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Hi guys..This is Pooja from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in B.A Sanskrit Literature If you are keen on studying languages and
literature, a BA degree in Sanskrit literature would be extremely helpful. Even though the
career choices in this field are limited, it is an interesting subject altogether and
there is quite a bit you can learn out of this. As most of you are aware, the language
of Sanskrit came into existence thousands of years ago. It was spoken during the era
of kings and queens, prince and princesses. However Sanskrit was not something the common
man was allowed to speak. Only people belonging to rich backgrounds had access to the language
and its books. Today Sanskrit is learnt as a language all over the world, especially
in South Asian countries. A career in Sanskrit literature will not only help you understand
Indian culture that was prevalent thousands of years ago but also open your eyes to the
things unseen. Sanskrit is one of the classical languages
of India. The Vedas, Upanishads, Mahabharata and Ramayana were written in Sanskrit itself.
It is considered as an Indo European language and was popular in Central India ten thousand
years ago. Since some of the most important texts of our country were written in Sanskrit,
it would be mistake to give this language prime importance. If you would like to pursue
a career in Sanskrit literature as a career option, it would be best to learn the language
at first. Once you are well versed, you can apply to different colleges that offer this
course as an option. Some of the top colleges in India that offer
you Sanskrit as an educational course include • Agra College, MG Road in Uttar Pradesh:
Agra College is quite popular in the whole of North India and was established in the
year 1823. It is a government college and popular till today for subjects like Sanskrit
Literature • Anand Arts College, Gujarat: Anand Arts
College is quite popular in Gujarat and is known for conducting brilliant seminars every
year. It is a cultural university and offers Sanskrit literature as a BA course too.
• Babu Hari Ram Singh Mahavidyalaya: Situated in the village of Mandari in Allahabad, this
institution is best for education for the rural and urban population. It offers BA courses
only however • Dayanand Vedic College, Uttar Pradesh:
The Dayanand Vedic College is one of the most popular institutions in the whole of UP. There
are several schools that fall under this one institution as well. It was founded in the
year 1886 and manages 667 institutions altogether. • Dr. Ramdutt Shukhla P.G College: Located
in Uttar Pradesh, this college offers you a wide number of undergraduate courses in
subjects like Sanskrit literature, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Hindi Literature
etc. If you are not satisfied with the information
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  1. Maine Sanskrit SE BA Kiya h or Ab MA krungi Kya Sanskrit SE job milpayegi Kya ye mera Sanskrit SE MA phir PhD Krna Sahi rahega plz reply

  2. the same claptrap which western indoligists speak , if sanskrit was spoken by rich class then why i see poor people from villages of buhar, jharkhand , chattisgrah speaking sanskritic vocabulary than the anglo indian delhities

  3. You helped me a lot maim..but you said ramayana mahabharata it's not like that ramayan is ramayan not ramayana .because this is our word not britishers so don't mislead by the names..

  4. Why are you telling you in English, if you can not speak Sanskrit then by doing please you can speak Hindi or Hindi, then our मातृभाषा ll

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