Can you get an MIT education for $2,000? | Scott Young | TEDxEastsidePrep

39 thoughts on “Can you get an MIT education for $2,000? | Scott Young | TEDxEastsidePrep

  1. I totally appreciate this talk. It's up to students, not schools or gov, to disrupt the educational system. And learning is such a joy. We need to create ways to do it that suit us. Awesome inspiration! Thank you, Scott. Peace & Blessings!

  2. Its really fascinating,I always believe that you don't actually need a university or a degree,it's not that useful,and sometime we are too aggressive to get a diploma instead of really learning something.

  3. Sometimes i think studiyng education give us something to do… When we finish school education , we dont have something to do, and we only are looking for money (work)

  4. I'm curious, does anyone know where to get the exams and assignments from? Does MIT publicly release their actual lesson plans?

  5. This is great. I started about 4 years ago learning everything I can about programming and computer science. Computer science stuff was on an accident, just curious how things work as I was working on different projects(adding circuits, binary, micro-controllers). I have met CS graduates or students about to graduate and they are very limited in what they have learned. That is because you can pass assignments and classes without a full grasp on the topic. Also students need more guidance. Yes you can ask the professors questions, but the issue is, you are unlikely to know the right questions to ask. Your degree matters very little, it just keeps the employer from throwing your resume away and gets you the interview. You need to do research and use those years to make sure you know what you are doing. Classes are more supplementary(they help, but you need to do your research). Also if you can get an internship, that might be the best way to get guidance. Networking is the next thing, college gives you the advantage of collectively working together with like-minded people. There are things I am great with and then horrible at others but I have friends now that help me understand my weakness(discreet math), as I help them with their's(programming). Simply, use your resources and don't get tunnel vision where you only do classes, also expect lectures to not teach much(fell behind in discreet math because I focused to much on the lectures). Plan your own education and figure out were you need to get to and how. To reiterate, networking is the best thing you can do in college. Professors and other students can be more important then anything else to find work or opportunities. Who you know can mean more then what you know.

  6. Mit is the best school of hi tech. If you can invent a precision robotic articulation with more than a 3 degrees of liberty as a human articulation or as much then you will be admitted to MIT. Or develop a patchwork mathematical program for AI robotics or assisted robotics automation control, you are good to go for Mit. Mit like all hi tech universities need inventors not replicant engineers. They need Grey brains not white brains which is top notch inventors.

  7. The problem isn’t necessarily the college institution itself but the business that require employees to have a degree, even if’ it’s not 100% necessary.

  8. Sure, you can learn anything that doesn't require labs or expensive tools and equipment from the Internet. You may even be able to get a job. But you won't be able to compete with people with degrees in the long term. They will continue to rise thru the corporate ladder while you languish. You're just training yourself to be a worker not a boss. Add up the cost/benefit over a 30 year career.

  9. The big question is "Who evaluated you?", who proctored you to verify your learning? he probably thinks reading questions and posted exam solutions means he has completed the learning process!!!

  10. I do this. Lifelong learner here. I take MOOCs, put at 2x speed while watching CC. Do some reading using Spritzlet app at 400 wpm. Watch some videos on smart TV.

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  12. No, like in medicine, each student should have an individual education program with many teachers helping him. That's the future. Not all children can educate themselves. Most of them need guidance. But at the moment we are witnessing massive educational systems and students that have to fit into that system, while it should be the other way around. School systems should be unique and fit the needs of each individual. So individual school systems specifically designed for each learner, that's the future, which should be the present.

  13. At first i thought he showed the gender chart comparing presence of the sexes in business and cs to show he was protesting the decline of women in cs……nope….just wanted to get laid.

  14. I have a question: How does somone apply to the exam after learning online? is it also online, or you have to go to the school HQ? if anyone can help me please.

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