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what's going on guys all right here we go so finally back here on YouTube took a little while took a little bit of a hiatus wanted to talk about why I was gone for a little while and what's going on and trying to do some pretty cool new stuff for you guys and testing some stuff out but like this like this you know title says there's something that I'm gonna be trying out which is to allow you guys to actually call in so here is that information if you want to give it a try kind of wanted to test it out there's gonna be a new software that I'm using when I do my mentoring because I've been having problems with hangouts lately for the mentoring sessions so I'm going to try this out and I thought it would be pretty cool if I started doing a talk show but I don't know if that's like something that you guys want like where you guys are able to come in and then actually call in or you can use the link right here right here let's see how we do this right here use this link and that will actually allow you to call in from your computer which i think is pretty cool but it's essentially just a new software that I'm gonna be using or testing out and see if see if it's gonna work for me and if this is something that you guys would want on the channel maybe call in ask your questions and everybody will also be able to hear your questions it'll kind of be like a radio type thing I thought I thought it'd be pretty cool but we'll see I mostly just wanted to test this out see what the quality was like see if anybody would be able to join or not but anyway let's talk about where I was so after I put out the last Swift UI weekly I got really busy I'm actually currently in the process of like transitioning into searching for a job so that's why I've been like I don't know like a little bit busier because when I apply for jobs I only apply for specific ones that I really really want and I don't plan on just going out there and just placing a bunch of time applying for your jobs that I don't want hold on it's getting pretty hot in here one second all right anyway yeah I so I'm going out for essentially job opportunities right and you know I'm kind of just creeping into it I only want to do like a few at a time I really want to pick and choose the ones that I really want to apply to and then go through that process so it's been a long time since I've actually applied for a job the contracts that I've gotten have usually been through like word of mouth or through the channel or things like that my course is things like that so it's been a long time so since I actually applied for something usually the stuff would just kind of fall in my lap and that's how I would go about doing these things but now I'm actually looking to get a job at a bigger company I'm getting I want to get a job at a company that's medium to large medium to large sized company so I know that the interviews are well they're actually real interviews that are not like they're not like hey dude what's going on and I'm like hey what's up and then he's like hey I saw you on YouTube and I'm like yeah I could do stuff and then they're like you wanna do my app and I'm like sure so it's gonna be a little bit different right so medium to large sized company doesn't really care about all that stuff necessarily and I have been kind of getting into that prep mode so I've only reached out to a handful of people that I actually know work at some reasonably sized companies and that companies that would actually care to work at there are still few on the list that I'm going to be going through and applying to over this weekend overall it's gonna be in the LA for the most part it's gonna probably either be in in the LA area or in the Irvine area but there is one company that's pretty close to me which probably isn't gonna pay as much but having like a 15 minute drive I would be really nice because right now I my commute to work and luckily it's only twice a week my commute to work is three and a half hours one way that means that I have to spend three and a half to four hours coming back and that's kind of I mean it's a little bit it's a little bit long what's going on shy less so I'm kind of in this moto like I want to start applying for jobs and I want to make sure that I'm choosing the ones that I really chances are I'm not gonna end up working at a place where I'm just oh my god about the product like like there's nothing that I really care about that I'm passionate about that's going to I essentially hire me like I'm not that passionate about anything other than like Apple products and comic books encoding that's pretty much it that's all I'm really super excited about so to get hired a company that doesn't do that which is all the companies then it's not gonna be like the actual product is what I'm super interested in but what's more important is actually the work environment that I'm looking for in the culture so I'm looking mainly for a culture fit where it's more of a modern culture where it's like you know not everybody's wearing a suit and tie and all this other you know super strict official stuff where nobody can really like we're chain of command is super strict and you can't talk to anybody unless you know you go through the proper channels like I kind of want it to be more of a laxed structure where you know it's you know where it's more look more casual dress you know especially as a developer and then also I want to be able to like if I have a good idea I want to be able to bring it up