Casey Neistat on Creating Good Content, Integrity, and the Beme App

Welcome to video influencers I'm here with
a very special guest Casey Neistat creater of Beme and YouTuber
daily vlogger just like my wife and I thank you so much
for being on here I really appreciate it – Happy to be here I
say happy to be here but we're in my office so I'm genuinely happy
to be here Yup No Now first one and a lot of the people
that will be watching this are also YouTubers people that
wanna use video especially YouTube Can you talk about what
are the opportunities of online video whether it s on YouTube Snapchat
obviously things like Beme what can people look forward
to that s different than maybe like 10 years ago – Well sure I think
the biggest difference between these online distribution
platforms versus a decade ago is that now there s nothing between
me and the audience there s nothing between you and the
audience whether the audience is a million subscribers
or is ten subscribers What you're saying what you wanna communicate
is true to you there are no producers there are no
station heads or programming managers any of that infrastructure
that's always historically existed in film and television
distribution It's jut you and the audience – Yeah absolutely
So obviously with your daily vlog um you know its come
after many years of doing film but it s kind of blown up You
not only influence myself and my wife as daily vloggers but also
new daily vloggers Um what is some advice you have for people
that are trying find their own voice Because one thing I know
is because you're so inspirational people might aspire to create
vlogs like you but how do people find their own voice their
own method their own style of videography Well I think
the key to vlogging well and this is true to writing to filmmaking
to any sort of creative capacity any sort of field in the creative
capacity is that it s not how you tell it it s what you tell So it never
had anything to do with the camera you shoot on it doesn't have
it doesn't have to do with camera tricks or high production
or low production it's what you re saying That is the only thing
that anyone will ever respond to So the advice I give
to to newcomers to aspiring filmmakers or YouTubers is that
shift all of your focus from how to do it to what you re doing
what is it that you wanna communicate what drives you And
if that s what you're focus is I think you ll be a much more
effective sort of communicator and creator than if you're
someone who obsesses over what lense they should be shooting
on Yeah yeah absolutely and you know to find
your own style to find what you what what's like works with
your DNA um Judy always says you have to start with
what you're passionate about right So a lot of people
might wanna start a daily vlog because Casey Neistat started
daily vlog but maybe you don't do a daily vlog maybe you're vlogging
like in my case about food right like you re going out to
a restaurant you're talking about the food you like so you know
that's one thing that I love about what you do you're doing a daily
vlog unlike anybody else like no one has a daily vlog at least
when you first started like how you did it You brought like
these pretty epic film techniques to the very casual daily
vlogging world and I think that s one thing now there are
other vloggers I think that you have friends with or that
your friends with that also do that kind of stuff right? Like
Ben Brown or – Yeah Yeah I mean there are some tremendously talented
daily vloggers out there Ben Brown for example is
a good friend of mine I'm a huge fan of what he does The
images he shares the lifestyle he shares and most importantly
the thing that he does that's so unique to Ben that inspires
me is just how honest he is Yeah totally When I watch Ben Brown's vlogs I don't feel like I'm watching a vlog I feel like
I'm hanging out with a friend Yeah and that s true for like you know Louie Cole I think is also a really like a virtuoso daily
vlogger and those guys are like such tremendous inspirations
and their audiences are so huge that I think they're really affecting
the next generation of online content creators – Cool I just have
two more questions for you so you know I m sure there s a lot
of aspects of your life that make you who you are and help you to bring you to this level of success to YouTube um but what are like the one or two things that you feel like really
lifted you to this place that you re at on YouTube What
are the things that you attribute your success to – Um You
know I don't know that I have an answer for that I don't think in terms of like retrospectively retroactively looking
at what I did and how I got to where I am Instead it's much
more of a focus on what do I wanna do next Because I
think that if you try to consider to cater to your audience
too much you'll invariable end up making something that's
mush Yeah Because I don't know that the audience knows
what they wanna see I know that I don't know what's
gonna peak my interest if I knew how to describe the perfect movie
vlog television show I would just do it I wanna see something that
surprises me And when I think of my own work that's exactly
right I put my head down I try to ignore the world
and I try to make something that I think is really good
If people like it great if they don t I don't care as long as I like
it Um so I think if I had one thing to attribute all this growth
to is that I'm making work that I feel embodies the same level of
integrity of of anything else that I would invest myself into
Awesome and so thank you so much so last question um is
about your new app Beme Can you tell us a little bit about
it and what sets it apart from you know all other apps and
