Borderlands 3's MAYHEM MODE (Endgame Content First Details)

hey guys we got some new details about Borderlands 3s and game content the game is not even out yet but questions about what players can expect from the game after release are constantly being asked and we finally got one big answer about the endgame which is actually what gearbox is calling all the activities post end game which is mayhem mode before I get into that make sure to follow me on twitter at hater hype and let's get right into it so this news comes from an article written by metro and they were able to interview the art director of Borderlands 3 Scott Kester about halfway through the interview questions were asked about gaming as a service and the interviewer asked of any comparisons to destiny could be made this transitioned into a question where he asked quote do you class Borderlands 3 as a game as a service to which Scott caster replied saying quote no we do plan to support at post-launch but in the same way as we did before so that counts as games as a service I guess but some of those other games out there don't have a great end game but we believe in the second and third playthrough we believe in a thing called mayhem mode which drastically tweaks the number of things how hard do you want the game to be as you play through the second and third time we have Guardian rank that once you beat the game there's an entire whole scale system that becomes unlocked after you beat the game our end game is really deep and we want people to keep playing it end quote so details for a while now have been coming out about the end game of Borderlands 3 gearbox has teased more complex raid bosses with multiple phases we've already heard about their new badass rank system called Guardian rank that he mentioned before that won't be available until after you beat the game I'm not sure if they announced how many play throughs we will get but in this interview he did say two or three which lines up with the previous Borderlands games especially considering the level cap at launch will be 50 but the most interesting detail we got was mayhem mode I don't think gearbox has directly mentioned this by name up to this point and with everything Scott tells us he's very vague about it he says quote tweaks a number of things which implies this system will work differently than anything we've seen before obviously we still don't know too many detail and I think this is where the community can really jump in together and start to come up with what we think this mayhem mode means and what different difficulties they will add and the tweaks that they will make to make this feel worthwhile and something completely new and I think there was a reason they aren't just calling this Opie levels are a difficulty they've used before I think they want it to be a new thing in the players minds which is why they're calling it mayhem mode it almost sounds like it might just be an additional toggle that when you start the game similar to Opie levels in Borderlands 2 it will give you an option if you want to enable mayhem mode and then once you sign in on your second playthrough it will just add probably harder enemies more health it will be everything else but then probably also just other mechanics as well it'll probably make the enemies smarter enemies have better weapons so it won't just be health and damage they'll actually hopefully add mechanics to make it fundamentally harder hopefully the way this pays out is with the extra difficulty in enemies and weapons and health just with my speculation it will probably pay out with additional loot and resources as well so it makes it worthwhile for those endgame players looking for those last pieces of gear or Legendary's to play through this mode and I really could see mayhem mode becoming the standard in this game especially with how strong the players will most likely become after unlocking Guardium ranks having great gear and having fully decked out skill trees that work to each person's play style I could see a lot of people going for this extra challenge and hopefully the challenge isn't just Opie levels and just scales up health and damage hopefully they do add some new mechanics and some new ways to make the enemies more difficult obviously though the game is still months away and I bet we will still get more details as the release nears but that's what I'm going to end this video thank you guys so much for watching make sure to like and share subscribe for all things Borderlands and I will see you guys in the next one

46 thoughts on “Borderlands 3's MAYHEM MODE (Endgame Content First Details)

  1. Can they please, PLEASE make sure that arenas like Bandit Slaughter and Robot Slaughter are constantly replayable. I think they learned their lesson and with Tiny Tina’s DLC and Murderlin’s Temple, that arena was constantly replayable but I have never understood why the other two were not to begin with. They add to end game…..why not let people continue to play them?

  2. Ok, I am not so exited for this game anymore

    I simply dont wanna play a a game again, and again, and again

  3. personally i'm hoping mayhem mode is something similar to adventure mode in diablo 3, where the whole map is just unlocked with rotating quests

  4. I just wonder why do people press dislike button. Just what is their motivation to do that. Are they so unloved?

  5. Popular or unpopular opinion borderlands gets really fucking annoying and repetitive after playthrough 2

  6. so..we know pretty much everything that we SHOULD find out ourselves in the actual game but we dont know the system requirements….gg gearbox

  7. As a hardcore casual fan, I’m psyched that’s it’s gonna be deep if I ever decide to do that. Dropping $100 on super deluxe without a second thought…Hyped

  8. Sounds amazing. I never really considered BL2 to have an actual endgame. It was just doing the same thing with bigger numbers and fighting the same enemy over and over.

  9. Hayder where is the video about grenade mods, in 2 i was more wowed with the different types and effects of grenades, how come zero vids about grenades.

  10. Hummm so this is NEWS ? Instead of New content we just get to play the same game for years and years in MODES? Just give us Two Modes and crap load of NEW content.

  11. Mayhem mode…. I've noticed that in most releases of gameplay, the AI wasnt very smart, and it could be just because gearbox wanted it to be in such a way specifically for the reveals, HOWEVER what if early game, the ai was stupid rather stupid, but once in mayhem the AI would get progressively smarter and harder to beat (rather then just having enemies with more hp and dmg)

  12. Seems fun the game is more balanced so it seems way better on borderlands 2 I couldn’t survive without getting the best weapons in the game with this I hope you can survive with even purple stuff it would be really hard but at least not impossible

  13. What i think would be cool is if mayhem mode would add a certain amount of ennemys to any given engagement. It would be a really different experience and significally ramp up the difficulty if done well.

  14. It’s gonna be like avengers endgame in the end and all of the vault hunters join the last battle and then Lilith will get her powers back and say “raiders, assemble” and they totally won’t get sued.

  15. I don't know. Borderlands always had terrible endgame.

    "Just play same game again" this is not endgame. What is even point of playing it again after completing story and getting all bosses done?

  16. I wonder about the weapons you can get in the beginning and if you go into true vault hunter mode (if its a thing) could you be able to pick them up again at your lvl or if they're like the gearbox weapons in bl2 where they are there for the beginning but thats it and you cant get them again without making a new character

  17. I hope they have a battle Royal at a endgame spot, but make it like pyro Pete's bar and they treat it like a joke as you go up against 99 psychos while they also kill each other.

  18. The thing I disliked most about BL2 endgame was the absurd damage enemies could dish out; shields and health became largely irrelevant to most characters, and most builds focused on killing everything before enemies could even touch you

  19. Mayhem mode: a mode where legendaries drops at a higher rate, but it comes with a cost, the enemies spawn more frequently, enemies are harder, and badasses appear way more often, more loot midgets or loot tinks. Of. Course…

    Edit: I didn't realize he said things that I listed. Ok…

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