to the company and try to you know get the company moving forward like I want to make an impact I want to I want to work on a product that makes it impact and things like that so I'm currently in that situation and I'm not gonna officially like go out there and start applying and like say hey let it let it rain until after I get some of these companies tried off the way like once I apply to some of the companies that I particularly want to focus on and then after that all like if nothing comes out of that then that's when I'll just say here's a resume guys send them my way but yeah all right so if you guys are in and watching this I would appreciate it if you can give it a try try to call in you don't even have to say much I just want to give it a try and test it out so if you could call in if you're in the US or Canada I believe that that phone number works let me see this phone number I believe works if you're in the US or Canada only feel free to try it if you're in a different country I would like to see what happens if you could just tell me what happens and then this link I believe works for everybody so I'm adding it to cut my nails so that link works for everybody I believe because it's going through your computer try that out as well and let me see I just want to see what happens for my for my membership I'm starting to do office hours and you know I'm gonna start doing office hours more often for them so that's where they can just call in or they can share their screen and then we can go through stuff and we could talk back and forth and out and this was kind of just like a test for that so let's go over the content let's see I didn't really get to go over okay so I've got to set up a screen for that and what we're gonna do is we're just gonna shrink my head shrink it on down we're just gonna put it like that and what we want is to actually capture the desktop so that we can kind of go over this because I wanted to go over I kind of needed to create a Content schedule because I don't want that's like the number one thing that I don't want to happen is to let a swift UI fall behind schedule which it kinda is but it kind of isn't it's still on a weekly basis technically but like if I didn't release anything this weekend then I would definitely be behind on Swift UI weekly right window capture maybe that wasn't the right one right and let's just go ahead and shrink this down so it's not all craziness all right so that should work we'll just put this in the back of everything oh no it froze there it goes yeah so if if if you guys could call in I just want to try it out like I said don't really have to say anything just say hi I want to see if the audio works and stuff like that and we'll be good alright so um let's see what I wanted to do was I wanted to bring up a Pages document what we're gonna do all right so let's talk about this I don't think we could keep them all as title huh nope oh well so let's start from the top of the of the week right and I hate that they don't let you do this but let's see if we can get up a 50 on there and we can say Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and I did this a while ago but after I went to San Jose like my my schedule got so out of whack and I'm trying to just like get back into it like I loved going to San Jose it was like one of the most like life-altering things that have a that has ever happened to me but like one of them you know but yeah it's just like I couldn't recover from that you know I don't like the way that this is looking Monday – not even twos just two and third and Frey okay so what I do know is that can we get off I think I'm gonna do this career this career like what was it called all the same size yeah perfect alright so let's see on Sundays is gonna be Swift you i weekly we can abbreviate it like this this is what I've been doing Swift you i weekly or like that that looks sexy to actually on Mondays I don't know on Wednesdays that's web dev so that's gonna be like of your vapor and your Keturah hey brother what you from Riddick I am from that Los Angeles area of California in the States buddy where you from Friday is going to be the flutter day for all the you haters that thought I was gonna just forget about flutter I'm not Monday actually do I still want to do web dev yes I do because we're still in the 100 days of hustle so this is for the remainder of 100 days of hustle right let's just make sure that we're putting that so hashtag 100 days of hustle ah doesn't fit let's get it to fit there we go hashtag 100 days of hustle perfect so this is the hundred days of hustle schedule which in case you're not familiar with my hundred days of hustle it's just I set some pretty outlandish goals and surprisingly I got a little bit close well there there I don't know I got to get back on track I'm super far behind but I still think that I can like accomplish all of them but real quick what the hundred days of hustles goals for me were to release a hundred videos on YouTube I'm not even halfway I don't think or maybe I'm halfway I don't know a hundred a hundred videos on YouTube 100 posts on IG 14 i GT v posts 14 tick tock posts 14 podcasts what else did I do what else did I do four books and three apps and three courses so that's what I decided that I'm gonna release over the course of a 100 days I wanted to see what would happen not even close right now but there's still some time left there's still like a whole month left and then on top of that I've actually like regardless of if I just stopped right now