Cassandra Clare discusses the next Shadowhunters novel – THE RED SCROLLS OF MAGIC

– Hi, I’m Cassandra Clare. I am the author of The
Mortal Instruments, The Dark Artifices,
Infernal Devices, and now the Eldest Curses, all which are series set
in the Shadowhunter world that make up the
Shadowhunter Chronicles. The Eldest Curses is kind
of a unique project for me. It’s co-written with
the author Wesley Chu and it is not about a
new set of characters as I often move from
series to series introducing us to new people. We’re actually
revisiting two characters that we already know. We were first introduced to
Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood in my first book,
“City of Bones”. Alec is a gay
Shadowhunter warrior. Magnus is a bisexual warlock who has been alive
for 400 years maybe. He lies about his age. But they over the course of
those six books fall in love and are now one of the
readers’ favorite pairings usually affectionately
referred to as Malec. And I love them very much and when I first went
out with these books I wanted to take
the books to someone who would love Magnus and
Alec as much as I did. And one of the first things
I talked about with my editor was how much we both
liked these two characters but they were
secondary characters in The Mortal Instruments. Our protagonist was Clary. That was a girl power story. She was the protagonist
so we didn’t get to see into Magnus and Alec’s
head as often as I think that I would have liked
to in a different story. And so I conceived of the idea of sending them on a
vacation for part of the book City of Fallen Angels thinking that was a
time I could return to at some point later
and tell a story just about what
happened on that trip. We know that they
go away on that trip having just started dating. We know they come back
committed to their relationship. What happened? What went down? We know that they’ve
kept it a secret. So this is the book that
answers that question. It takes place during the events
of City of Fallen Angels and it is Magnus and Alec’s
first ever trip together. They arrive in Europe, in Paris. Magnus is dying to show Alec all of the wonderful things
that he’s experienced over his 400 years of
life partying in Europe. He wants to take
him to the opera. He wants to take him to Venice and show him, you know,
the Doge’s Palace. He wants him to
see magic in Rome. He wants him to experience some of the things
that he’s experienced. And Alec is excited about that but Alec is also
nervous, you know. He’s concerned that he won’t
be able to impress Magnus, that he isn’t as
experienced as Magnus, that he isn’t as worldly wise. So they’re both a little nervous and then Tessa Gray,
our favorite warlock from The Infernal
Devices arrives with a piece of terrible news. Magnus is in trouble. He started a cult. Now did he start a cult? As it turns out he
did start a cult about 300 years ago as a joke. Was called The Crimson Hand and the point of the cult was stuff like giving
out free massages and pulling pranks of people so he’d never thought
about it again. He’d started this
cult, abandoned it,
forgotten about it, and someone has revived the cult and turned it into
a very serious demon-worshiping death cult. And of course all fingers are
now being pointed at Magnus as the person who started
this cult in the first place. So Tessa says, “You
started the cult, “you have to finish it off “and I’m giving you a heads
up so that you can go do that “before the Shadowhunters
find out what’s going on “and you get in trouble.” This throws Alec into
a moral quandary. Does he tell the Shadowhunters
who are his people that, you know, this
demon-worshiping cult has risen? Or does he stick with Magnus
and try to take down the cult before anybody finds out? He decides to stick with Magnus. And so the two of them start
out on a journey across Europe that is going to take them
from the Shadow Market in Paris to a warlock party in a
collapsing mansion in Venice to a ancient villa on the top
of a massive hill in Rome. And as we journey we meet up with a lot of old
characters that we love and hopefully people will
be excited to see again. We’re gonna see Helen
Blackthorn and Aline Penhallow, Raphael Santiago, Lily
Chen, and Malcolm Fade and Catarina Loss. There’s a few phone
conversations had with Clary and Jace and
the rest of the gang at the Institute in New York so we’ll be checking
in with them as well. It is a really I think fun book. It’s a book that was written with a lot of love
for these characters and a lot of love for the genre which I would consider
to be a rom-com adventure in the vein of classic
’40s movies like Charade. So these are two people
adventuring across Europe falling in love,
having a great time, facing amazing dangers
and seeing great wonders and growing closer together. So to me it’s just a
wonderful chance to spend time with characters that I love and a great chance to
see more about them and what makes them tick. So I’m excited for other people
who love these characters to get a chance to
read this book as well. (calm music)

27 thoughts on “Cassandra Clare discusses the next Shadowhunters novel – THE RED SCROLLS OF MAGIC

  1. Cant wait, so excited I love the mortal instrument, infernal devices, the dark artifices basically I love the Cassandra Clare books it's a world I can dive In to and not worry about anything in the real world

  2. wow cant wait for this book to be out , I have pre order this book . I have always wondered what happen on there trip . I have all of her books and I love them cant wait to add this to my shadow hunter books collections .

  3. Magnus makes Alec cool. At first I never liked Alec that much, and I thought Magnus was evil and mean But In Bane's Chronicles I could understand more about Magnus. It is adventurous and thrilling to read about Magnus and Alec's mission because I know we will never be disappointed. Thank you madam 💖 Can hardly wait for it

  4. Actually, Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn is a free-wheeling bisexual warlock who is addicted to glitter and his bae/ boyfriend/ husband Alexander Alec Lightwood-Bane.

  5. Id rather read more about jace & clary than malec. Tbh not as excited about this seried as i was about TMI

  6. Did CC wrote this book just for money?
    Probably yes.

    Did I hate the whole Mortal Instruments?

    Will I buy this book from the day it's published and finish it in one day?

  7. I finished TRSOM in a day, beautiful story as always, my favourite men finally taking a well deserved break, shame their vacation went south but let’s face it, they can’t even have a date without it being eventful so a whole trip was never going to happen😂

  8. I love your books I laughed and cried with you. I buy each new book as they come out and have it done in a week and read it again to see if there is anything I missed. I can not wait for the next one to come out

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