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this is a [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] rocket okay boys we live sports we talk sports we three sports meet eight sports and teach about the TV course welcome to be his three sports despite the Notre Dame GZ but everything will cover those season when I meant to know your lunch pieces but in due time economy dosage we're not meant to know your lunch but anytime a show Bobby turns in copies comes in due season I was rushing the prices for no reason getting impatient I'm in steady weight in the wind man I wish like Billy stop cheating press your little flesh feeling like I'm in a headlock I went and got me two kids out of wedlock due time we will see the cockatoo sell plants and I put my pen online like a desktop oh now I understand I have to be patient so I can again my job was too trusting but since then I feel like I've been on vacation time in that hat yeah I had to let go when I had to let God cause everything is part of this public time I came on my shoes and I put up my dukes and get a devil blues like sighing we're not even trying put it to time for that I had to throw that my face they start accepting change like it's the laundromat so that I was going crazy started getting signs but they wasn't are the rest his friend you can call it that but this time is the devil answer look I told the Lord that I ain't coming back to Yakima lecture that movie Avengers I used to be famous but see here's the difference of God didn't keep my lungs from my hand at the snap of my fingers injecting my vision man look I was moving so fast then I had to stop regretting my past because I appreciate your motivation nowadays more frustration now there's no time in the date especially the times wasted running left from that help the wheel in the rat race to the make trees chase the bad just the way stick stressed out occupations world's cold um getting older realize that I've been blind CVS sanity of all this vanity 2010 killing mankind but in time God manifested is a form of Christ cornerstone of eternal life those in darkness couldn't see that night I'm a living stone understanding Christ said the kingdom is within time dominates material things but his kingdom it'll never end we know eternity is made of on the seasons changing repetition by design different time zones run a whole worlds to the same moment in time choose wisely sacrifice but eternally life out the final grill I Marvel when the dog comes to mind that's the source of life dr. conquer feel better watch still cuz it's a fight to the finish so you gotta do what you gotta say sometime only dimmest better make it count for you out of time in a world where music and sports collide it's ps3 sports and music welcome to the bs3 sports show we got a special show planned for tonight we'll be talking sports like we always do but also a swather show was taught a title the arthur's show will be interviewing two awesome authors dr. Nugent Tran is the author of the book mind control through breath regulation we'll be talking about yoga also we have Cheryl long she's the author of multiple books actually ten books she is released and there is 14 more that she has coming out but in specifically we'll be talking about a couple of her books out of the cherished book series book one is called as the flower bloom book – bursting of the flower and then book three full blossom so we got a great show shout out to everybody in the chatroom shout out to ex squad radio which this show is on also shout out to my family no phony podcast network showing support and love over there as they do as well shout out to first comer in the chaplain cave let's talk sports in the building Bella Andy Jackson Wilkes in the building appreciate you guys for tuning in so we got a great show and also as we get towards the end of the questions if you have any questions also you can definitely put those in there and shout out to my man little Jojo in the building doing good glad to hear you as well got the new station make sure you guys click on that a VW FF c DB Lexington Kentucky also shout out to Melvin thank you for tuning in so here's the latest on the NBA free agency front Golden State Warriors are planning to offer klay Thompson the max which is five years 190 million at the beginning of free agency so and it sounds like he's gonna sign it it sounds like it's pretty much a shoo-in like he's gonna sign this no matter what and if there's really no further conversation which I know they want to get ahead of this they don't want to allow anything to happen beyond today really they want to get this thing wrapped up which I definitely understand you don't want you don't want to allow this to linger on beyond Sunday so they're doing everything possible it seems like to get that deal locked up and to get him back in the Warriors uniform he's definitely a cornerstone of the offense and he will be I think he will be a warriors player probably for his whole career maybe probably him and Steph I don't know Dre Mao seems like he may go depending on what happens shout out to Mochis Mochis man first of all great job with the the mashup show also just had Real Talk man go back and listen to that show talking about real life things that we all experience that we all go through I was very appreciative of that so because it was just real we go through world things we go through real situations in our lives and I truly appreciated that show that he did earlier and it's a mashup so you get to hear all the great shows on Excel auto radio from the week so the other thing is very interesting here Kawhi Leonard is going to supposedly meet with the Lakers I thought this was interesting because I didn't think he would even be interested but it sounds like he is going to meet with him and then there was another interesting part about this saying he wanted magic to be there that's what the story says Kauai requests that I attend the Lakers meeting that was a quote by magic so I was very very intrigued to hear that very intrigued to hear that because Maddux not even involved in the organization anymore and it was a abrupt exit so the further part of the story is that he cannot attend because it's it's a law that's against him meeting with Kauai but I think I think that would have been a great opportunity I think that would have been a great opportunity to get get Magic Johnson in the building I thought that would have been a great idea so we'll see what happens I don't see Kauai going to the Lakers he just does not seem like that guy he went to the Toronto Raptors of all teams he went to the 20 he got traded there they won the championship I mean he can't he should be able to really get whatever he wants but I in my mind of my hearts of hearts I just do not picture Kauai in a Lakers Jersey but you never know you never know anything can change anything can happen this is NBA free agency shout out to Tiffany sports in heels in the building anything can happen like I said this is MBA free agency were talking about we've seen crazier things go down you've seen crazier things happen so I guess I say all that to say don't be surprised if he decides to go to the Lakers which some people are saying that it's in talks to send conversations coming up at 8:30 we will have our first interview 8:30 central so in about 20 minutes we will have dr. wujin Tran we're talking about his book mind control through breath regulation which we be talking specifically about yoga and some topics and then also while Cheryl long she's the author of multiple books excited for her to be on the show as well so it's a little bit different but it'll be that's definitely something that I think you guys will enjoy as you're tuning into tonight's edition of the ds3 sports show so I'm very interested to see how Sundy pans out because there are so many different ways and avenues that this whole thing could work there's so many different ways that the Apple could fall so again interested to see what's going to happen so that's some of the latest news the Knicks are looking at a secondary option a plan B and if the Knicks are looking at a plan B to me that seems like plan a may not possibly work so if they're doing if they're