that's me Caillou has a date I have big news mommy and daddy guess what it is you're moving out oh yes please say you're moving out no I'm not moving out but I am making a move in my romantic life I have a date that is great news Caillou yeah and it's really surprising who would go out with you somebody from tinder Daddy ah figures we're going out tonight her name's Becky and I think I'm in love mommy and daddy Caillou here's wedding bells okay Caillou do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife of course I do you may kiss the bride Caillou good you're a great kisser Caillou I'm a real good kisser yeah oh no I'm gonna be late for my date so Caillou went to the restaurant to meet up with his date thank you hey Lew I'm Caillou that's me that's an interesting name my mommy and daddy gave me a special name because I'm a special boy Becky cool do you know what you wanna order hmm there aren't a lot of options I don't want to eat fish tonight okay then don't you could try the pasta I don't want to eat pasta either or steak I want pizza I don't think they have pizza here well I want it okay I are you serious do you always act like this do I always act like what Becky um like a baby that's no way to talk to your future husband Becky I'm out of here don't leave me Becky you're a psycho kallu I'm Caillou after Becky left Caillou picked up a pizza and brought it home to mummy and daddy how was your date Caillou she left before we ordered mommy did she really Wow well would you do to scare off Caillou I didn't do anything she was mean I really dodged a bullet daddy oh oh really you are a petulant jerk who throws temper tantrums I'm tired I am especially tired of listening to this tuck me into bed daddy no tuck me into bed daddy no Caillou doesn't like it when daddy doesn't tuck him in tuck me into bed daddy do it now Oh what or I'll burn the house down okay fine I'm lonely but good thing I have all of you like and subscribe to a okay and don't forget to ring the bell and check out our patreon give us money daddy


  1. I spent an hour crying cuz I got rejected by my crush and caillou can get someone and I canโ€™t

    Life is unfair

  2. 1:47 Are we literally just going to ignore the fact that he has a sex toy of the very same childhood best friend he had years ago? Fuck me I'm dying inside

  3. Hahahahahahahahaha. GREAT STUFF. Caillou's behavior with Becky is so uncomfortable. Caillou's horrible Parking job (while at Pizza Fat (lol)) is a(nother) subtle shot at his self centeredness. I hope this series continues!!!!!

  4. Iโ€™m afraid what Caillou would do if Becky did hook up with him and then made him mad. Caillou might burn her alive or something equally horrible…

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