BTS RM – Rap Monster (방탄소년단 – Rap Monster) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng/가사]

Какво става? ~ Bighit представя: Rap Monster. ~~ Аха? Роден на остров, остров в Apgujeong.

100 thoughts on “BTS RM – Rap Monster (방탄소년단 – Rap Monster) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng/가사]

  1. Making Korean food that BTS also likes. Home Cooking! I love it.

    초간단 한식요리, 배고프면 클릭!!

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  2. Namjoon U R the best rapper in my life and the kpop world❤
    I love U our leader❤😘💋
    no one like U❤
    I like U💕💞
    I wish U have agood time with your holiday😘💕💞❤💋
    have agood time 💕💞❤

  3. To everyone thinking that this is a new song, it’s not, it’s a pre-debut song that was released in 2012 when he was still a trainee

  4. this song makes me bust out laughing everytime cus i remember the lyrics to the original song and how they sang it during their early years of debut 💀💀💀

  5. Wow… Wow… This boy never ends amazing me with his writing talent. A genius, sure? Nah… There is no word to describe his wisdom way to put words together. Ahhh… By the way what Kevin he's talking about… Kevin Oh from Super Band?

  6. My mind during this was like;
    “Is Namjoon rlly rapping to the beat to “Look At Me Now”? and “Go OFf CrAb BoY!”😭♥️

  7. Rm: I change my name to RM
    Me: Rap Monster from B T S
    Also me: Wrap Monster 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    And also me: plays the video he said It's R A P Monster not d a n c e Monster

  8. Idk…it's special and there are some parts I don't like that much but then there are parts where I think holy water pls and at all I LOVE IT AMD I DONT KNOW WHYYYY

  9. Rap monster haciendo una cancion de rap monster… Ta cabron Ta cabron 😂😂😂😂 y ya acabo la cancion ;-; que mal servicio :v

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