already looking at a plan B what's that's good to do and anything in life you don't want to put you know the saying you want to put all your eggs in one basket but if you're already starting to think on Plan B I may be a little worried from a Knicks fan Plan B is offering boogie cousins the one-year deal they don't Sonic Katy also signing terry rozier scary Terry which I'm a fan of scary Terry so I think that would be two great additions is that going to push them to a championship though no it is not and it is not it's not gonna push them to a championship most says the next pregnant although if you're trying to say maybe because they're late that they're pregnant but the Knicks and look I've said this before I want the next to be good oh that Plan B my bad I want the next to be good because I believe if the Knicks are good that's good for basketball just like I want the Lakers to be good when those two teams are good I think that's good for it for the NBA also I think that's good for basketball but the Knicks are continue to be that team that always get mentioned they always get mentioned when it comes to free agency but then when it actually pans out and when everything all goes down nobody ends up going there and I'm sorry I'm sorry if that's what their their situations have to be but that is constantly what we've seen over the years and I can't really talk because my Mavs have not been able to be that team to get that big fish they always want to get the big fish always concerned about trying to get the big fish but they never do so I don't really have a you know foot in the game as far as that goes but still the Knicks are the most valuable franchise in the NBA and they have a hard time signing players to great two great deals and allowing them to help them to win a championship they have a tough time the Nets of the news the nets extend qualifying offers to the Angelo Russell and also feel pencil if you don't know Theo Pinson which you may not but I know him because he's a former tauriel that's that's that's my guy anybody that's Atari oldest in the NBA is my guy I will know more about them that I'll probably know about anybody else and that's just a real-deal NBA and basketball have been just fine without the Lakers in the next good point good point Melvin but I think it it makes the league better Knicks and Lakers are legendary also the Celtics I was going to say that Celtics too but the Celtics they're already good they're already one of those seams that are in the playoffs every year now I think this is going to change this is the the Knicks are not going to be this excuse me the Celtics are not going to be the same team obviously with the the departure which is coming very soon shut out the Big L in a build and thank you for tuning in the departure is gonna come very soon of khari so you really have to think how good are the Celtics gonna be and Kemba Walker is right now being linked to going to the Celtics so um someday is gonna be a fun day keep your phones handy wherever you are make sure you're looking at trying to find ESPN or find something so you can be on top of what's going down but it's gonna be some players are gonna sign and it's gonna be fun to watch it's gonna be fun to watch on this day we're gonna do a flashback on this day in 1997 can you guess what happened June 28th 1997 Mike Tyson bites off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear doing a title fight in Las Vegas that was in 1997 and that will forever go down as one of the weirdest one of the weirdest moments in sports that very moment will go down as one of the weirdest moments in sports Mike Tyson biting a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear off and that was that day was pretty much the end of Mike Tyson so where were you guys when that happened were you guys watching the fight did you guys just hear about it trying to think where I was I don't know if I seen it live but that was a correct that was a crazy moment crazy moment in sports flashback flashback Friday of that going down I was in 1997 other NBA nudes which you guys are probably heard this Anthony Davis is waving his four million dollar trade kicker I'm not surprised there because you want to get some want to get in addition to your team and in order for that to happen this had to be a piece to the puzzle also LeBron is giving up number 23 which I would say that's pretty much suing and he's probably gonna go back to number six which I think that's cool you know whatever whatever makes the Lakers happy whatever may LeBron happy whatever makes that organization happy and moving forward that's what that's what you want you want that organization to move forward and move towards possibly getting a championship so whatever that takes but I think LeBron is gonna probably go back to number six somebody a friend of Mines on Facebook put on there he should go to number 36 for his record and the finals which I did laugh because I did think that was funny so who do the Lakers get that they're gonna get someone else it's just a matter of who and at what tier is that gonna be I think I think they should sign Melo immediately Melo's not doing anything little still getting paid from this contract from the probably from the Knicks contract so he is available I think that would be a great pick up I'm so I'm very intrigued to see if that goes down but I think Melo should be in a Lakers Jersey by the beginning of next season is a Kimbo there's a curry who is it whoever it is they're gonna sign somebody and maybe that means they signed to other second-tier guys but this team with LeBron and 80 I think is a very very good team they'll be in the playoffs just with those two my opinion the Clippers guard patrick beverley who was set for an unrestricted free agency is seeking three years 40 million there's a couple team links to link to him my Mavericks the Lakers the Bulls if the Lakers get Patrick Beverley that you want to lock down defender you want somebody to agitate the other team's best player that's a hundred percent Patrick Beverley I think he'd be a great addition to whatever team he goes to I'm a fan of Patrick Beverley and he does whatever it takes whatever it takes to get on your nerves is what Patrick Beverley is gonna do also on the topic of the Mavs they're doing everything that they can do to sign for Zynga switch that seems like that's going to happen and if they were not able to make this trade happen or not able to sign porzingis it would have been the worse we've been the worst trade we're on the worst trade ever if they're not able to somehow get this deal done with porzingis and happy anniversary by the way to Big Al thank you for putting that in there showing some photos in Jamaica so I do hope that you are enjoying yourself enjoying kicking back shout out to the World Cup team USA women's team they won in the semi semifinals match up Megan Rapinoe what scored twice 2-1 over France I've been saying this the women's team I believe is gonna win the World Cup and they're led by Megan Rapinoe who continues to do her thing and I'm a fan I'm a fan not just because it's the USA team but I'm a fan cuz these ladies can play these ladies can play so they got their win today looking forward to seeing what they're gonna do going forward and she's already said that she's not going to the White House which one would she like well 45 in there that that would now be a good look that would not be a good look at all and that is the right thing to do I don't really to be quite honest I don't understand why any team will want to go why like what's what's the point I guess just to say that you've been there but I'm not the guy I'm not the guy it's the probably the best answer that question or the talking on that topic because I would not go so now believe they're projected to play some point next week yes so they're gonna be playing Tuesday July 2nd against England which England's been on a roll – with the women continue to do their thing man the women continue to do it I'm a fan and I think they got a great shot a great shot to win it all and congratulations to the Vanderbilt college baseball team they won their second straight national championship in program history pitcher Kumar