Canibus Freestyles [LYRICS] Wake Up Show – Best Lyricist Ever!

yo man Jurassic 5 in the chromed out Navigator counting paper who wanna taste new flavor we go hard like terrorists smuggling bombs blow up a plane fuselage with the President on board start the problems bringing drama regardless we get our point across like a trapeze artist without falling twin-turbine ron's before thousand pounds of thrust can't our bus cannot bus if you wanted them niggas did only trust but you could touch when you see me give me a pound and shut the fuck up no diggity I smack rapper silly for drilling me lyrically the hardcore metaphor war trilogy where the verbal chemistry Punk's can't understand how cannabis kills a man with less than 10 lyrical milligrams of the illest champ you ever seen or heard special operators rocking this to get the proper burn what let me pass it to my man on the right junior spark the mic cannabis is above the law I'm a cop shit and they drawers they won't even dispatch the call it my name is involved why you prayed awhile off reading your Quran and your teachers on Muhammed I'm in my crib study and ergonomics Punk's wanna murdered me that's why my burgundy suburban be full of Secret Service security dress boy be back before from the affirmative action University your aircrafts to take off and land vertically the fact that I ain't treated like a kingdoms absurd to me from the streets of dirty Jersey the Germany niggas heard of me verbally murdering you thoroughly without effort I get drug tested before I can rhyme on the racket remarkable specimen with an audible weapon processing lyrics are less than 1/100 of a second breathe bring it bullets the barrel spinach figured the nonsense I got the reinforced mr. crust any enemies or offense with a hundred thousand awesome in the harness mother what on the market right here I complete in a minute what will take you a Lightyear extraterrestrial biological entities winning for the energy battling for world supremacy who wanna get touched the can die Buster crush you with hard jigsaw puzzles a strong jaw muscles ambushing them cease jumping out the trees like Vietnamese and fatigues covered with leaves interrogating you whack emcees like mi B's with all classes asking you to tell me exactly where that alien craft landed by flashing bright lights in your eyes with themself or cameras so when you revive you can't recall or understand it that's how the Canopus keeps tabs on the planet I use apnea to neutralize public can and can take advantage of opportunity to do damage I'll pinch your heart we've with dogs the only thing faster than the speed of light is the speed of golf with the jaws of a great white shark I rip you apart my state and ER lyrical lasers is razor sharp it splattered the brain matter of my enemies with the same bullet ejected me the murder John Kennedy in the back of his cranial cavity which is actually what happens to any wack MV for battling me I'm a nuclear warhead right now you've been fucking my detonation never touched me without proper authorization my lack of patience that caused me to get mad and explode right in front of your face like an airbag you're on this finger your brain is child's play to manipulate I create lyrics too intricate to imitate moving in the velocity the brake you stop watch if you clock at me my concrete jungle is like your mind you but illidan's what you've seen in the cinema a five-foot-eight nigga with more horsepower the 12 cylinders my brain consists of twin pentium tips that's double the clock speeds of a 586 and nothing about my physical nature just basic I can't flavor beyond what your tongue is capable of tasting you'll be so surprised you won't believe your own eyes it's like explaining color to a man that was born blind wonderful kind I got divine chromosomes in me my sperm scramble the eggs in the woman's ovaries because I'm mr. Richard others he gets and I can't respect niggas the copy like W decks I get vex when crab Punk's bite my scalp cuz I'm selling a thousand records per day per square mile breaking the laws of physics with metaphors the lyrics speaking the dead poet's by conjuring up date spirits Shakespeare the hanka Allen yo the holes that pull the society couldn't mess around with the talent much less understand it I make tightrope walkers at the circus whose big balance when I kick

41 thoughts on “Canibus Freestyles [LYRICS] Wake Up Show – Best Lyricist Ever!

  1. He is so far above rap…Canibus is one of the greatest poets of all time…it is amazing what he does…he will never be truly appreciated in his…or our lifetime…100 years from now they will be reading what he me


    The Firm – Phone Tap

    The High & Mighty – Open Mic Night

    Boot Camp Clik – Ohkeedoke

    O.C. – War Games

    Check out the Underground Real Hip Hop on my channel.
    Mad lyrical, no mainstream shit.

  3. I'm a nuclear warhead
    Right now you're provoking my detonation
    Never test me without proper authorization
    My lack of patience will cause me to get mad
    And explode right in front of your face like an air bag
    Your rhyme is fake
    Your brain is child's play to manipulate
    I create lyrics too intricate to imitate moving at a velocity
    That'll break you'r stop watch if you're clocking me
    My concrete jungle is like Jumanji but iller than what you've seen in the cinema
    A five foot eight nigga with more horse power than twelve cylinders
    My brain consists of twin pentium tips
    That's double the clock speed of a 586
    And nothing about my physical matrix is basic
    I kick flavors beyond what you'r tongue is capable of tasting
    You'll be surprised you won't believe you'r own eyes
    It's like explaining color to man that's born blind on of a kind
    I got divine chromosomes in me
    My sperm will scramble the eggs of a woman's ovaries
    Cause I'm as original as it gets
    And I can't respect
    Niggas that copy like double decks
    I get vexed
    When crab punks bite my style cause I'm selling a thousand records per day per square mile
    Breaking the law of physics with metaphors and lyrics speaking to dead poets by conjuring up their spirits
    From Shakespeare to Edgar Allan
    Yo, the whole Dead Poets Society couldn't mess around with the talent
    Much less understand it
    I make tight rope walkers at the circus loose they balance when I kick the planet!

  4. Your rhymes is fake, your brain is child's play to manipulate, I create lyrics to intricate to imitate <<< holy heck he gud

  5. Few errors here: give me a pound AND stfu, IN aircrafts that take off and land vertically, F the nonsense, biological entities with infinite energy, how the canibus keeps TABS on the planet

  6. "Ambushing mc's jumping out of trees like vietnamese in fatigues covered in leaves".. get the FUCK out of here Canibus.. get the FUCK out!!! LMAAOOO Goat Genes

  7. Written, freestyle, or a mix, it's still sick.

    But, I believe that it is a free', for the record, just stating. XD.


  8. that was before dizaster destroyed him but hey I can't blame him dizaster came prepared af that day gave it the best bars he had

  9. "One of kind I got divine chromosomes in me, My sperm will scramble the eggs of a woman's ovaries". Like are you serious??? why is this man such a lyrical monster.

  10. dude you really need to spell check…opertunity? come on, im curious, do you get what's going on here? at least run it through spell check.

  11. No one spits like bis, lyrically he is the Ali of rap. I wanna see him battle again but more prepared this time.

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