Bryant Park Reading Room Authors: Dr. Ruth

the issue that I'm so concerned about today is issues of loneliness people who do not have apartment now very important don't ever go out with a boring person a second time except if it's your mother-in-law very important not to waste your time to say I need to make the best out of the time that I have and to say let's do something go to a movie go to the theater go to a concept because then you have a topic of conversation I have this friend should stay out of the love and sex life of their parents now careful you men who are looking for women careful about the casserole many a casserole woman is a woman who leaves your ballot and brings you a casserole of food and expects to stay overnight slowly find out first if it's worthwhile I see him smile it must've opened to you already I don't have personal questions anybody who sits here in the rain I promise you if you find a park that don't just pick up somebody here anybody comes out to have a nice discussion in the rain I promise that you will have a rewarding good sex life you

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