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hi my name is Brook Burgess and for the last 15 years I have been a producer and a director and a writer of interactive entertainment that means web video games comic books interactive animations the whole shebang and for half that time I've been blessed to do it remotely yes I am a digital nomad I have been traveling around the world with a backpack and finding any good Wi-Fi connection I can and doing my work from there and I've been wonderfully blessed to have that freedom at the same time while traveling I realized that I also had some personal stories to tell and stories that would only work through the written word now to reach an audience to share these stories it just made sense to use ebooks it was the cleanest easiest most affordable and also just the strongest way where I could have control over my story the story that I wanted to tell and to reach as many people as possible not just in my network but with shared interests the Internet has allowed for some incredible things but really to share aspects of your own life with other people that's what social media is about and that's what I consider book baby to be to be almost an extension in a grand format of social media to reach out to like mine's to reach out to a potential audience and to share your personal experience with them that's what I did with my first book the cat's ma which is the first of five books based upon experiences from my childhood and I was inspired to write this after spending time on an island in Southeast Asia that was completely overrun with cats and to allow me to control that story to allow me to have the vision of it branding and and how the story would unfold on a mass scale without having to go through an editorial process or agencies or what-have-you just to make it my story unfiltered and unpunished and uncensored ebooks made sense and book baby made it easy so I can't thank the stars enough for this opportunity and I will be continuing to use book babies service for my next projects a continuation of the Cosmo series of Shadowland and also some other personal tales from the road so in closing yeah ebooks rule book bigger rules and cat's role of dogs rule

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