I'm so much further than where I was like like 60 days ago or 80 days ago so much further so it's been awesome anyways Monday is going to be Swift time so this is going to be this is going to be I oh s day so that could mean Swift UI that can mean UIKit whatever but it's going to be I Oh s related and this is gonna be web dev all right and then on Tuesday we're gonna have topic videos because that's what I'm transitioning to in case you guys wanted to know I'm planning on transitioning to that topic base stuff you know talking about whatever is relevant in the in the development field and then on Saturdays I was thinking about doing a couple of different things now I'm not really sure where I want to go with this and if you guys have a record if you all have a recommendation then feel free to let it out but I'm thinking what should we do I know I think that's gonna be throughout the week I think this is gonna be oh you know what I think I'm gonna go with this new topic which i think is super important which is a job related I get hired so there's and I haven't flushed this idea out completely I'm not even sure let's see I want to get hired so let's talk about this real quick so I have so going through this process of me getting hired right I'm looking at all the different types of requirements that people are that these companies are having and a lot of the time they're they're on topics that there's like a lot of requirements that revolve around like obviously whatever it is that they need for the job because it's it's like relevant and specific for application or whatever but there's just some things that you know a regular iOS developer probably wouldn't touch and I'm thinking like oh well like you know what let's just call it resumes no not resumes it would it be resumes it would be yeah get hired I guess but essentially like what what the what the idea is is to go through the description the job description and essentially go through the areas that people might not have experience in like something very particular and then from there we would build something based on that so that you can say that you have experience with that which is one of the things that I recommend for anybody that's looking for a job is that you actually do work upfront and then you kind of add that to your resume this way you can say that you have experience on this particular area before you apply and I was thinking that we kind of go through and do something real quick and you know maybe it's like a live stream or something like that and we just build something out real quick based off of whatever they're using whatever technology they're using so let's go ahead and let's go ahead and try let me let me demonstrate kind of what I'm envisioning so like let's say you were to go to something like where that's that's where they do job listings and let's say I just wanted to get hired somewhere in Los Angeles California for iOS right and I just type in iOS and let's say I wanted to get this one right here right so what we would do and let me blow this up for you and I know you guys can't see the bottom of the screen necessarily so there we go all right oh god yeah they need to hire a developer that's what they need to do Jesus all right so hope you guys can see this anyways we would go to something like this I don't know what this company is but we'd go somewhere like here we would go through the actual resume all right not the resume I keep saying resume the company description or whatever and we would take a look at some of the qualifications that aren't obviously time ten plus years management whatever I don't know why you even need that many years like after a specific amount of time like the amount of years doesn't necessarily equate to anything yeah it doesn't it doesn't necessarily equate to anything up to date with you i ki OS the iOS SDK iOS SDK and core data so let's say something right here at core data okay maybe I do maybe I don't have something on that so maybe we build something out with core data or let's see something that's like kind of like you know not not normal so experience with MDM mobile device management and app distribution for the test flight hockey experience with continuous integration so this is something that I personally excuse me I personally don't have like it's I feel like it's a little bit weird that you would ask a developer to kind of be in charge of this senior house engineer or whatever but so in this case buddy build I haven't implemented that myself yet from my understanding you would just kind of set up your github and then whoever is in charge of the you know DevOps would take care of that but I guess you know you're a developer and you're supposed to be DevOps and all this other stuff so what we would do is let's say I don't have any experience with with buddy build so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna get started so let's begin BAM right here and then maybe we just we just spent like a couple hours just going through this entire topic right here and we're just trying to figure out okay what can I do in order to get to make it show that I have experience on buddy build or something like that and then we can go through like if you guys have recommendations like if you're looking for a job where you live maybe I could type in hey I'm looking for a job in wherever you live I know that a lot of you are in different parts of the world but I could still type in whatever right here figure out what what jobs are out there and then we go through the entire