rocker is the sixth freshman to win the MVP shutout the Vanderbilt getting the job done Congrats got to get him a round of applause [Applause] so college baseball is over MBA is over we do have free agency kicking off Sunday we got full effect Major League Baseball going on speaking Major League Baseball the Yankees have homered in 28 straight games which is a major league baseball record shutout to the Yankees and I think the Yankees are good for baseball just like I just said the Knicks and the Lakers are good the Celtics are good for the NBA the Yankees are good for baseball also when your team's doing good that's good for baseball too and I got to give it to to my Rangers for doing their thing so far this year counted out counted out but continuing to put up it's only the regular season we're not even at the all-star break here so I'm gonna I'm not gonna get too excited but 45 and 36 right now they're four and a half games behind the Astros all my Atlanta people the Braves 48 and 34 leading the NL East like I said we haven't reached all-star break is coming up next week you got Yankees twins leading their respective divisions the Cubs leading their division the LA Dodgers up 13 games on the rockets beeston 56 and 27 right now is their record Yankees leading the AL and the Dodgers leading the NL that'll be a great matchup that would be a great matchup in the World Series and thank you little Jojo in the building for bringing that up cubes three-on-three coming on I've been talking about that that is definitely worth watching this weekend and it's on actually right now Stephen definitely flip over to that but make sure you continue to listen in to the bs3 Sports Show as well so you can turn it on turn the volume down but I appreciate you putting that in the chat room but that is definitely an exciting sport like I've been talking about it I don't want to keep having a broken record but it's coming to a city near you and you will have an opportunity to check it out and experience it for yourself I went last year it was 100% worth it planning on going this year again it'll be 100% worth it and actually I'm sorry comes on tomorrow 629 and then 630 they'll be playing in Charlotte and they'll be playing in Philadelphia and a name that hasn't really been talked about as far as going back to the NBA and three minutes with our first guest calling in on the line the magic was the name I was gonna talk about Jimmy Butler Jimmy Butler hasn't really been talked about that much he hasn't really been talked about being linked to teams that I've really seen except the Rockets but the Rockets gonna have to they're gonna have to work some stuff out it's not gonna be just an easy thing to be able to sign Jimmy Butler especially with him one a max deal that's not gonna be easy to do I don't know how they're gonna finagle that Chris Paul may have to be included in some type of trade so I'm interested to see how that other Jimmy Butler sweepstakes pans out but you know I am too much the only thing I've heard is that he's linked to the Rockets and that's it but like I said the Rockets gonna have to finagle some type of money to get that deal done and then the magic looking to lock up Niccolo futures for years at least 90 mil they want him back we'll see if that happens he was linked to the Mavs I don't know if that still even talked about the Rockets may have to trade capela Huston reportedly has partners for capella won't make deal unless they can land Jimmy Butler and that is that is gonna have to happen though you're gonna have to trade somebody Clint capela is only a piece of it I think you're gonna have to probably get rid of the majority of your team signed a bunch of league minimum top guys but they want to make sure they get Jimmy Butler but that's understandable that's that's the way you need to handle that situation you don't need to try to go after trading can Clint compel if you don't have Jimmy Butler has Jimmy Butler lost his fire I don't think he has I think he still has it you've seen some some spots of it with the Sixers so I definitely think Jimmy Butler is still it he is still that guy no doubt about it he is definitely still that guy breaking news coming out right now as we speak Katie will discuss his free agency with four teams on Sunday I don't know if it's on Sunday but the Brooklyn Nets the LA Clippers the New York Knicks and the Warriors and we got our first caller calling in to the line dr. Nugent Tran thank you for calling in how are you doing tonight hello can you hear me hello can you hear me hello can you hear me so I'm like we may be having a difficulty here looks like the lines all set up correctly dr. Tran how you doing either all right so may have to call him back not sure what happened there but I gave you the team's that Katie is linked to we'll see where he goes I think coming back to to the Warriors is not a horrible idea but if you want to go somewhere else if you want to challenge if you want to you know prove the naysayers wrong because there's a lot of naysayers talking about because he went to the Warriors that diminishes a lot that he's done which I don't think so but the Katie is is that's the big fish that is the big fish curries to Jimmy Butler's also there as well all right so let's try to get dr. Tran back on the line hello dr. Tran hello hello sir can you hear me hello all right not sure what's going on there but what team would you like to see Katie on to like to see him coming back with the Warriors would you like to see him going to Brooklyn don't like to see him going to the Clippers teaming up with another team so we're gonna take a quick break I'm gonna try to do what I can to try to get dr. Nugent ran on the line we're gonna take a quick break and then when we get back we should have our first guest up on the show someone played this song called reality by just his league and then we'll get right into the interview they say fear took over and one person brought a gun to school to solve their problems Refik Zidane fully oversees a bomb attacks targeting Christians and tourists in Sri Lanka president Trump declaring war on the nations opioid crisis and offering a very personal story about his brother and his battle with addiction for the 2,300 children now separated from their parents justice Baba Khalid Falls I couldn't change step four the reality stone got the world on my shoulder for the crack of my plans wish I could snap my fingers then this mess be gone but this is my gallery this is my reality this is about welcome to my faun slime from the Barrow up info five young mother to baby closes the night sky no summer blue lights ever seen the concrete blush oh boy you're flush a purpose brush whoop her she frame lady pine hijack solos a fly we ask why no jewels no clips no cash apply this is what they put but the kids tonight don't become a casualty to a reality that we wanted to live in we are children of a father that lives outside of the tick-tock streetlights Turner yo block running from ops is love cover my locks down of our socks power to stop sometimes the facts is hard to follow can't dance around this hook like it's Apollo say tomorrow we all see the evidence question is how you gon live the present yes this is my reality poems I couldn't change step to the reality stone got the world on my shoulder for the crack of my points wish I could snap my fingers in this mess go play this is my calendar this is my reality this is what is placed in front of me so before my knees I beg him to please until the boys are lying to me my mind is running in circles store in the belief is being the seen evil lurks you to see but my guy is always in the background doing mysterious things a couple God though I've had a neighbor beneath felt like it was good ground Center pray up and started playing to see his name was Anthony lived in the tent under a bridge holding that liquor bottle like it was one of his kids see the vein in his eyes in the scene that he hides for stains eternity is like the rain from the skies let him know although you suffer if overseason trying to find a meaning while fighting your inner demons your life is still has a reason no prices still win the vein and the scales may seem uneven I came to