Can A Children's Book Change the World? | Linda Sue Park | TEDxBeaconStreet

33 thoughts on “Can A Children's Book Change the World? | Linda Sue Park | TEDxBeaconStreet

  1. That was touchy and brilliant. My own mission in life is: "To change the world one book at the time". Just remember that kids don't do what they are told, they do what they are shown. If you want a child to read and to love reading you need to lead by example. My own parents were mad about books, and now I am too! I also buy lots of books for my own kids, apart from writing my own.

  2. I wonder if you acknowledge the huge influence that Salva's adoptive family has undoubtedly had in supporting and encouraging his (quite heroic and lucid and simply *amazing*!) venture.
    I'm delighted to see that he had access to the support and resources to build a bridge between his Creative and Heart-full ambition, and the mechanics of it's realization! So Many dreamers suffer the tragedy of watching their dreams wither as resources or doorways remain beyond reach.
    SO happy to see his success!
    But let us NEVER lose sight of the Priceless value of a supportive family behind our Visionaries!
    No one is an Island, and Family should be Cherished .

  3. Her book a Single Shard is soooo good! Her ted talk is very inspiring. I agreed with her every single way.

  4. I loved this, particularly how the students seemed to relate to the story of salva. That is the sort of impact I wish to make on students learning. Reading for the development of empathy is a great idea, also for developing empathy when it comes to racism.

  5. I got drawn here from a beautiful story about a Korean family during Japanese colonial rule by Linda Sue Park, in which i lost myself today. After reading this book, those inspiring characters, i can’t agree more.

  6. I was wondering if there was a possiblity to place this video in a school project/community service project? It is a website to help premote reading to children.

  7. A passion for books- one of the most valuable things we can pass down to children. Nice speech

  8. Superb, Linda! I know my children's book,THE BUNNY AND THE MYSTERIOUS BUTTERFLY will change the world! I so empathize with you, Linda~ My book on loneliness,hopefully will allow children to see that there is hope in friendship! My daughters were all taught,at an early age, the pricelessness of the written word. All the best, Carmel Rivello

  9. "In order to find yourself in a book, you first must lose yourself in a book," — Linda Sue Park.

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