Can I Publish Kindle Books Under A Pen Name?

14 thoughts on “Can I Publish Kindle Books Under A Pen Name?

  1. Hey Stefan, I am curious about copyrights. Do I need to copyright the pen name itself? Do I need to copyright each book? Should I be copyrighting my pen name and each book? Thank you for your time.

  2. That answers the question, great!
    What about wanting to add a picture and bio to the book? For me, upon purchasing a book, I am always interested in knowing the author's credentials. I also read preface, special thanks, etc.
    How do you go about, or around that? Thanks.

  3. Hi Stefan, can you legally make up a completely fake bio for your pen name authors, E.G. "John Smith has a PHD in clinical psychology and has been working in the area for over 20 years"?

  4. Question: If you are publishing under a pen name – what is there to stop someone else saying 'hey that is my book, you have stole that from me and published it' ? I.e. What would happen if I turned around and said – "I wrote your mastery book and you published it without my permission, give me money now! ? Sorry if that seems a silly question, I am sure it is something which happens super rarely too!

  5. hi. first, in using pen name, is the real name won't appear anywhere inside the book? let say under copyright information or as publisher? second, in hiring ghost writer, what's the chance of being at risk of plagiarism? thanks

  6. Great information, thanks!
    I have one question however:
    Is it possible to publish under 2 different accounts as one person?
    Like one where I'm writing the books myself and use the other one for publishing outsourced books?

  7. As far as hiring a ghostwriter, I completely understand the math. On the other hand, aren't you concerned that, with everyone hiring out multiple ghostwriters via elance, etc., that the market is getting flooded with product and the market will become too crowded?

  8. But! Do they need to sign custom agreement for transfering the commercial rights to the work or accepting a job posting on freelancer's site is enough?

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