BOSH talk about their unconventional approach to publishing

so Henry and iam congratulations how does it feel to win I mean pretty crazy I'm still a little bit shocked yeah we said it out there on the stage if I could remember correctly we set this thing up three years ago in Henry's flat and it was hot and we didn't really know what we were doing we hoped for the best walking out and tuxedo so you've taken vegan cookery from this quite nice kind of thing it really to a big market of people and what do you think kind of inspired people to buy the book and what really got you into vegan cooking I think you know we yes it's vegan but also we're just normal guys just delicious food right and I think that means that loads of our audience are non vegans and they just appreciate that casual relaxed approach and also the food is delicious just that we didn't used to know how to make vegan food good yeah and so your book went on an eight-way auction the publishing industry really excited about it and then you've got to meet the readers at the end of that process they must have been just as excited what's it been like to meet them oh it's amazing like obviously we have in comparison to some of the other authors who have sat on the sofa we have like a direct line to our audience we've got like this incredible social media following we get we try and reply to every message it's quite difficult now but we do try to so you say yeah it's really nice it's it's humbling and it's warming to know that the people cooking the food that we've designing in our house you know it's amazing and I read that you have a scented bus incredible all the way through and you know they're up for three awards today so that's incredible and it's a testament to the fact that they've been innovative hardworking and designed a beautiful book with us it's real privilege to be working with brilliant people and wasn't like to collaborate together like to cook but we you know we fall out every now and again you know yeah veggie sausages and how long to put them in the microwave but essentially it's a blessing yeah thank you thank you very much [Applause]

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