Breath of the Wild's Cut Content, Could We See it in BOTW 2?

what's going on boys and girls what's up world austin john plays here and today we're gonna be taking a look back at things that were cut from legend is held to breath of the wild that we may see in its new sequel in my previous video i ANU Masson talked about that breath of the wild sequel is basically so many ideas that they had for dlc of the first game that instead of making into dlc they decided to make a second game i feel like would be frowned upon in lots of video game industries but when it's all that no one cares everyone wants another game if you want to hear information as far as that review be sure to check out the end card it's gonna be probably right about here or so at the end of the video also at the end of the video we're gonna be talking about how to win yourself a Nintendo switch and $300 V shop credit or a copy of Link's Awakening be sure to stay tuned to the end of the video for more info but with all the information that we've had so far for breath of the wild sequel which is not much so me and fellow youtubers we're trying to put things together as well as the general audience so I wanted to take a look back at the creating a champion book and see some cool designs and ideas in there that didn't make the cut of the game that only makes me wonder all the cool ideas concepts and designs that they may have had for the DLC and as we know that this game is birthed from the idea of DLC for breath of the wild looking back may give us a better idea at the future I am numa son said that he wanted link to be a much more modern link than he has been in the past and when the team went to developing ideas for that the one of the first ideas was that link was wearing jeans a sweatshirt and played an electric guitar I'm so glad that didn't make the cut wholeheartedly however that makes me think about there's real no music element to this game I mean besides the fact that the music is very bare-bones but you're not really playing an instrument in order to do stuff instead it all relies on the sheikah technology they actually had names for the various instruments being dins drums for his base near OU's keyboard and the secret TriCaster that would be the guitar that link is holding one of the things that I've realized in the game is there's not a lot of enemies there's a lot of variations of some enemies there's a fair amount of many bosses that are fun to defeat but just going through the world you have keys to choose Bob Lenz lizalfos mah blends I'm getting near the end of the list however there's been some rough designs and sketches of enemies that are obviously not in the game like look at this thing with the giant eye on it don't know what that is it almost looks like an evil tree also they made wolf link here and he looks so adorable let's just focus on how good of a pupper he is in these photos next is when they were coming up with sketches for the champions of Hyrule we do see here at the very beginning there's a very rough sketch of link or just another highly and followed by a Gore on and then Ozora and then off to the right we have this little short guy with a whip and then this taller guy was something hook shot like now as you can imagine we don't have these two champions in the game but we do have Barbosa who is a Gerudo and we do have ravioli who's a Rito so it appears as though in very early sketches they planned for this race on the right and for all we know this could be a male Gerudo and then we also have I'm guessing a Korra kid or something that's the only race of very small people I know in this game yes I know that they were planning on having a race of very small people but this looks much more like a khorog child the core kiri that's the name there's also a lot of NPC designs that were not actually brought into the game but they came up with them including this very interesting one here of a sheikah woman who is a ghost clearly says that she's a ghost and she looks like a ghost and this is just something that to that of my knowledge has not been implemented in the game we haven't even seen their designs and data mines or anything else like that so it is a rough sketch of something that they may have planned to have in game but maybe because of the story it just never happened that'd be a cool thing to see in the breath of the wild sequel also the sheikah slate was gonna have a drone function that gave you a remote view yes I'm not joking if you look here we can see the sheikah sleep rough concepts include what's called the dragonfly which looks like this little disc that it rotates and then the camera faces down and then you have these big energy wings that come out of it it has a tail that comes behind and it looks like if we look down here the Dragonfly spy when flying the eye or camera faces down and the camera parts rotate I mean this is awesome this really takes like the whole first-person concept to a much larger review think of the beetle in Skyward Sword except not being able to pull things around instead just being a drone spy that kind of helps you look around and see things granted this concept may have been scrapped when they decided to do the towers that you look down from but seeing this little bit of uh this little bit of design work early on seems pretty cool we could see something like this in the sequel if the world is just as large or larger or the same world that's changed a lot we'll see that brings me to a sheikh that brings me to a piece of sheikah technology that we're all very familiar with the divine beasts as we all know they landed on four specific designs the camel the elephant the lizard and the bird however there were a lot of designs that didn't make the cut because of maybe they only decided to do four however trailing back to the idea of there were more champions or different champions there were other divine beasts here we see in the image of a crab what looks like a giant octopus with a city on top of it down here at the bottom left we have sort of like a manta ray style and down here at the bottom right we have a Leviathan with a big old cannon on it this is some some pretty neat designs the same way that we learned that the great plateau is housing a divine beast this very well could be you know divine be said they plan to add in the let's talk about the fact that you can't go underwater in this game so the whole manta ray concept while seeming really dope just never went anywhere there's a fair amount of ocean and breath of the wild end well maybe maybe they'll pull a winwaker and add a lot more water or something I don't know that also reminds me of the early sheikah design that we see hanging in the Hetty no tech lab I don't know what to call it sort of like a whale bird design that's in the top of Patino tech lab that is a design that looks to be similar to that of the divine beasts it might have been a mock-up or a rough design or maybe the ancient chico while designing them came up with that design but it just never made the cut or maybe the team came up with it and they never made the cut but they thought of as coolest they don't want to hang it up these are all the designs and ideas that we saw from the actual game but just imagine once the game was out once they had this huge full world of essentially all in I mean if you go by the conversion theory all these different timelines and elements of these games they could have put it all into one and then just nothing is out of reach or if you stick with the actual timeline listed in the game including Twilight Princess then it makes more sense that that is Ganon who was stabbed with the sword of the six sages in Twilight Princess and now he's locked below hyrule castle all I know is I'm super excited for breath to the wall to I want to know what do you think leave a comment down below if you're new to the channel be sure to subscribe turn on notifications we're still doing a giveaway for a Nintendo switch or $300 B 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38 thoughts on “Breath of the Wild's Cut Content, Could We See it in BOTW 2?

  1. Zelda series has a habit of incorporating cut content/concepts into sequels. I remember hearing that wind waker was originally planned to have more dungeons. Fans really wanted these lost levels, hoped they would be included in the Wii U version, wondered what could have been. Then, it was mentioned in an interview or something, that those lost dungeons weren't completely lost, rather, they were adapted into Twilight princess.

  2. Nintendo: ok we should make a dlc on botw and have so many new things! And it will probably only cost like the past dlc! Just $20!
    Also Nintendo: nah we should make a completely new game as a sequel, make the players restart the game and make them pay around $40 more than instead of making a dlc, and make it harder for us because we have to draw and restart production on the game all over again!
    Nintendo coworkers: wtf

  3. When you have so much money that you take the planned dlc from a game and make it into a whole new game

  4. Zelda fans may as well be the most dedicated, passionate fanbase of any video game ever, nintendo would put the bomb shop guy from oot in smash and they'd hype it up and make theories.

    hell, everyones excited for zeldas hair (may i mention is fabulous)

    no ones mad at the existence of majoras mask, we'll take whatever games we can get xD

  5. the sequel to botw takes place at least 1 year after its predecessor, and the world has changed a bit, we can explore underground and even potentially in the sky or underwater.(thats slightly more far fetched however) C H A N G E M Y M I N D

    also may i just note how damn much i miss the kokiri ;-;

  6. What books did you get that are based on this? if anyone knows please tell me, I would like to get my hands on one of those.

  7. Sticking with the in game timeline placement places it after every timeline since it mentions games from all three splits. It does not place it just after Twilight Princess like AJP said at the end of the vid

  8. I know this is unrealistic, but what if we could return to termina from Majoras Mask but open world and in the breath of the wild style

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