we go through the entire process of just building out something like oh I'm just gonna go ahead and create the most basic thing with Jenkins or buddy and then you know see how fast I can do that maybe we were able to bang it out in one live stream and then you know throw you could throw that right on the resume or at least you know we can go through the learning process together enough to the extent to where you know you can build on top of that and make it kind of shine a little bit but like Jenkins I've heard of Jenkins before never used it and that's not really like a developer's fault Jenkins Jenkins see I like I said like this it's kind of weird that a developer would is supposed to be in charge of this this is like usually somebody else's an entire role and then you just kind of play into that but I guess if you're a senior maybe maybe you're supposed to have something like that the leading open-source automated server Jenkins provides hundreds of plugins 14 so I don't know we would download this and yeah we would have to go through and set all this up so I don't know that's I mean that's just an example that's just an example and I think I'm going to start doing that because dude I think it would be helpful familiarity with development distribution MDM for Android is a plus I mean once you already have one of these services built up it's not too hard to keep going once I understand experience with AWS microservice Microsoft Azure or similar back in service to see this isn't even really like a iOS position this is more of a DevOps position they just they're just looking for somebody that does everything for them unit testing see like I don't have strong unit testing skills like I know how to unit test but I don't have strong ones maybe we just want to show you know maybe we go through unit testing that day experience with multi thread ain't synchronous code I mean that's it should definitely be given a track record leading projects mentoring peers and collaborating technically yeah solid understanding of fundamental computer science concepts probably not ability to work under pressure manage difficult situations in a fast pace yep could do that excellent interpersonal see these aren't even loves learning new technology typically concerned review design code so code review Thunder yeah give me a call thunder feel free to give me a call feel free and yeah yeah one second there we go and let's see ability to make right trade off choices when dealing with functionality complexity yeah I mean you have to you have to know how to do that because you need to know yeah this is very important skill actually this is like a really big it's actually pretty good that they include this ability to make right trade-off choices when dealing with function now functional complexity conflicting priorities and bold schedules so the reason why I kind of wanted to bring this up and make sure that like it like I I'm mentioning it so much is because when you're working for somebody and you have a deadline you need to be able like because I promote that you don't use dependencies because they're they're a dependency it's a it's a defender depending on somebody else and from my experiencing from my experience depending on other people can it can be problematic and that's the thing with dependencies like they might be great there might be a large team behind them but if they fall behind for whatever reason that's gonna affect you in a major way so but you do have to use dependencies a lot of the time so you have to be able to figure out is it is it best for me to create is it best for me to go through this and build stuff myself or is it better for me to just grab this this dependency and then shove it into my project because I don't have the time to learn that so I have a whole entire video dedicated on this and and I'm not gonna you know rant about it but overall if you have the time then you should definitely try to build it yourself this way there is no dependency and it also makes you a better developer because you're gonna start learning so yeah represent the team and remove hurdles to enable each team member to operate a highest level of efficiency yes so that's that's delegation and stuff like that ability to hire mentor manage performance that team members I could do that communicate senior executives yeah so this is not worded properly this is also a very important skill when you're getting hired ability to communicate with senior executives and business stakeholders so this is not properly worded it's more like along the lines of effective communication is what you're looking for because what you need to do is you need a break you need a break down the problem and explain what's going on with your team and when when there's a requirement for whatever piece of functionality that needs to be implemented you need to break that down into layman's terms like into like explain it to me like I'm five years like like explain it to me like I'm five terms right because you're talking to people that aren't technical that aren't going to know even what like a variable is so that's why learning attitude to continuously improve so team organization passion and computer science yeah deeply concerned about excellence familiarity cardiovascular signal oh that's interesting they must be doing something specifically today so look at going back to what is actually needed for this what they're actually looking for out of everything that they mentioned is for you to be able to build apps persist data with core data