offer you afraid of yes this is my fatality Holmes I couldn't change that for the reality stone got the world on my shoulder for the crack of our planes wish I could snap my fingers then this mess be gone but this is my calendar this is my reality this is my calendar welcome to my gallery this is my regality homes I couldn't change that with a reality stone got the world on my shoulder through the crack of my bones I wish I could snap my fingers in this mess you're going but this is my alley this is my reality this is my regalia welcome to my palace this is my reality welcome to my reality [Applause] gravity Oh the black fish out shopping for y'all to digest I'm aiming for God's goal to chew my progress to make an impact shooting star I digress is a Galaxy Quest but shit that I bribed and stake in a prize in battle the darkness of events arising start a brand new orbiter the page you go stones in the gullibility divinity doing this will no matter what the high stage just give us well a moment of peace the moment of time searching for the space in the pausing the last if you hit him fluffy said if I feel different I'm walking in the car but my daughter in the spirit is people in the jury in the stones I was born to move all he did superior the clothes but to walk this path you gotta walk the lawn and it knows that you don't play rings make the song started in the brush line when I pin a verse I'm trying to put my whole soul in universe you could say people always create energy and each experience makes memories in the grossest place seems to remedy the Deep Diver to infinity but now I wanna kill in my place gravity yo face like when et phone home why you all up in my face trying to get in my solve let's get up on this level it ain't easy Geico but I might give him a shovel cuz they dig in my bro I know that it sound like I'm self-centered but I'm a winner you know I'm a confession and I was saying here so these get delivered till it's time to go home like I ain't even ten and oh god keep the Xbox it ever happy star cuz I'm an ass tonight and watch everlasting dog playing a basketball the Space Jam plus the B hippie of a yo was the game plan they just need to confirm we'll be going take over the game my say take over the world in the brain one body many parts a whole she builds up it was super for the stars called a feet long gravity all right so we are back in the bs3 sport show we will have our guests coming up on the line here in just a moment that's dr. Nugent Tran he is the author of the book that is entitled mind control through breath regulation talking about yoga meditation which is something that I don't necessarily do myself but I do know that there are some very strong properties to that that a lot of people do yoga a lot of people do it and it's it helps them kind of Center themselves so he'll be coming here up here on the show here in just a moment but a little bit of a little bit of a backstory on dr. Tran just met him recently and I'm very interested in to to hear his his comments and thoughts on some questions that I have here but I think maybe it's something that I try no my wife does it does yoga and she's definitely something that she enjoys and it centers her but there's a couple of techniques that you can use so there's a meditation technique that he's developed in practice for a more five decades using low-impact yoga poses slow breathing to empower the mine and mine visual laced vision visualization of seven centers in the brain seven centers in the body the results you do well in sports you do well and succeed you're overcome challenges and chuckles so like I said we'll be getting him on the line here in just a moment yes a little sir yes yeah this has been how are you yes how are you thank you for coming on the show so we have dr. yes I need your perfect can hear me all right thank you sir so so thank you for coming on the show once again we have dr. Nugent Tran he has developed a meditation technique so I gotta actually defer the first question how did you develop the yoga meditation technique dressed body stress when I was first year at the University and they sent me to learn meditation in the technique of the shake-up in a lotus position for hours and trying to empty my mind my mind was active in his everyone fantasy didn't work didn't reduce my stress then I went and study all the yoga books that I found in the library and the shops and so on and I found a book I am Tio's Bernard marriage American he he went to India to study yoga for his PhD thesis and I bought the book for $1 50 and the shop owner said that I get all the good information out every place the book and I thought oh that I I want to do to learn this yoga to develop meditation technique to help me get over the stress study stress in my mind and they say I'll go for it and then at that time I want the book it's called hatha yoga when read the title of the book the voice came out in my mind I say you have to control your mind how do I do that and the voice came back again say thank you by controlling your breath so I thought now wow the teaching work I will write a book or wine control through rates regulation and I went home and practice sitting by control my breath so I introduced good yeah I introduced four type of breath to control my mind empower my mind because I can't let the mind sitting do nothing in kind emptiness so the first breath is a modified presence in step two second breath I do it six seconds a delay I make it longer and that does sound good very good and the second breath is oxygen grace its 14 seconds third one is quantum breast 14 seconds and the fourth one is is resonance press 21 seconds and I practice them with my yoga position habit after yoga the low impact yoga exercise and while we're doing that I control my breasts with the mind and it seemed to work quite well after the first witnessing that less pressing my mind seemed to be clear and and got creative ideas and so on so forth and after four weeks I mean I cover with study stress anymore that's what is great when I finish all my exams and everything and I'm working every time I write a book on this subject so I can inform other people about it's effective effects that's how the book comes up awesome awesome and we have dr. Nugent ran on the line he's author of the book mind control through breath regulation and the book is out and available right now I'll put the name of the book there in the chat room so all you guys that are listening you can get that book it is on so how is this technique different from traditional meditation meditation find that the number of people who meditate have increased by three times since 19 2012 to 2017 the number of meditators have increased three times because the meditation is no longer tied to religion the Indian technique is tied to religion they wonder um see the almighty and we you know get hold of the ability to contact Almighty and be successful in that way they're not interested in studying or incident accessing and studying sport and so on so forth but I find that the technique I introduced I don't have to sit there fall out and to empty my mind and to do the yoga low-impact exercise to control my breath and I have to use my mind to realize the different center in my body supposing I want to tell a mathematical problem I had concentrate my thinking or my mind the left hand side of the brain or if I want to do music I concentrate on the right hand side of my brain I want to learn to make my my muscle go fast what sport are concentrating on the first part animal type of brain in my mind and some people then before when they're getting old then I concentrate on the cerebellum of the mind that anymore also awesome and this is a technique that that I'm not aware of for myself so I'm definitely looking into it and researching it as well so definitely nice to to meet you in here this perspective and so what are the essential differences and talking about selection and visual a visualization of the brain in the body I got back to my sporting too because I have more time everything is done very quickly the problem of war reassignment can be solved and all that in dancer good so they had time for my sport and in sport I concentrate on making