Brian May’s Red Special – The Book Launch

40 thoughts on “Brian May’s Red Special – The Book Launch

  1. It would appear that the guy making the "drugy" music my mother hated, grew to be a healthy happy and humble yet successful old man. In your face Mom! And just an all around good guy as well. In your face again Mom! 😸

  2. Bit late for a comment, BUT! This is amazing to see a guy with a guitar that is the most personal part of his life than any other object. Real family heirloom with a man who is a real legend. Amazing Brian.

  3. Extraterrestrial Composition 👽 🎶

  4. I would love to just lay one hand on that guitar…..just to touch it hold it for 5 seconds..what a dream…

  5. Anyone else hear GNR welcome to the jungle when brian was playing with the delay? I did..only me 😳 bow down Slash lol 👍

  6. I would love to see inside that guitar!!!😲😳😲 i want to see the cutouts in the wood..and id love to see the tremolo

  7. It's INCREDIBLE that guitar's story and history and contribution both to the medium of the electric guitar but the entirety of popular music and culture as a whole. Super special.

  8. When I clicked on the video, it wasn't my intention actually watching the whole thing – I thought it was far too long, and I would get borred after 5 minutes, I just wanted to see what it was. And then, here I am, 40 minutes later, wishing it the video was longer.
    What an amazing man and guitarist! It's still hard for me to grasp that Queen were not just Freddie Mercury and the rest of the guys. They were respectively Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, Brian May and John Deacon. 4 absolute geniuses working together – you just don't see that in any other band

  9. There are times when Brian says stuff like he's not a great guitarist that I just want to slap him on the back of the head.

  10. I have no clue about instruments and I could sit here and listen to him talk on n on about it he makes learning fascinating about subjects I could go without but this man got a gift for teaching playing and over all a great personality

  11. I luv the voice of the red special. Everytime when i hear this sounds, i got goosebumps. I don`t know why, but this is since the 80th when i hear this guitar the first time in my life. At this time, i was 6 years young. This was the time where my love to Queen has begun.

  12. a highly evolved gentleman.i agree with steve reynolds, there is certainly a heavy duty bond with his dad!.i particularly like his unassuming nature!, he would make an outstanding high school teacher!

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