and have some oh release the app to the App Store and to test flight things like that and then have a little bit of DevOps experience so this is what they're really looking for they're looking for it like three major things like if you wanted to apply it to this and then this is like the salary range and this isn't Pasadena Pasadena California Calabasas I know where that is comparison to me but let's say we were going to just we could just keep going down this we could keep going down this the the chart you have two to five years of experience don't know how that's even a range to use and five years experience of very different things familiar with most slash many areas of the iOS API yup giving a bug fix it yup yup you like the work that you do your code doesn't suck I might actually apply to this place experience developing customer facing commercial iOS apps you must know object to see well our apps are not in Swift ah see that's where you kind of messed up because I definitely will not apply to somewhere that's only doing an objective-c if you're porting to Objective C I would definitely if you're porting tell Objective C there's no reason to stay on Objective C it's dying it's on its deathbed as soon as Swift is it able to interact with C++ it's over you have Swift plus plus experience customer consuming restful yep we use both get and SVN familiar with both very helpful here know what SBN is so let's go ahead and look that up this is just turning into something completely so Apache subversion and often abbreviate SVN after command name interesting this is what this is what I've been doing lately guys I've just been like learning this stuff open-source software developers use subversion to maintain current and historical changes okay so this is just an alternative to get which is really interesting and what what I would normally do at this point is Auto pin' up YouTube and I would just type in SV end and then I would learn about SVN that's what I would do now I'm kind of curious cuz this is what I was gonna do anyways so anybody that's interested in getting a job let's go through this together let's see what's in Los Angeles react native no senior iOS engineer what does that mean to you tap cart what does the senior iOS engineer mean to you alright that's telling you about the company about the role code review so our engineering is continuously looking for ways to better ourselves and our peers we believe that taking the time to write great code is crucial like this we're encouraged by this buy pair program code reviews demos and pull requests I like where this is going so five plus years coding experience well yeah I do have that technically so I started coding technically because I realized that without the the enough years of experience that you're just gonna be rejected so well I'm gonna count as coding experience is when I first started writing code and that was back when I was doing web development and that is be technically being an indie indie software engineer an indie software developer right so independent software developer I started back in 2014 doing web development started started web development with a was like Wix and then moved into actual HTML CSS and some jQuery try to learn JavaScript never really got it working Swift came out or no web development then decided hey iOS let's try objective-c don't know what I'm doing with Objective C Swift comes out oh this looks awesome but I wasn't like I like played with it when it came up you know I played with it when it came out you know did like some little bit of scripting I like scripting like my scripts were playground stuff and I just manipulated stuff and then I finally figured out oh this isn't how you make apps you actually have to use iOS and UI kit and stuff like that that's how you build interfaces so yeah I do have five plus years because that's been since 2014 be technical with your when when your years of coding experience as as long as you're confident your abilities which I'm very confident on my abilities not to be like a douche or whatever but come on like you know that I've been teaching y'all for a while now right I know what I'm doing what's going on we're cool let's see a penchant for writing clean reusable code okay eagerness to learn and teach this is looking pretty good okay work well with teams um depends on the team depends on the team definitely I'll say yes obviously but definitely depends knowledge of architectural patterns such as mvvm and protocol oriented programming so I have an entire course on protocol oriented programming that's no problem mvvm I know how to do it I haven't practiced it in a while but I know how to do it I understand the basic concepts wrapping your objects I mean that's it's still technically MVC don't know why they call it mvvm honestly it's still technically MVC honestly your lessons are awesome and very knowledgeable thanks well cool I really appreciate that I'm glad that I can help you anything in particular that helped you if you could let me know that'd be great I'd like to know how I helped you like what what specific video or videos or topic did you find helpful familiar with cutting edge programming techniques such as reactive promises and functional programming so functional programming is the opposite of cutting edge because it's been around for a while but I understand what you're saying reactive mmm-hmm I guess but like I haven't built too much other than a test project with rx Swift and I'm gonna probably reach out to reactive reactive swift's over