Books Unboxing + Giveaway!

– Hey guys.
(playful music) So there’s a lot more of you
now than there used to be because that video that I
did about looking like a slut kind of got featured everywhere. So that’s cool. Hello, if you’re new. Welcome, I don’t always
talk about things like that. And today we’re talking about books. So that’s cool. That’s what we’re gonna do today. And I hope you like it and stick around. So I got this really cool looking package in the post recently from Hot Key Books. And it arrived about a week
ago, but I’ve been away and busy and it’s just been lying there and tempting me, but I
thought that I would wait until I could film to open it. So I’ve no idea what’s inside it. And it’s been tormenting
me for the last week. And I’m excited that
I can finally open it. I recently moved to London and these are the only books
that I’ve managed to carry down from Manchester at the moment. So, my bookshelf is looking really sparse, so hopefully this will
make it more exciting. Let’s open this. Oooo, okay, so the first thing
I see is Dawn O’Porter’s book “Paper Aeroplanes, the
Story of Friendship”. I quite like Dawn O’Porter. She’s a cool, British celebrity that talks about sex
and feminism and stuff. “Thoughtful, introspective
Flo couldn’t be more different “to extroverted sexually curious Renee.” I think I’m Renee. (laughing) “But what they have in common runs deep. “Loneliness, frustration
and a longing for escape “from their dysfunctional families.” Cool! I’ll put that somewhere. Nailed it. Next. Oh wait, I’ve got a note. “Hi hun, I hope you enjoy them “and you’re settling in London, Jen.” Thanks, Jen! Oh, another Dawn O’Porter. “Goose”. “Renee and Flo are 18.” (gasps) They’re getting older. Exciting. “As Red as Blood” by Salla Simukka. This looks scary. “Lumikki Andersson is familiar
with secrets and lies. “But she also has a rule “not to mind other people’s business. “When she discovers a lot of money “hanging blood stained
in her school dark room” (gasps) “that rule is
put sharply to the test.” Ooo, it’s set in Finland. “Criminal underworld,
dangerous web of corruption, “deceit and murder.” Ooo, that looks cool. – [Voiceover] I wanna read that– – Yeah. (laughing) Dodie’s here. – [Dodie] Hey! – “Vivian Versus the
Apocalypse” by Katie Coyle. Ooo is this gonna be some like,
post apocalyptic fun thing? “Vivian Apple never believed
in the church of America, “unlike her fanatical parents. “And as for the so-called
impending rapture, “she knew she’d believe
that when she saw it.” Okay great, I’m really good at– – [Dodie] She said she’s believe
that when she saw it, yep. – (laughing) Is this, is that a sentence? I’m really confused. Nice! Nice! Oh, it smells good as well. Um, hold on, it’s just. Yeah.
– [Dodie] (laughing) It sounds like the way you (mumbling). – Yeah, do you not sniff books? It’s so good, come in here. Sniff a book. I can’t believe you’re not a book sniffer. – This is gonna be, oh. (laughing) – Get down. Sniff the book. – Ah, that’s good. Especially the ends in the background. I’m kinda just. (laughing) – No, oh no I’m so small. (sputters) Get off, get off me. Get off me, great! Vivian and the Apocalypse, sounds cool. And finally, ooo “We Were Liars”. I’ve read this already. And I like it a lot. – [Dodie] It’s so good. – Have you read it? – [Dodie] Yeah.
– Yeah. Very good book. I already have a copy
of this, so giveaway? – [Dodie] Yes! So, wait how should we do this? What should the rules be? If you wanna win this I
will send it to you in post and I’ll ship worldwide, I don’t care. It’s gonna be a Twitter competition, ’cause then it’s easier for
me to get in touch with you. So, go follow me on Twitter and tweet me which of these books I should read first and your opinions on them. Use the hashtag Hannahisaliar and so I will be able to
see all of the entries and then I will pick one of you and I will announce the winner on Twitter and then I will DM the winner. So make sure you follow me, so I can DM you. Cool, thanks for Hot Key Books for all of these wonderful books to add to my empty bookshelf. So thank you. I wanna start doing more book videos, so let me know if you like this. Because I wanna be more book. Please like this video if you liked it. And I’ll see you soon, bye. (playful music)

100 thoughts on “Books Unboxing + Giveaway!

  1. Would love to see more book videos, you also have an adorable accent. Hopefully you don't loose it to a London accent… those are much more irritating haha XD

  2. I really like you talking about books!! They all seem really interesting 😀 Also, EVERYONE SHOULD BE A BOOK SNIFFER it makes my life so much more enjoyable

  3. BOOKS. YAY. I`m reading The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August and I`m so glad I bought it, it`s so interesting and good so far. Love it.  

  4. "today we are gonna talk about books…. so that's cool" lol I have been watching for videos for about a year! keep on keeping on!

  5. Omg , you have to read girl stolen I don't know the author but I read it and it was the best book I ever read !! You need to read it ❤

  6. #hannahisAliar gimmy book I command u too I hate books but because u to ached it I want in a glass box wait, this is tweeter I make this tweeter

  7. That was a really cool golden bag/package thing. I wish my books arrived coated in gold, instead of the… poop-colored recycled toilet paper, or whatever it is that my books arrive in =

  8. "What you don't sniff books?!?!" I know how you feel cause people think in weird for sniffing books in book stores.

  9. Always nice to see others enjoying the written word.  I'm more of a Tolkien/Asimov/Weber reader, but all books are good.  Enjoy.

  10. First off,that packaging is awesome and beautiful. Second,I am very well also a book sniffer. Third,is a question. What is your favorite genre to read? 

  11. I know you're now a little bit buried in literature but if you're being more book and would like some recommendations 11.22.63 by Stephen King is one of the most thrilling, heart breaking, and beautiful books that I've ever had the pleasure of reading and I can't recommend it enough.

  12. Guess I am one of the new people that subscribed to you 😀
    But I watched each and every single one of your videos within three evenings!
    So that makes me a pro right? Right?

  13. Can you make a video with reviews on books that you like? I don't have anything to read at the moment (except tons of school stuff but who cares..) and I'm open for suggestions. 

  14. I think you should read "Vivian And The Apocalypse" first, it sounds fun. I've read "We Were Liars" and it made me cry buckets! I'm a newbie who found you on Upworthy, and I've had a lovely time watching your vids for the past few days. Keep it up!

  15. i literally just bought We Were Liars for like 22$ (NZD) before i watched this video, i hope i enjoy it :3 (i'm a guy so yeah)…… i might read Vivian versus the apocolypse next. i don't know it just seems awesome

  16. The only reason i watch your videos is everytime i see your face and hear your voice. I get a tingling sensation on my dick. 

  17. I've only started reading books recently ~  and Vivian versus the Apocalypse sounds awesome ~ and yes this "episode"(?) is nice  ~

  18. As red as blood is really good! The publishing house I work at in The Netherlands has published it and Salla visited us and it was just all really cool. Salla is cool, her books are cool. 

  19. first video I saw of you was because of  #PIZZAROLLSNOTGENDERROLLS  and yes pizza rolls are delicious 😛 

  20. I don't understand that, I mean, do you receive a bag with books that you didn't know for advance?
    By the way, I recently find out your videos and I love them! 👏👏👏

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