people so they might be in public but if they're with one group of people they might behave differently than if they're with another group of people like when you're with your family at a restaurant you might pack differently or say things differently than if you're out in the mid Club with your friends one thing you can do to do this because I mean it's easy to say yeah that's what you should do but you might say how how do i BA how do I decide how do I do this one things you can do is carry tape recorder recorder around with you and record yourself having conversations with different people in public and you can really see how you act when you different with different people but as part of the writing process it's self-discovery so you can't write a character without kind of like exploring yourself – so something wrong for some reason sometimes it's very easy to create one character but once you start creating a lot of different characters some of them might start something you say or they might sound flat so I think you can do to try and fix that is absorb absorb absorb pick them observe your Gardens and family and make character sketches updates on you know really really well and write down absolutely everything you know about them everything makes them mad what makes them really happy what are their passions how do they wear their socks everything is in the details you want people to really know your character so how do you do that you really let them know about even the most mundane things about your character I mean they might not all be in finished work but it's very important that you at least know all of those things about your character you're also when you're writing it's gonna be flat and you're gonna be blocked if you create your character sketches of your friends or family you can always mix match them just to make a practice character take like your mom your cousin your teacher from grade 5 and that weirdo down the street and you just take little traits from each of them and mix it together in guala you have a new character if you have a problem with dialogue creating really believable dialogue record a conversation transcribe it and really look at how you speak and how other people speak and I know this might be harder if you're writing something in historical fiction or sci-fi or whatever but it's start and if you're doing historical type things replays read diary entries from different eras if you can to really gain a really believable historical sounding voice just a little scientific if you are writing historical fiction do you make sure not to go too heavy on the language maintaining a feel of that language but also make it readable for modern day it's kind of a difficult thing to do I know because I'm doing that right now but you don't read history to blog down one things you don't want to do is write down a huge paragraph when your characters introduced until three is absolutely everything about the character instead of writing a huge paragraph where a reader probably just skimmed students like yeah yeah okay let's go on you can reveal little bits about your character through the dialogue how someone speaks is really affected by the place that they live the shows that you watch experiences you've had the friends you have all that's going to show up in a character's dialogue even if you take two people who grew up in exactly the same community with similar family settings they're still gonna have a bit of a different speech pattern because they feed off of the phrases their parents usually my mom uses phrases from like the 40s of the time when she wasn't even born where she's picking up from old movies that she watched that are still in the system and so as a result I pick up a lot of things so really just dialogue can help you so much in telling you about your characters background without telling it's it's showing always to show and not tell you never wanted to speak things at the reader don't try to sum up absolutely everything you need to know about the character in one paragraph let it unfold let it unfold with your plots like when you meet a new person and the more you hang out with them the more you get to know about something you have to always think about your characters as being real people really really visualize if you're just looking at them like they're flat on the paper that's all they're gonna be it's very flat on the paper characters and they're never gonna be very flushed out because you don't believe them then nobody else is going to use the character spaces have a part of the characters to really tell a bit about them you were to write me as your character something that you could tell about me just from my space is I'm very messy I'm very physical when I paint and when I create art and that probably says something about my sonali all of my furniture secondhand and i refinished all of my own dressers everything pretty much I own a secondhand this shirt is secondhand these elastics are from the dollar store and so part of that says I'm cheap perfect might say I'm kind of artsy indy trying to be whatever the fact that i keep this little notebook with me at all times and things that i write with this little notebook the fact that i like to write and marked her more than I like to write with pen and the fact that I'm always writing on the line I don't even know why I just do it even though there's clearly spaces to be written the fact that I just watch the letΓ΅s that I can't walk in because I watched green dramas and I like the fashion in them so just little things little things about a person isn't all just surface-based but if you want to tell the readers that your characters favorite color is purple do not just say unless they're having a conversation with someone about their favorite colors don't just say Johnny's favorite color was purple no do not do it don't do it no that show in his surroundings of his favorite color is purple so he might have a purple bedspread or a purple pair of sneakers

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  1. You're not cheap for wearing second hand clothes, you're just not a dumb pretentious bitch. Dont need to spend 150$ on a shirt too look great. And if anyone dont like it, go get a discount piece of clothes at the thrift store than look brand new, tell them you're a designer and sell it to them for 150$, they'll be so proud and you'll be laughing.

  2. your background music is a little louder than you. great tips but consider lowering the volume of your background music. a little distracting

  3. yes!!! You have given me much clarity in how I will go about better forging my characters! However I am curious, I am still having trouble developing a well paced face-heel turn, but I'll probably figure a formula out, eventually!

  4. Hey there! I'm just an avid reader making her way in becoming an aspiring writer. I really love your tips and I wish I found your channel sooner. About the POVs stuff, you mentioned that it's better to stick to 3rd Person POV. When I write stories, I usually use 1st Person because I find it easier to show what my characters are feeling amd experiencing. I'm not good with using 3rd person POV. It just comes out like a work of a 5th Grader. Any tips on POVs and all that stuff? I'm hoping you could make a vid about it. πŸ™‚

  5. I love your tips! Just some of those things seem to impeach on privacy laws ahahaha you can't record people without their knowledge. So I would add just to ask people first or let them be aware that you are recording conversations and let them decide to stick around and talk. Otherwise, these are fantastic tips and should be tried out!

  6. This is perfect. I have been dwelling and dwelling on my characters and creating various developmental material for them. The video really helped and got me thinking. Thanks!πŸ˜„

  7. Hey!I as wondering something, is there any chance you could read 1/2 pages of my manuscript? I could really use some fresh eyes, im 17 (some useless knowledge for you)

  8. Hi, I'm working on a sci-fi fantasy fiction and 100% sure I'm gonna implement your whole persona for one of my main characters. ; )

  9. Messy, artsy, cheap, and likes K-dramas? I think I just found the female me… but with a greater knowledge of writing… and a lip piercing…

  10. "A procastinator and a perfectionist"
    You and me both. But I also suspect that there are more like us not so far from this very comment section.

  11. Uh is it necessary for our characters to changes in there personality , goal and motivation during course of novel?
    I mean like real humans .

  12. Hi, I honestly can't thank you enough for this. I hope you can help me with something that's been burning me for a while.Β 

    I'm currently focusing on a book on a fictional pianist. The thing is, the music itself is extremely important for me. I'm actually willing to compose it myself because I have it crystallized in my mind day after day. The thing is, how do I express the music in the novel?

    Thanks once again!

  13. Cool!!!!!! πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’˜πŸ’πŸ’œπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’—πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žβœŠβœŒπŸ’°

  14. I love your advice and I will certainly make notes! The story I'm attempting to write involves the main character becoming the villian by having another villian as his main enemy. I am hoping to make it into a series, but that may prove to be time consuming.

  15. I don't know if it was mentioned before but a quick legal note. If you use a recorder to record someone else besides yourself. You need their permission or your face legal consequences if the other person takes it seriously.

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