the weekend promises actually I haven't worked with promises I've worked with promises I've worked well yeah I haven't technically worked with promises but I've worked with futures which are kind of like the same thing but yeah I want to vibrate Wunderlich video subscription do you have a discount coupon it wouldn't be really helpful um I don't have a discount coupon but if you were to use my link it would help the channel I would really appreciate it if you used my link to purchase that so if you go here it's not a discount I don't think anybody has a discount for those things but all you have to do click on this link and bam I helped you you click on the link BAM you help me that's just how it goes bonus points at least one of your apps you can point to on the App Store okay experience with other programming languages yep experience unit testing yep interest in e-commerce yep this is actually it seems like a pretty good job oh but it's in Santa Monica I really don't want to go to Santa Monica anymore yeah that's too bad what is tap cart tap cart seemed like a really good really good situation let's see where it's at Oh God yeah ah I get awful like where am i or do I get off I get off around this area I think kind of hard to say no it's over here 26 yeah so I get off somewhere in this area and it's even farther so I'm not doing that you make lessons on core animation and busy a paths maybe core animation and busy a path so the thing with so the thing about animations is that I'm actually not that good at them cuz they're it's a lot of math it's a lot of math and I'm actually good at math it's just like but I'll think about it I'll definitely think about it I'll add it okay I will definitely add it for you though core animation as alright it's in my notes I'll add it to things to consider but I can't promise you that that's coming out anytime soon because I'd have to learn it and right now I'm only covering stuff that I'm like super excited about so I don't know I might do an animation course though maybe I'm not good at it I'd have to take like I'd have to like spend a lot of time learning some stuff yeah so these are kind of far for me anyways this is essentially what we could do is we can go through let's see oh this is the same place yeah so we could just go through if you you guys can let me know what country you live in and then you know we just go through and uh build little projects based around what the requirements are and then hopefully that can help you get that'll help you get a job because then we can build something together and then you could be like oh well actually BAM right here like this is why I meet all your criteria and you have bam bam bam bam you just reuse this and then you put a couple of projects where it's like hey this is exactly what we're looking and then voila you can get the job kind of want to see what this one is though it's kind of low though a hundred that's not even enough iOS and react native get out of here not doing that kind of want to see what are the jobs are alright but that's gonna be pretty much it guys I mean I'm still gonna keep looking I'll just stay on here let's see what's right here and Pasadena that's not even right here actually the stupor revival Irvine and then we have to change it so the here stay it cool so sometimes you don't always get what you want so iOS developer you're sponsoring scared to put what you want yeah see they don't we know what they want sir collaborative sir k circle core Circuit Court let's see core Bluetooth see that's something I don't have knowledge on but I can't even test that because I don't have a bluetooth device actually I do have a bluetooth device technically but this isn't this doesn't work with just anything it would it be lovely if it did work with just anything I got to get like a I begin or something play with that senior UX software cloud QA iOS mobile developer yeah seems alright passionate about iOS Objective C and Swift thrive solving complex that's me are you finding a job I am looking I'm looking but more of what what I'm doing right now is this is mostly like what we would do on like a on a Saturday or something like that so or on yeah on a Saturday so this is like the new schedule for the remaining couple of weeks that we have left in this hundred days of hustle so we're gonna have Swift UI weekly we're gonna cover something on iOS on Mondays we're gonna talk about topic on Tuesday's web development on Wednesdays Thursdays another topic Friday's will be for flutter and then Saturdays we're gonna try to get hired with something and what that actually means is let's go ahead and take a look at a job listing in your area whatever country whatever city that is let's see what they're what they're hiring for and then let's see if we can build something real quick just so that we can point to it on a resume and be like here this is exactly what you're looking for so within six months you will produce complex user interface integrate within with in-house and third-party restful api is analyze debug resolve applications work with minimal supervision to extend and improve native application within twelve months you will have demonstrated excellence with you within your engineering we're gonna within the engineering organization the products that you are on daily five millions oh let's see two plus years experience building native data-driven iOS applications using Apple execute yes yes see that's cool this is why you guys got to sort of start now just start now because Bend you know a couple