César Aira Interview: Literature is the Queen of the Arts

6 thoughts on “César Aira Interview: Literature is the Queen of the Arts

  1. No leí nada de Aira, lo leeré por curiosidad. Realiza muchas críticas a grandes autores, él estará a la altura para ser tan crítico? Quién es el entrevistador?

  2. Excellent interview and a nice translation by Mr. Adolphsen. I would like to suggest a small modification, though. At 5:08, Aira uses the Spanish adjective "desbocada" to refer to his imagination. That adjective comes from the horse riders' lingo and means that a horse has broken or lost its mouthpiece and it's running out of control. So, instead of "devoted imagination", I would have written "wild imagination" or "unleashed imagination".

    My English is far from good and I might be missing an idiom. If that's the case, I apologize to Mr. Adolphsen. But nevertheless I wanted to make this clarification because that "wild imagination" is at the very center of Aira's literature and it's one of its most distinctive characteristics in my opinion.

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