my muscles grow faster and the balance go faster and so on so forth and then I do my emotion I concentrate on love I love my wife or my friend of my girlfriend studies if I have children I love my children and I love my parents and so on so forth and in memory I think of the part in the brain about memory in a short amount Marie and memory recovery so that I can get all my information quickly and then the other thing is you have to remain young and to do that you think of the two part in the brain one is pituitary and hypothalamus and potala must control all the hormones in the brain and the two free created that's hormone so if you you're getting old this is all kind of anti aging you're getting old and the hormone that making young is reduced by meditating on the pituitary heart autonomous and think of anti aging right yeah I was the saying it's something free you can use you not have to pay for it meditation away from religion so it is more physical and more more mind control for younger generation now if you start constant concentrate on empowering the mind when you young and then think of the seventh Center in the brain and seven Center in the body to keep maintaining all these centers the earth in ten system in the body that the the the brain had to look after they were like a skin system muscle system bone system nerve system and you know the blood system a system an order reproduction system the reproduction if you get outer the home wanders and produced anymore and if you concentrate on trapped or meditate on that it is come back and you get younger and also the the 70 hormone system in the brain system why you meditate you think of these teams traveling of God or something else they didn't have your mind in the body and you'll get much better Maggie get better you got a healthy life and you've got you know good result of meditation is you do well in sport you do well in study you dare the dream and you succeed you overcome challenges and difficulties you step the power of mine you home the skills and talent you vanish trash you advert osteoporosis you leave diabetes and you can stay healthy and yeah yeah and that's awesome that's awesome especially like you're saying for the younger generation I think that is very key because a lot of kids now deal with a lot more stress I would say then when I was growing up and they need this technique as well even throughout life throughout school throughout any stresses that they have any peer pressure there's a lot of different things do you have any results you have for the younger generation and we do smart again booth drops quite a few one guy from Singapore he came to Australia to study and I taught him on becoming a master degree and he went home to Singapore and he went into competition to get a job to manufacture memory memory devices out of 50 applicants and he won he got selected now he's become a very big big man in Singapore now and another one in Sydney he was applying for a job with 20 people and he got selected to you know with this take making more confidence and the mine is clear and aligned tell you what to do and right right are there some specific people or a spectrum of people any other people you can think of or if you have a list that it could be impactful for I know you talked about people playing sports people in school there any other areas that this would be useful for meditation I'm doing by making your balance faster and you the mind is being under control before the mine is ignored no attention paid to the mind why they get into trouble they always quickly they get hurt and thing like that and the younger children younger worker we have you know machining something and you can't do that then you go back to his mind and do a bit of meditation and the he will get a solution for that very very good for people working and people do seem to you know why I'm new shipping learned shipping in the swimming pool and I want to do the tumble turn I do meditation and the following days for example I I couldn't return the spinning ball what do i do I do meditation both spinning this way after hit the other way we have yeah very very useful and actually I've seen a study or maybe it was a documentary talking about kids in the classroom they actually take time out to meditate while in class they instead of made a part of their recess or something they do the meditation and they've seen studies how it has helped the kids be more effective in their learning be get better grades and be able to just be calm while they're in class and learn and take everything in so you're definitely right here and everybody the book is available on Amazon it's called mind control through breath regulation and another question I have for you here can you give a demonstration for each of the four breathing exercises you have the modified normal breath oxygen breath quadrant breath and then resonant breath when you say you have seven Center in there in the body in first came to reproduction the if you want to do no move breaths and it's three second in three second out and then the next Center is the the world kind of a man his testicles then the second Center is the prospect third Center is the they call it a Daniel can get the insulin and the four Center is heart and lung v Center is tyroid and parathyroid Chris the 2t and hypodermis and seven central is the brain so if you want to do the no modify one two three one two three six centers bajillion – thomas antiaging one two three one two three and the brain one two three one three seven center and then from there you go down again 71 awesome awesome and thank you definitely for that information I'm going to share that out to to the listeners as well because that is that's that's huge and if we can practise this meditation it's almost like you know our minds are or free and like you were saying it's not tied to being stressed or being worried and and it gives you some relief it sounds like oxygen breath seven that counted to 14 seconds it wins accounting the body the past seven part in the body I would say I will breed him one two three four five six seven four seven Center vida seven six five four three two one that is an oxygen brain of oxygen bridge definitely and it's so that's the second yep oxygen and then also the quantum quantum neglect and look at it in the body it's a quantum is like an electron electricity in the nerves and this thing had to be activated it very very good because it can help you overcoming pain and things like that and overcome in learning too so this one here is it's electrical electricity that move in the nerves and it affected by the Earth's magnetic field the Earth's magnetic field made it move in a circle or in a helix but the helix one is the best one because you know if you study yoga Indians who tell you that there is a Kundalini that start at the bottom of the spine and when you activate there is go up to the head and give them a lot of energy a lot of sensation it cause super super consciousness you can have a few seconds steam second probably a very good very exciting time in your body but to do that they have to start a brain for from oxygen form how so now bridges taking an hour long and that is very very very very difficult to do because you waiting for five minutes you died already when you stopped appearing for an hour there is no hope of a shooting living but some of the many to do that he was gonna try to do that for he got to seven minutes now this electron the wave tiny and they say that in Kundalini they think of a snake they come out the bottom with your body and moving up to the brain but the snake is too big and so you then use the quantum breath you think of it whether you say it facing north then the thing would move in helix up your body and if you are facing east then the thing will go in circle up body in that as you don't have the spiral snake and then you think of these spiraling clinging at in the center ones and the 2:27 and then come back it's fire of the opposite way from seven to one again this one here you concentrate on nerves in the body yes and just to recap the four types of breasts the modified not normal the oxygen breath quantum breath and then the resin area resonant breath and I