anything that you might want our audiences on video influencers
to know about it – Sure Beme is uh is a social network
a social platform that I spent the last year and a
half creating with my team and the goal with it was that our
lives – Yes have been so profoundly affected because
we've shared our experiences and our lifestyle and what's important to us in our perspectives but you and I are both
like we invested tremendous amount of energy in sharing things and creating
content that's really precious and takes time and
energy Yeah And I think sort of what the the idea behind
Beme was is that I think that there s a whole world
of people out there that don't have the resources or even
the desire to create but they still should they should
still have the opportunity to share yeah yeah So the goal
with Beme which is video sharing at it's core is to
remove the need to create and instead just make it about
the sharing Yeah just do it that's right and that's why that's why the way Beme works is not there's no record button in Beme at all Yeah All you do when
you wanna share a little piece of video on Beme is you
cover the proximity sensor and it s capturing whatever
is in front of you Yeah yeah And you can cover it like
this and the minute it s captured like now that's being
posted In fact I'm gonna Beme and you know what I m gonna
Beme you Bemeing me There s a little vibration
that you feel so it lets you know and then when it s done
bam it vibrates again And then you can't ever see it so I think
that s cool because a lot of people get so caught up in looking
at it and are so critical of themselves This kinda releases you Well
that that was the goal is to you can only see it when
everybody else can see it It's once you've shot it
it goes live then you can see what you just shot Yeah And the goal
with that is to sort of remove the anxiety of sharing
I think that like the duckface when girls stick their lips out
it's because they're looking at themselves in the mirror which
is their selfie camera and they're saying I don't like the way I
look Yeah yeah And that's not that interesting to me What's interesting is is not how the world sees you but how you see
the world and that's the ambition behind Beme It's just
about sharing how you see the world Um and yeah that's the thing
that I'm most excited about Go download it it is an
amazing experience because it really is a different way of vlogging
What's your username Uh Benji man Beme so someone took Benji man
tv so You should ve asked me I can kick someone
off Benji man tv Wait delete that don't put that
on there So there you go Beme Go download it we ll
put links to everything about Casey Neistat if you guys
wanna check out his daily vlog You know what I can do Is I
can make you a custom Beme link that when people click on it they'll automatically download it and then automatically be following
you so you can grow you Beme – Damn I would love that Custom
Beme link coming Yeah I am I'm gonna – Below Go Beme crazy
so anyways again thank you so much I know your time is
precious Daily vlogger here epic YouTube videos go
check them out uh is there anything you wanna say um closing
this out No except for the fact you're really good
at interviewing people Oh thank you – Those were really smart questions Oh great you know I did prepare a little bit
because you know Also I appreciate all the flattery but those
were thoughtful questions Alright we just got finished here thank you
so much Casey If you guys don't know Beme is the new app that you need
to hit up uh especially if you're somebody a little bit
timid about vlogging I think it can almost let you daily vlog um
without having the worry of how you look so Yeah Beme s the new
social platform that I built with my team in the last year and a
half and the idea is that you get to share without interrupting the moment
Ready Right now it's filming and after 4 seconds this clip right
now Bam is automatically posted and everybody following
me can see it And if you don t get the sound you get a little
buzz so it's actually pretty cool If you guys wanna know that's
what it looks like Beme go check it out on iTunes or is it now
iTunes The app store Oh the app store Bam thank you so much again Thank you so much I hope that works out I
think like the shots really pretty I hope we were in
focus Oh dude Austin Sean Are you a little jealous of me
right now I m sorry I couldn't … Casey is totally setting up for me I was gonna
do it all ghetto on my like S120 I was gonna use this little zoom
mic but he he's not only letting us use his camera but he's setting
up the tripod and the lighting here is already awesome so – So
there you go thank you for watching and I'll talk to you later

34 thoughts on “Casey Neistat on Creating Good Content, Integrity, and the Beme App

  1. Sometimes it's just better to listen, learn, and take in someone's perspective rather than to actively nod in agreement as if you already know what he's talking about.

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  4. I love that Casey said he's okay if someone doesn't like his video, as long as HE likes it. That's crucial. You can't please everyone all the time. If you can make something YOU are proud of, that is powerful. Viewership will follow. There is always an audience for good work. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Well, what transpires from this interview is that Casey has understood how fickle the world is and that, if you want to get anywhere, you have to stay centered and true to yourself—even as you progressively change as a person. Constantly being after the next trend in order to get people to like you is ultimately going to get you lost, and not in a good way.

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