Brian Finds Lois’ Romance Novel | Season 17 Ep. 14 | FAMILY GUY

29 thoughts on “Brian Finds Lois’ Romance Novel | Season 17 Ep. 14 | FAMILY GUY

  1. Brain: OK a other writers in the house.
    Expect Lois is original, and brain just steal from better writers.

  2. i feel like this episode would be a lot better if we didn't know that lois actually does cheat on peter

    i mean in the newer seasons especially they appear to have a terrible marriage

  3. Brian is the biggest loser ever he thinks he has a chance with his best friend wife who took him in and gave him a home.

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  5. I love that they haven't exhausted doggy stuff for Brian to do. All these years later and and after so many seasons they STILL have great dog jokes! I love it.

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