put those holding the bridge seven seconds and you start to come down from seven that is a resonant place rather than breathy 21 second yes yes no while you're holding the breath you mind think of the activity of each of the center say it reproduction and you think of the you know activity in your testicles and in your prostate all you think of the other one is insulin the other controlling the diabetes you think of the insolence for the sending the glucose to the brain burn it glucose into every cell in the body but why the glucose will mean left in the body and therefore you reduce diabetes I did the test on that when I meditate and I measure the sugar level in my body I'm not diabetic you meditate so it can be used to control diabetes and that doesn't cost anything you then have the medicine to have side effects and then you can then use that control the anti-aging and osteoporosis you have the thyroid and parathyroid and in parallel paths are you think of incident insulin control in calcium and omega-3 and that one can reduce the amount of osteoporosis in a venire product and then into the pituitary and hypothalamus pituitary say there are wow you're home one to supply right you to control your your eyes and so on so forth is now be treated but the hypothalamus decided no no no you keep on producing it so you get that home one again for your body Vidya thing like them yes if you use resonance then the meditation would concentrate on anti-aging law and the osteoporosis and II diabetes and improve your reproduction and never always system in your body would very well together instead of let them alone by nature to lose equitability and then you get you know you can be balanced and so on so forth so this is very powerful if it's used and you continue to use it there's some definitely some healing properties in using these methods yeah and you're you're a prime example I live it all right now can you explain the seven selected sinners in the brain and also the seven selected sinners in the body and how it relates to to this meditation you don't have to hippocampus dealing with memory if you meditate and you find that the memory getting better now if you have covered with your emotion like love thing you always your body your mind you might get trouble with hating and other emotional effect but you concentrate on loving people thing when the concentration mcdhh are a little bit inside the midbrain and you concentrate on that and comes as i'm loving and you become a very nice loving person rather than very aggressive person and then so the seventh Center in the brain what I selected number one is a frontal lobes that one for decision-making can do other things but in my case as a let me sit in making the when it come to something to decide I can decide very quickly and then then the left side of the brain that one is for logic mathematics or language for reading writing and also for analysis if you have trouble with analyzing something and you concentrate on the left left brain while you meditate and then the right brain is creativity inclusion then you go into music art space ability and personality although thing if you want to improve any of these things we do we conduct and you can't say only once on one one one Center in the brain for longer period but if you were seven and all of them at attention and then cerebellum that is a first type of brain in the body in what we have sweetheart three brains in our head a syllable is a animal brain so it fall concerning with the action of the muscles and balancing and so on circle if you are working that we concentrate on that and get better if you children one is imposter concentrate on the tedium and the muscle who will respond a bit faster than before and you can impart and then all the other things the other one is amigdala that for emulsion mob and then – campus that is memory and then sixth one is pituitary and hypothalamus that anti-aging and the seven one is the brain oh brain the hell brain support chain systems in the body yes and that is very good information I'm learning as I'm sure the listeners are learning also and you were saying mainly to to focus in on a couple of those at a time yes thank you and we have dr. Tran on the line he is author of the book mind control through breath regulation which is available right now on Amazon and also before I let you go also the seven selected sinners in those as well what's what's that website website is mind control mind control – yoga also mind control dari yoga – yoga okay I'm gonna put that information so that that's accessible to all the listeners and I want to thank you so much for coming on the show sorry about the technical difficulties that we had but I thank you for coming on and definitely looking forward to you in the future as well and it's not necessarily tied like you said to a religion it's more so you and in your mind really is what it what it comes down to I want to thank you so much for coming right correct well thank you again for coming on like I said the books available on Amazon I put the website there real quick let me make sure I got that website right cuz when I try to type it in looks like it didn't go to it so it's mine control – and I think I forgot that I put my control mind control – yoga calm okay all right well thank you sir thank you all right and I was a lot of knowledge a lot of info there once again that was dr. Tran he has a book that is entitled mind control through breath regulation and I put the wrong website there in the chat room so I'm gonna go ahead and correct that but it has all of his info there has the opportunity for you to contact him but this is a very very knowledgeable as you could tell through the interview very very knowledgeable gentleman and thank you guys for for tuning in to tonight's show we'll have another guest coming up on the line but if one of you guys can do me a favor and just call in because for some reason I could not hear dr. Tran at the beginning of that interview so I'm not sure what happened but if one of you guys could just call in real quick and just test to the line four six nine three five one zero eight eight one while our next guests coming up on the show in about ten minutes and her name is sheryl long she is Arthur multi-book Arthur I'm looking forward to this interview as well she's written 10 books ten books are released fourteen of them so she has 14 other books that are yet to be released and she will be talking about her series of books called the Charis Charis Charis series so we'll be talking with her here in just a minute so someone real quick doesn't have to be long and we got Mochis up on the line though how's it going can you hear me mo can you hear me all right so it seems like we try they won't arm oh can you hear me I don't know what is going on mo can you hear me you you oh thank you for calling in to ps3 sports show all right so I don't know what happened to my calling line but you guys had me clearly right now all right so yeah I'm not sure exactly what's going on yeah I'm having a problem with my with my calling line I'm not sure what it is but I'll just have to pick it up from my other phone but thank ya all right well appreciate it thank you for helping out all right so just gonna have to go back to a different method here but we'll get it all worked out hopefully everything give me for any issues or anything thank you guys for tuning in like I said coming up we will have Cheryl long coming on the show she is hello zero hello Cyril hi ru thank you for coming on the show tonight I appreciate you definitely definitely so Cheryl long is a as a multi book Arthur which i think is amazing ten books that have been released and then you have another fourteen that are coming out and I just wanted to applaud you like off off the off the break just for that I think that's amazing oh yeah yeah I'm sure yeah I'm sure that that is not yeah and I'm very I've been very excited looking forward to to getting you on the show so I'm glad we were able to to do this and able to to make it happen so tell D the listeners and the readers a little bit about yourself Wow this okay that's something that thinks amazing by itself is something I don't and I mean that's something