Brilliant Idiots: Unlearn feat Humble The Poet

48 thoughts on “Brilliant Idiots: Unlearn feat Humble The Poet

  1. Please tell Charla he is misquoting the Bible. There are no anti Jewish verses in the Bible. The issue was man and his choice to do bad when that choice was presented him. The punishment for sin was death. Jesus brought life through his death so that Nobody will die for eternity. We become in the Spirit and we will live eternally. That’s what the Bible says.

    Homosexuality is against the laws of human nature . Period. We were to be fruitful and multiply. You can’t do that with homosexuality. In the New Testament, if you have Jesus, then we are all one. No Jew, no Greek, no man, no woman, no bond, no free. We are all equal so that no man can judge any other man. There is to be no fornication anyways, regardless of sexual preferences.

    The word SLAVE does Not appear in the Bible. They were indentured Servants. They liked their life so much they wanted to go back to Egypt after being set free. So if your boss is paying you and taking care of you then, you Would be happy to obey. And the chapter Also tells the master to have good will towards their servants(not slaves) . If they Both follow the laws of the new covenant, the two laws of love, there wouldn’t be any strife in this work relationship.

  2. Schulz been speaking about people mad about cultural appropriation then gets mad about his idea being stolen. Lol full circle

  3. So funny!! ! was going to play this at work(3rd shift) I am so glad I chose different podcast!!! NOTwitdashitz🤣

  4. On average 90% of graduates on my course (sociology) get jobs at their level, and my University isn't even the best in my city.

  5. Charla needs to read more worldly stuff and listen to people who are more worldly. He needs to travel more and be open minded. Andrew is great

  6. Man I rock with Charla but I couldn’t help but notice all the rhetoric he kicking towards the bible(Homophobia anti Semitism etc) but didn’t say none of that to Angela Rye when she tried to crucify Farrakhan for the exact same thing her bible teaches smfh

  7. As someone that is a Coprophilia, I’m fully aware of the sexual abuse I went through. Any women lookin to model and make money for your 💩 hmu

  8. BY FAR the best guest ever. Every time you consider Angela Rye for anything, just invite Humble…

  9. The level of stress that I felt when Charlemagne said that the most popular Jewish book ever is anti-semetic… Fuck!! That made me tired. Jesus was Judean in Jerusalem with Judean (Jewish) followers. Andrew made the same mistake.

    Also, the guest is very wise, I definitely enjoyed the episode. Well, I always enjoy the episodes, but not always the guests.

  10. So you guys legit spent 35 mins of the beginning of the podcast talking about wax and his shit ? Make matters worse you had a guest on . smh that was just stupid and boring af . we all know wax is fucked up in the head . you dont spend that much time on a subject like that while you have a guest sitting there . there like umm is this what you wanted me to come here for

  11. And Christianity was practiced in Ethiopia before slavery. Slave masters gave it to the slaves for mind control but africans have practiced it since ancient times. Not to mention EVERY religion (including Christianity) was partially inspired by ancient kemet and early Egyptian philosophy which produced early Zoranism and then led to Islam, Judhism, etc

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