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  1. Everytime as come sounds of this song I shure It's still heavy roots. Maybe it's a triusm but Budgie is one of the also best early heavy rock…band for me. I know: "yes we are now on the moon". Huston we don;t need help. Just listen.

  2. I first heard them in 1974 a friend brought back from England never turn your back all my friends loved them but you couldn't get there albums at that time I just laughed

  3. His vocals in the first two minutes remind me a lot of Jeff Buckley. Even their inflection is incredibly similar in Budgie's slower songs as well.

  4. estaba en el manicomio escolar solo contando el tiempo para venir escuchar este disturbio dfdffdffdfdfdfddsdffdfdgdgsdgd

  5. Pretty great tune, by an underrated good band.  I like their live performances more than the studio versions.  May God and Jesus bless/save and protect all that read this.  Have a great 2016 everyone.

  6. Hey guys , do not get hung up about how Budgie should have been recognized for their genius,…let's keep it a secret ,..you are all in the exclusive club ,…enjoy!!!

  7. @:Mishutaste: Led Zeppelin wish they could have written something with this much soul, instead they soul destroyed the people they stole from. Budgie didn't have to do that because like Black Sabbath they had a sound like no one else and should be rated alongside Sabbath as pioneers of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal rather than linger in the anonymity that has hung over them like a shadow for way too long. Anyone of Budgie's Lp's single handedly sinks the entire Led Zeppelin catolog with one finger and along with the also much underrated Groundhogs, they are the best power trio of all time

  8. There isn't a single song I do not absolutely LOVE, except maybe Bored with Russia…lol…but the rest are just amazing. I am hopelessly addicted to Budgie!!

  9. AWESOME and a hardhittin`track from their first selftitled album "Budgie" – 1970,Burke Shelley (bass&vocal)wrote it together with Tony Bourge ..man,Burke got to get Tony back on guitars ! :/ I loved & still love that era`!

  10. @ntcutterl I first got turned on to Budgie because of someone selling their records, after putting them onto cassette…

  11. such a great album, just a pity that you have to crank you stereo bloody loud to hear it!!!!!! Budgie please come back to Australia

  12. @KevinR1138 While this stuff isn't Doom Metal, it does have some moments very similar to Doom Metal, especially on the first album. Songs such as Rape of the Locks, Homicidal Suicidal, and especially Guts have a doomy feel. I've always said that "Guts" could have been on MOR by Sabbath which actually came out a month after this album. Tony Iommi must have been biting his fingernails when he heard Bourge implement that same heavy thick tone and wah wah effect that he used in Electric Funeral.

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