I've done it a couple of times one of the times I got I got seasick so I was basically throwing up the whole time so that wasn't really that enjoyable for me but you know I gotta say definitely something I need to do again and get some more experience with it and we have Terrell Wong tuning in thank you for tuning in says love you sis I must be your brother tuning in so what inspired you to Arthur the books in in the chairs series we can start off and just really with me and then after finding out what she went through you know all those years sleep one night and when I woke up the next day her story was so mine and I always things down and bother me again to write and before I knew in my line of three you know I had a name of the character I just knew I had to awesome awesome and I think that you know being able to share that story I think is is definitely something that people can relate to you too and that's that's the greatness about writers and authors because they're not only sharing something that you know that that they want to write about but it's also something that people can relate to and you know I continue on you know sticking to it and going through the series of books and once again we have Sarah long on the show thank you so much for coming on multi book Arthur where did you get the inspiration for the book you know but now we're I'm going off the path a little bit but I want to get this question and we're kin everyone the book know who has been the most significant influence on you personally and as a runner Wow and that encouragement especially is you're going along especially is your you may be going through a tough tough situation or a tough time that inspiration goes a long way it really does especially in being Arthur and a writer you know once again we have Cheryl long on the line what were your struggles or obstacles you had to overcome to get the book or the books written in the series yeah Wow that's that's a good analogy because for me that's that's sports I mean I taught that every day even when I'm at work supposed to be talking about work stuff I'm talking about sports so I definitely hear you and that's that's clearly a passion I can see so we have the three books and the series that we've been talking about but tell the listeners about your other books I did one on cerebral palsy that should be coming out next month I'm doing one on diabetes and also one on autism so I have a really good friend whose son dermatitis disease and sometimes he you know can't go out in this final yet they're a lot of fun black one with the autism also you know these really loud noises bother him but you would never really be able to tell he goes Taekwondo so you know I love these kids who triumph through these diseases and just you know she's it pushing so that's all always saying like something that I like to write about I also like children's books where my daughter her name is Robin petty cash banking today I'm called calico she's actually 14 now and so I wrote a series of books about her and her cat Avengers you know I like books about going through my journey I wrote one called how to deal with the silent treatment I have one out here how to take it from your heart is broken I have one out there I was loving yourself because you know you have to love yourself to be the love other people and I have one out there call facing the fear of being alone so and then I have several coming out so yeah so those are the books that I had out right now you're all going on the time on my website in eBook is is perfect because people are on the go people want to read it on their phones they may be out and about and you know you don't have to carry around a paperback book anymore you can have easy access to it in the palm of your hand that's just like the Bible that's like whatever app it's on there you have access to it and that's I think that's a great a great tool for authors is that you keep having a book that's electronic you know everybody has their their preference so you know it depends on what what each person likes are done I like so that's definitely a good point so you know we talked about you have children's books you have books really for all ages but who is your target audience yeah and kids I mean it hurts to see kids experience abuse or to experience different different things that aren't fair to them because they're innocent this is not something that they asked for or want to happen or something that they they want to experience and that that's you know I really feel for kids a lot because that's not you know that's not fair for them and that's not something that they should have to experience or go through but you know talking about God God is God as a healer and a restorer of Tom Lawson of things if we use our hearts to to care for people and to reach out there and and just be better humans that'll make the world a better place so from reading the that is something that is a culture really need to focus in on so great point there we have a new you got a new listener tuned and Courtney harden he's also has a podcast himself called the real deal thank you for tuning in give them some more people coming into the chat line or the chat if you were giving if you were going to give one reason for anyone and awareness once you get the awareness then I think you can get action and you can get people to to start like you were saying start campaigns and start different things to to help these these people's voices be heard them an outlet and a way to to get out of it too so that's very good we're good and we have Cheryl long on the show I was very excited to get her on the show like I mentioned earlier ten books released fourteen more coming out I'm gonna put the list in the chat room see you guys to see all the books that are coming out and that already released to see you guys can be on the end being in touch and get to know what she has out who what do you consider your best success story and he is just blossoming me you just let me fly so that if that is my greatest success cuz once you give your life to Christ that that just I believe God blesses you for that but also it gives you something to cling on to me because this world is dangerous I mean if you believe in the world I understand you know why people commit suicide because if you have nothing to hold on to just run away and you know in your life and so that gives you something that definitely to cling on to so that is so you apart from other definitely because you know the topics that people don't want to talk about are the topics that people strive way from that's really the the topics that we need to talk about that's the topic that we need to talk about because when we don't talk about those they just end up going to the wayside and they just end up not being swept under the rug we can't have I think we can't go further along into just this this world and the country and throughout the rest of these years of our lives just continuing to sweep stuff under the rug and that's how family issues don't get resolved and everything so that is I'm 100% with you on that as well and I think you creating your own rain that's gonna give you so many opportunities so here's a question that that I have and I'm sure a lot of people have how do you overcome writer's block and that's you know you think about trauma writing all these books to let my wife know that because she's a soon-to-be Arthur she's looking never thought about that that that's a good one I never thought about that alright so once again we have Cheryl long on the line this will not be the only time that I will have you on the show so just put that out there definitely wanna get you on the show again like multiple books that will be coming out this year so definitely be doing this again even for myself starting this podcast man I really the first time it was like 30 minutes I was stumbling over stuff I was trying to figure out what I was gonna say I would nervous but then you know you continue to continue to do it you continue to work on your craft you continue to like you said it's is disciplined and I'm try to be as consistent as possible when I do my shoulders do it on time make sure I communicate with with the