Chance the Rapper- Coloring Book (Chance 3) [Full Album]

48 thoughts on “Chance the Rapper- Coloring Book (Chance 3) [Full Album]

  1. Old town roads is full of weird comments…

  2. Free run thoughts when Finish line comes on.
    46:45 getting ready
    46:53 running a slow but excited speed
    47:04 pick up the pace just a smidge
    47:35 regular run not too fast
    47:57 getting the feel of running, enjoying the song. Getting ready for speed run
    48:16 speed run without exhausting myself
    48:37 feeling proud of myself for not stopping, for me feels like going to the second part of the song. Keep going at a speed slightly slower than full speed, but much higher than regular run. Feet feel like it's gliding now
    49:08 feeling exhausted, slow down a bit more, now just slightly faster than regular run.
    49:17 knowing I'm exhausted but dammit T-pain is singing about getting to the finish line. This is a race. Finish the song. Finish this run. Run with Powerrrr. So back to speed run. Clearly exhausted, but still have reserve to run through the end of the speed run because….
    49:38 love how Tpain ended, because now I feel like I can end.
    49:39 loving the song again, slowing but not yet to a regular run.
    49:58 down to a regular run
    50:20 slows down to a slightly slower than regular run. Enjoy how the song ends. Running this speed feels like cake. Keep this pace. Consider it a break till the next song comes on.

    Usually Born Sinner or Somebody to Love
    Blessings is a great warm down song

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  4. Coloring Book, Forest Hills Drive, Scum Fuck Flower Boy, and Blond are my favorite albums of modern times. They are straight up GOLD!

  5. Gospel and rap and R&B and soul all mixed together.

    I'm not sure yet, but I think this was pretty good. I need to listen to it again and think about it some more.

  6. nearly screamed in the movie theater looking at the poster for coloring book in the background of Spider Verse

  7. the album cover makes an appearance in Miles Morales' room in the new spiderman movie (which is pretty good btw, everyone should check it out)

  8. I was emotionally moved to tears by the “How Great” choir refrain. Special to listen to, if you truly listen.

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