years later got five years of experience that you can put on your resume feels pretty good I was looking at acorns something in here I didn't really care for well first of all they're saying made engineer but you need five plus years of software experience the hell deep knowledge of native expertise in iOS design patterns to do that way and communicate pros and cons of different approaches good at that accelerates developing releasing them maintaining native iOS pointing us to your work on the App Store experience build high-performance dynamic UI programmatically using both conventional and auto layout strategies why would you put this that's so interesting so this part I understand programmatically because some people don't have those skills right like a lot of juniors actually don't have that that skill set but conventional and Auto layout like you've really should only be using Auto layout if you're still setting frames there's something wrong there well not necessarily but for the most part like you're not going to be sending frames unless you're dealing with like actual user interaction on a specific area of the screen like touch events unless you're doing with touch events you really shouldn't be touching no frames yesterday my friend did ask me is that possible for developer to be a project manager possible for a developer to be anything you want you want to so by a little bit more so yesterday my friend did ask me is that possible for developer to be a project manager yeah I mean that's part of being in D so like when you're doing independent development you know you're the project manager your CEO your your all of that project manager just is like a title that is given to people that that are kind of put on the line for making sure that the entire app like possibly even on both platforms is doing what it's supposed to do so usually that's like a dedicated position but depending on the size of the company it can be like oh you're the iOS developer and you're the project manager too so it depends on the company size experience implementing third-party SDKs social media so I'm guessing that they're talking about sign-in marketing not sure what a marketing SDK would be and then analytics yeah I'm not sure what marketing would be I might not have experience with that this firm is working with core data slash ns-managed object in it so this is super weird so I've seen this this isn't the only company that says this ns-managed object like working with core data and ennis like what else would you possibly be working with if you weren't using an ns-managed object game core data and if you don't know what core data is then you don't apply for this job that's it's kind of weird solid understanding object-oriented applications you can't even write well I guess technically could you ain't gonna make it very far development cocoa touch design patterns so probably MVC algorithm design alright experience working with weight working in a collaborative team environment with a version control system like get passionate about making high user impact and moving key metrics ABS MS or PhD in computer science and engineering from a top school but a wonderful project list is even better that's what I like to see though okay be SMS or PhD you could have a PhD in computer science and just be engineer competitive salary and stock options I mean well we'll see about that comprehensive benefits package to meet the needs of you and your family like that unlimited paid time off well gonna go in and just go out and get paid corporate gym access I like that daily breakfast weekly team meetings and endless supply of snacks get us real fat numerous career possibilities that allow you to grow with acorn okay I'll keep you there long I want to be somewhere long care deeply one another our mission is customers we're opportunity to create a new world we inspire one another that's cool but yeah anyway that's what I've been up to pretty y'all been up to doesn't matter cuz I'm gonna leave alright guys so that's kind of what I would do not to this extent where I just kind of got curious and start looking deeper and deeper and yeah we'd go maybe somewhere like here senior UI design pattern designer I mean we'd go something like this look for a skill that seems to kind of stand out let's see what makes you tick let's see let's see let's see let's see you have exceptional written and verbal skills and that's a very interesting request I assume that they're working with remote they're allowing the remote because that's the only time that this would ever be a problem is if you're not working local oh you're expert at both with both objective-c Swift and well with I want to say both positions listening three things there but okay you're at home and Apple developer ecosystem yep anyways what you will be doing can you tell us a little bit of something about what we're working with strong knowledge of core data BAM that's something core animation AMC so then because of this we would be like McCool we would be like Oh need for animation let's go build something with core animation real quick Auto layout that's simple experience building reusable mobile app architectures for fetching caching I'm working with serialized data test-driven development that's good that could be another thing unit testing that could be another thing continuous integration that's another thing so structure algorithms we wouldn't do data structures and algorithms that's very specific case-based like you wouldn't want to do that multi-threaded memory