guests and people coming on just to make sure that they understand that I'm a serious about this as they are about their crafts and I think that's you're under percent right there you really just have to you got to do it and it does sound cliche but once you do it you'll learn as you go more than truth so once again share along on the show tell the listeners anything else you want to share we have parties here and you technically the only Patriot but I feel the baddest superbowl party ever and you know the Eagles got us here before but we do I was right in Atlanta this year at this Super Bowl so yeah baby patriot fan all the way oh man I was not expecting you to say that but a Patriots win at the end of the day people can talk all they want to talk but they win they do it in different forms it doesn't take them to have to have a bunch of star players they got Tom Brady and a bunch of other guys so maybe somebody Terrell Long says Eagles forever in the town I hear my friend Courtney says Philly girl okay yeah if I ever come to Delaware I'm had to come through for that a Super Bowl party me and my wife well man I appreciate you for coming on the show I'm glad we able to make this happen once again Sara long let everybody know again the web sites Cheryl T long that and that actually is my building my two blocks I daughters and one day I share tips tricks and I write letters to my three daughters about everyday life things [Applause] if you want to learn how to get over grease if you want to learn how to get over stress you know if you want to know how to diet any of my social media you'll be able to see my youtube information and I'm on everywhere Twitter I am on Instagram I am on Facebook I am on LinkedIn and I have a tumblr so guys follow me and let's go to greatness let's do it and I'm gonna help I may help all the listeners out if you're a friend of Mines on Facebook you've got a link to her Facebook page so like it if you got it for me it's reliable so like it also I'm gonna share it on Twitter as well and just put go follow and I'll put your Twitter name as well just so we can get get to get more people following you and I get more people to read the books and get the books when they come out and they're available so man you were awesome awesome to get on the show definitely reach out to you again and keep in touch you know let me know whenever you have new things coming out all right that was Cheryl long calling into the show very excited to get her on the show sorry and I apologize for any technical difficulties I think I'm out of figured what the issue was but I would be getting share along on the show again so don't she will be a familiar voice on this show and hopefully also other people as well and Mochis mentioned put it in our group we will be definitely pushing it I would definitely do that put our Facebook page in there put the website's in there but we got a support and we gotta support Arthur's and and hashtag black girl magic too we gotta we gotta support the sisters on what they're doing but Arthur's as a whole because it that's a hard that's a hard road you know you're working two jobs you're riding books putting books out there and Terrell good to hear you got some some Eagles fans in the chat room I'm happy for you I'm not even fan I'm a Cowboys fan so I will never ever I repeat ever be Eagles fan but you can get some love in this chat room because there's a lot of eagles fans out there one of the guys Courtney is in Philly but I definitely got a support riders Arthur's because they deserve the support they're putting their thoughts on paper so share along thank you for coming on the show she was a great guest also earlier we had dr. Nugent ran he was dropping Nuggets I mean we were talking mental health we're talking mental control we were talking a lot of different things and we were really diving deep into a lot of topics there so let me know that the volumes should be back up there but we were talking a lot of great topics so I want to thank everybody for tuning into the show tonight on X squad radio make sure you guys follow the network make sure you guys are locked in follow on Shrieker new listeners follow on speaker a lot of great shows great content we we go off we go on rants we do whatever it takes to bring you some great content right here on X squad radio so make sure to lock us in tune in it's a hundred percent worth your while coming up on the network for tomorrow we should have football with a dab of phishing coming on at 7:30 central also will have Jeff Fox the Jeff Fox show he has a show on 12 10 in Miami station 12 10 in Miami you supposed to have Isiah Thomas on the show tomorrow that should be on it one also Mochis will be at the Lawrence Taylor I believe it's a camp or a clinic or something like that put that info on the chatroom Oh in the Atlanta area also age rap be the Chicago Bulls fan of X squad ham of him along with Tyler but make sure you check him out he'll be on at 4:00 central and Sunday we'll also have some shows coming on as well Tiger Park coming on from 2:00 to 4:00 so make sure keep it locked man keep it locked right here I believe that's kisi coming into the chat room there at the tail-end appreciate you ki see professor X I believe that's him but may I appreciate everybody for for tuning in for listening in I'll be back on Monday with the weekend wrap-up show be right here on XY already I'll make sure to tune in talking about this free agency it's heating up who the Lakers gonna get who is where as Jimmy Butler gonna go where it's KD gonna go where it's Kyrie gonna go it's gonna get very very interesting so make sure make sure that you are tuned in you keep it lock I'll be back like I said on Monday at 12:00 Central Time one right here on x5 radio we got shows coming up tomorrow as well let me see before I let everybody goes there any breaking news any breaking sports news I don't think there is I didn't see any updates on my phone I already talked about Katie we'll talk to four teams Warriors Knicks Clippers and nets so we'll see what happens there guys have a good rest of the evening I'm gonna end the show with a song by just his league they got a mix tape out it's a Thanos themed mixtape playing a couple tracks earlier this last one is called soul so we're gonna ride out to this guy's have a good rest of your evening thank you for tuning in thank you for keeping it locked in we'll be back XY radio keep it locked in a solo at the spot on my new do it for attraction give me your respect put me in the Lexus put me in the street show time you'll be doing it pieces in that world oh you're making you a hero couch prayin I'm Sookie I'm gonna be honest and keep backing up you know GameSalad okay each other make sure that the but what good is being fresh with acrylics cream that you carry salad dressing but your hot lava don't rush your line so make sure yours in heaven so why do trying to gain a whole world does he lose change of the end result is dying and shooting I do it for me check give me your respect for me in the Lexus kid Street potatoes and what it all they take my sauce on my neck do it Bubba check for the me of his back put me in the Lexus chance tree teach frozen what it all give me a bag in that bag ain't kidding Rock your pretty boy swag ripping whips bullying man she's insane even with a dope boy man G count it up stick your paper through the ceiling I put it over I was at real super winning cake rather lose yourself I'm gonna make you win the benefactor P would never ever turn to Christ I found my healing now I'm feeling like I'm Iron Man covered by the armor in the blood full of fire me it's not a what people that gets me that comprise baby casa although the block your that's why I share the gospel to every living creature homie he do got some questions about the scriptures good I keep a ball I got we can dig into the reasons why you feeling low League everything you missing isn't Christ cos he don't wanna die someone do it for a change give me over speaker for me in the Lexus street streetcar but vintage clothes they take my soul hey Simon I do a permit for the media respect put me in the Lexus chain Street if it you

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