Bryan Walsh: “End Times: A Brief Guide to the End of the World” | Talks at Google

25 thoughts on “Bryan Walsh: “End Times: A Brief Guide to the End of the World” | Talks at Google

  1. What is going to cause our extinction? 5G and the I.o.T.

    How can we save ourselves and our future? Stop using all GOOGLE products and stop supporting corporations that have the CCP & XI's DICK IN THEIR MOUTH. Silicon Valley Darpa faggots.

  2. I wish he would have asked about surveillance capitalism along with asteroids, super volcanos, nuclear war, climate change, pandemics, bioengineered viruses, artificial intelligence, and aliens.

  3. Our collective technology is moving faster than our species can adapt intellectually to the harmful changes we make to the planet.

  4. It is not Mystery..The Pope is calling for a 1 World Central Bank….Babylon is head of Gold! The Money Tree System of Babylon that is huge reaching up to high Heavens..3 Powers Ruling in Babylon; The Beast(Vatican/Italy), The Dragon(China) and the False Prophet(USA)..among these 3 who is the Man? cuz 666 is the number of a is the False Prophet(the 2nd Beast that rise from Earth with lamb-like horns)..And you are too late..There will be only 2 kinds of humans in planet earth in the Last generations..2 Kinds of Slaves..1.The Slaves of Yahusha(Jesus) called by the SEaling angel- The Servants of our God. and 2. Slaves to the Money Tree of Babylon…Ancient hebrew laws state..On the 7th year, ALL slaves must be Free..on the first day when the age of Earth is 7000 years ..Only the Slaves of Yahusha will be taken to Heaven totally free..Earth has become Babylon the prison of all foul birds, of all slaves …Call yourselves any other names like Christians Jews, Israelites ,Catholics ,sons of God, Sons of Allah and etc ..instead of Slaves of Yahusha ,and you have no rights to eat from the Tree of Life…Many choose to eat from The Money Tree the Rich ;it is in their foreheads(bank accounts and investments) and to the poor; it in their hands!

  5. With evolution, it's a given that any specific species will not survive forever, nor should it. But humans probably have at least another half million years. Thinning out the herd often becomes necessary in managing wildlife. Both involuntary sterilization and mandatory abortion already work extremely well in controlling human populations, so we already have a viable solution. Beyond this, I propose that we could "cull" all of the people now living who are dumber than I am: then, on the positive side, I would still get to live; although on the negative side of the ledger, I would then suddenly also become the stupidest person (left) on Earth. – j q t –

  6. It doesn't have to be aliens (plural).

    Could just be one big giant alien that destroys Earth.

    I mean if there's an Earth-sized alien somewhere…

    I'm sure The History Channel will back me up here.

  7. A lot of this information is new to me. Thank you for being original and informative. 0.02% of extinction is still relatively high.

  8. Direct air capture of CO2 for $100 a ton is highly questionable as we can pull CO2 out of ocean water for free and the atmospheric CO2 will replace that extracted CO2.

    This is Marine Physics 101

    Furthermore, stratospheric injection of sulfur will create polar stratospheric clouds and very rapidly heat the Antarctic as well as erode the ozone. We cannot use this geoengineering method even as a last-ditch effort as it is being advertised as.

    This is Atmospheric Chem 101.

    The primary champion of both direct air capture for $100 a ton and stratospheric aerosol injection is a single individual at Harvard and no one is truly questioning his knowledge of basic physics concerning what he is proposing. He seems to have become a Global Science celebrity which, in actuality, could not successfully stand in front of a Marine Physics 101 class nor an Atmospheric Chemistry 101 class and be taken seriously.

    Here is a wealth of information on alternative carbon/thermal management geoengineering concepts:

    I specialize in a form of vast scale regenerative mariculture which can heavely support the UN SDGs as well as draw down GtC/y. We will see massive population displacement over climate collapse, or for other reasons as mentioned in this presentation, and offshore self-sustainable heavy carbon negative infrastructure can weather such global catastrophic events better than any large-scale operation on land.

  9. I'm a bit surprised that climate change is seen as an existential risk considering the research done which proves that while destructive it is unlikely to end humanity completely. I would think through all his research this information would have been highlighted in this talk.

  10. Seriously End of the World talk??? Obama let go of HARP finally so things should start to look alot better but if we do need a depopulation program…. I suggest we start with the ugly and mean Democrats! There's still hope for the Snowflakes!

  11. Carbon footprint of Germans is small because the country is small. Not a useful comparison. Better would have been to subtract all driving footprints.

  12. You can rule nuclear weapons out they dont work. Aliens dont exist. Evolution is a hoax. According to the bible you only 9 years left before Lord Jesus returns.

  13. Amazing how this diatribe ended up top of search…hmm… please show me peer reviewed direct evidence or scientific data that separates man-made warming from natural climate change warming…..answer…still waiting….. no answer? That is because it doesn't exist… there are only man made, funding biased computer models that are wildly inaccurate….

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