Canadian TV Delivers: Writers Guild of Canada

21 thoughts on “Canadian TV Delivers: Writers Guild of Canada

  1. Having loved Canadian TV my whole life, and been raised on it (Road to Avonlea made me want to get into this industry), this video makes me so happy. It's great seeing more fans of what this country has to offer out there, and to see recognition that yes, we can create things that are crazy good. If only all the Canadian networks would be more willing to air our content and give it more opportunities for lasting success.
    Also: It's so great to see Bomb Girls included in this video, even though sadly it's not on the air anymore.

  2. I've watched all my life (being born of the TV era) but more important, I have a teenage boy who is of the so-called generation that TV has lost to Minecraft. There are only 2 shows on this entire planet that make him stop what he's doing to watch. They are — drum roll — Rick Mercer and Murdoch Mysteries. That's right — both Canadian shows. Now I just have to say that I think this video rocks — with the sound off. Watch the video with the sound off and you'll think to yourself, "Wow. Where can I see all this great stuff?" The images speak for themselves and they say, "These shows are awesome and you're missing something great if you don't see them and how can we get more?".Then turn on the sound and it's all insider industry jargony buzzwordy speak. Why do they even have to say Canadian TV is this or that? Isn't it obvious?

  3. Canadian TV grabs viewers who have more choices than ever. Our stories have sass. Our writers are smart. Our actors are brilliant. Our productions are top-notch. We need more Canadian TV because when you're flipping through all the shows available, you want to watch something good. Canadian TV is a cultural and economic success story.

  4. I grew up in the U.S. and one day stumbled across Degrassi Junior High. I still remember the excitement I felt when I realized, "Whoa! This is from Canada!" 

  5. I grew up on Canadian television. (SCTV anyone? How about Hilarious House of Frankenstein? You HAVE to remember Codco, Kids in the Hall, or Don Messer's Jubilee, then. Don't you?) Over the years, I have loved (and usually lost) a number of great shows. Da Vinci's Inquest, ReGenesis, North of 60, The Border, Due South, This is Wonderland. Cracked. Orphan Black (fingers crossed it stays). Vikings. (At least three more seasons. Please!) Too many to list here, to be honest. Canadian shows tell the stories I want to see on TV. 

  6. So proud of how far we're come. So excited about where we're going. Thanks to all the fans of Cdn TV around the world who understand it's something special.

  7. Canadian TV has so much potential! Orphan Black is one of my current favourite shows – and I loved Being Erica when it was on. I'm also a fan of Rookie Blue (and, full disclosure, work for the show, but only started this season, after faithfully following it for 4 seasons prior). It's clear that Canadians want more quality shows that tell stories in the way only Canadians can!

  8. I started by writing the titles of the shows I love Flashpoint, Rookie Blue, Degrassi, Motive, Bitten and then I realized yes its these shows and so many others.  Canadian TV is not just special its extraordinary and its something no one else can do. We're an entire country of proud and distinct people – these are our stories and we need to tell them.  I love Canadian TV.

  9. I'm blown away by Canadian TV.  Began watching about a year ago in the US and can't seem to tell enough people about the excellent programs/actors/writers in Canada.  I'm loving learning about Canada and Canadians!  Please, please, please, PLEASE don't EVER turn into Hollywood!!!  (I live in LA and, trust me, I've seen what it can do to people and programming!)  I'm a huge Murdoch Mysteries fan, along with several other shows.

  10. "Forever Knight" was the first Canadian series I got into and the one that made me notice Made-in-Canada productions. Since then, Canadian TV shows have been among my favorites. There's a tone and "feel" that distinguishes them from the standard fare churned out by U.S. productions. Pity, though, that the average lifespan for a successful Canadian television series is 5 seasons, typically comprised of 13 episodes each.

    Unfortunately, if you search for information about Canadian television series you find that a majority of them lasted 3 seasons or less. 🙁

  11. I love Canadian TV and my biggest wish is that more Canadian programs would find their way to my small screen in the future! Really wish there was a way I could watch shows American TV doesn't pick up! Lost Girl brought me to Canadian TV and I will always be grateful it did! 🙂  Canadian films are great too, and I really hope they get more American exposure too! 

  12. I love Lost Girl and Prphan Black, I'm from Colombia, Canadian television rocks!!!!

  13. Lost Girl was my gateway TV show into the awesome world of Canadian TV. Which is the most awesome TV ever.

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