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welcome to the folks learn today we will learn how to publish an application in Visual Studio you you click once in a deployment technology that enables you to create self updating Windows based applications that can be installed and run with minimal user interaction Visual Studio provides full support for publishing and updating applications deployed with click ones technology if you have developed your projects with Visual Basic and visual c-sharp a click ones application is any Windows presentation foundation windows forms console application or office solution published using click wins technology you can publish a click ones application in three different ways from a webpage from a network file share or from media such as a cd-rom a click one's application can be installed on an end users computer and run locally even when the computer is offline or it can be run in an online-only mode without permanently installing anything on the ant users computer click once applications can be self-updating they can check for newer versions as they become available and automatically replace any updated files the developer can specify the update behavior a network administrator can also control update strategies for example marking an update as mandatory updates can also be rolled back to an earlier version by the end-user or by an administrator you you can choose either before or after application starts option to control the user experience the application should check for updates to control if this deployment would receive any updates to the products when published to the publishing location dotnet framework is a prerequisite for dotnet application to run on client machine which does not have dotnet framework installed when installing this application click once checks to see if microsoft.net framework 4.5 is not installed and installs it eliminate the extra steps needed otherwise to download and install the.net framework 4.5 to the client machines you the core clique when's deployment architecture is based on two XML manifest files an application manifest and a deployment manifest the application manifest describes the application itself this includes the assemblies the dependencies and files that make up the application the required permissions and the location where updates will be available the application developer authors the application manifest by using the publish wizard and visual studio or the manifest generation tool in the Windows software development kit the deployment manifest describes how the application is deployed this includes the location of the application manifest and the version of the application that client should run an administrator authors the deployment manifest using the manifest generation tool in the Windows SDK when designing a click ones application you have to determine which strategy the application will use to check for available updates there are three basic strategies that you can use checking for updates on application startup checking for updates after application startup or providing a user interface for updates click once provides two ways to update an application once it is deployed in the first method you can configure the click ones deployment to check automatically for updates at certain intervals in the second method you can write code that uses the application deployment class to check for updates based on an event such as a user request you glueck ones can provide automatic application updates a click ones application periodically reads its deployment manifest file to see whether updates to the application are available if available the new version of the application is downloaded and run for efficiency only those files that have changed are downloaded you can install AI is by clicking Windows Features and Advanced Options under programs in control panel thank you for watching this video

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  1. Please make a tutorial for makeing a classic installation setup for the application with licence and sql database.

  2. Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
    Error An error occurred while signing: SignTool.exe was not found at path C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SDKsWindowsv7.0Abinsigntool.exe. final School APP can anyone fix my prob please help me a cant publish my app

  3. My Application work very fine but when I try to install the Application there is a problem: MetroFramework wasn't Intalled.
    How Can FIx it?

  4. I am developing an app using MS Access 2016 as the back end. I have a few questions on deploying the application.
    1. Do I need the Access 2016 runtime or Access Database Engine as a prerequisite?
    If so I don't see them as a option in Publish/Prerequisites
    2. I am using ReportViewer as well is there any prerequisites for that? I see a Reportviewer runtime option to check.

    Just not sure what all I need to have to publish the application.

  5. +Fox Learn
    I have developed a c# Win-Forms Application along with MySQL workbench database.
    Application works very fine and also its setup also works fine.It properly installs in my PC and no problem occurs when working with application on my computer (on which it is developed).

    But real problem occurs here when I move the applciation's setup to another PC. It also installs there well and run properly but one huge problem occurs.

    "Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts".

    1-How to solve this problem.?
    2-How to attach database with application setup to be moved any client computer?
    3-Is it necessary that MySQL workbench must be installed in the client's computer ?

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