management specific to mobile devices this is just regular and networking I mean there's not too much it's not that complicated but this is like where the meat is so not even this not not this so it's just this and this this is these are like two areas that most people wouldn't have be able to complete so they might not have ever worked record data core animation or audit well not only out you should have definitely touched whether you're doing storyboards or programmatic UI but some people won't have experience with core data core animation I I have very limited experience so I'd be like hey let's go build this out let's go build something now test-driven development this is kind of hard to show test-driven development but you can show multiple unit tests which kind of allude to the fact that you used test-driven development in order to create the product because if you do test-driven development you actually have more tests and you probably have code and then continuous integration so you can demonstrate this you can we we can do we could choose like this we could choose chose this you're gonna chose this or this so it's like four different topics shot if you want to try to call in go for it I'm about to wrap up I'll just go through one more and then if you call in then you call in if you don't then you don't but yeah all right senior Iowa's engineer weed maps what is weed maps is this what I think it is weed maps this about weed I think it is it is $100 an ounce sounds expensive I don't know how much it's supposed to be well you know that weed now it's smoked a long time if you don't have a number you could try using the I don't mean I don't I don't know why you would ask if you call it if you don't have a number it's a little bit different but you can try using the the uber conference link and that will allow you to call in as well so go ahead and try it anyways this is weed maps this is very interesting I wonder what their careers say I'll leave this app okay so we would want to build like okay so let's say we chose weed maps right now let's take a look at what they're asking for so responsibilities this is gonna be check the screens that's the that's the number to call in don't think so let me see this free conference call is provided by uber conference you are the first participant on this uber conference please hold while we wait for the others to join blob girls sit here all day hey I'm sitting in this way I don't know what to tell you bro I'm in their conference BAM this is the number that's the pin going to that one this is where you can find if you're calling in from a computer and that's the way that's the way to do it let me get back over there uber conference it's also right here on the screen over there it's over there on the screen not much else I can do outside of that but yeah let's see all right and then okay so let's see what what would we be doing just waiting for you to join use the information man and just to show you how simple we could make it if we were to open up a new browser and you were to type in uber conference slash kilo loco and let's see you were just entering your name like that and then you tap join and then hey what do you know you say use my computer and you can say that this free conference call is provided by uber conference alone so just like that all right think you're in there alright so let's see and yeah okay I have some people in here others see three viewers I'm not sure if you're one of them are not but yeah there's one person in here make sure that you hit the connect with a specific make sure you hit the thing at the top but yeah about to head out so I would definitely recommend tapping one of those buttons at the top of the screen making sure you're connected and we get everything going okay let's see let's see let's see let's see yeah I only see people Ewing jasmine has just joined Jasmine's viewing and let's see so you guys are dealing oh you're a see you're a lame lame all right well that's okay I guess they don't let just anybody joined so I'll have to work on that but yeah all right well that's going to probably be it for the rest of the day damn okay so look at you now haha alright alright guys so that's pretty much it that's what I think the get hired is gonna be gonna go through learn some stuff use the job descriptions as a roadmap on what we should be learning this one Google for years in iOS when you're swift work successfully with teams up all my Archer are you his brother yeah let's see I bet you're related to Barack Hussein Obama aren't you there we go and we're going to I bet you what's a minimum of four years yup firm understanding of standard you know published at least one highly rated yep and BA yeah so they're not really listing out any specific job skills which is kind of weird but let's see yeah they don't list anything specific so we wouldn't be able to build on top of this one but uh yeah that's pretty much the idea is like go to one of these one of these listings say core data once again core data I don't know nobody's but these apps aren't using core data but that's pretty much it we go we don't end it right here and yeah that's gonna probably be the schedule so be on the lookout for tomorrow we're gonna start with one of these get hired topics and I'll try to build something around that yeah all right thanks for joining me here today kilo loco your favorite dev let's go ahead and wrap this stream up so I can go get some Mimi's time all right later guys

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