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Hello, my name is Stephen Alff and
welcome back to Alffbooks! And today we’re here for a wrap-up! Today I will be
wrapping up books 6 to 10 that I read this year! Something I would like to
quickly mention that I forgot in the previous video for books 1 to 5 is that
those first 5 books were a total of 1539 pages and a 1-hour
listening for the audio book that was in there. So, book 6 was Frankenstein or
the modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley. This is a book that I decided to pick up
because, well, it’s a classic! I’d heard so much about it! So many people said so
much great stuff about it but then I didn’t like it! I only gave it 2 out of 5
stars and I was wondering if there was something, like, about it that I was not
getting but the more I thought about it it was just that I didn’t like the
characters. I didn’t enjoy following either the professor(*Doctor) or the monster! I just
didn’t find it interesting! Yeah! Which is unfortunate! I mean, you’re reading a book,
a famous book that you’re like: I’m gonna really like this gonna find this interesting
finally gonna discover the real story behind Frankenstein and why everyone
always mentions Frankenstein! I mean Frankenstein is used in Van
Helsing, Frankenstein is used in so many other films just as a stand-in character
sometimes and you’re just like well okay but what’s the actual story and then I mean
it’s just kind of meh, not what I expected! It wasn’t as interesting I mean
okay it wasn’t an action movie but I mean I was I was I was disappointed by
it and that was … maybe my expectations were too high but I just really didn’t
enjoy it and the beginning of it was really hard to read! So the first the
first letters at the very beginning of the book I was just like, What is this? Who
is this? Who’s talking to who? And you finally kind of get an idea of what’s
going on but it wasn’t particularly interesting to read! I I don’t know
that’s maybe just my opinion, yeah! So 2 out of 5 stars! Yeah!
So I listened to Frankenstein and it was a total of eight hours and 35
minutes. Next, we have The Slow Regard of Silent
Things by Patrick Rothfuss! And I really enjoyed this book! This got five out
of five stars and just like The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear I
really really enjoyed it! It is very different though! it is very different!
There is absolutely no dialogue in the book and there’s only one character! So,
the one character is Auri and we’re following Auri for a few days of her life.
So, it’s kind of a few days in the life of Auri! And I find that is so cool
because Auri is one of my favourite characters and it was really interesting to
kind of get this insight into the character of Auri! Really cool!
I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil it but I find that
it is perfect to read it after you’ve read the two other books! So, after you’ve
read The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear you should read it because it
it takes kind of it doesn’t it doesn’t directly take from the story but I find
that things you learn in the first two books about the world really help you
kind of piece together an.. at least a hypothesis, in some some sense about Auri
that I find is really cool and that is something that you … I just feel like
if you’ve read the other two books you just benefit from it so much more! So
yeah, it was really cool! I really enjoyed it and I mean I could read all
those books over and over and over! That book is relatively short being only a
159 pages! The next book was Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift.
This is a book that I listen to. So, the audio book was 11 hours and 35
minutes and it was really interesting! Though it became less and less
interesting the further you go on in the book and I didn’t expect the second half
of the book! As in, I knew about Gulliver’s Travels and I knew what I
thought to be the complete Gulliver’s Travels but there are four voyages in
the book and I only knew of the first two and I thought they were the only two!
So that was a an interesting surprise and it really does add to the book
because they’re completely different to the first 2! So that was really
interesting! The only thing is it starts feeling very repetitive and yeah!
Though something I do want to bring up which I find it’s fascinating I really
like the way the author did it is where he compares the current society around
the time when the book is written or at least the time depicted in the book and
he has, through the Gulliver’s voice I believe, he says that these points of
view are not his own and that he is merely passing on what he is seeing in
these different countries and saying hey well these people see this as completely
barbaric and it’s perfectly normal for us but it’s not our fault or this or
that but whatever way it’s done it’s just I just I like that part! Those
small parts were really interestingly done and I, I like the way he was
definitely judging the society but no definitely not
I mean oh no this, don’t, don’t take this badly like yeah! I thought that was
brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! So yeah! Only three out of
five stars because of the repetitiveness and I found that at some point the
different place he was going to weren’t adding that much to the overall story!
Next, I reread one of my childhood favourite books and that is Les Frontières de Glace by Pierre Bottero! This is a book that I’ve mentioned before or at
least you’ll probably remember me mentioning the first book in the series
and that is D’Un Monde à l’autre which is the first book and this is the second book
of La Quête d’Ewilan! So, I keep mentioning this author because I keep rereading his
books! I just love them! Childhood favourite
books and they’re still favourites and that is something I find always fun!
Obviously, it’s still a 5 out of 5 stars! Yeah, that’s not changed! What I find
always interesting about rereading books is that you sometimes discover things
you completely missed, absolutely completely missed and that’s happened in
the fifth reading of the first book in this series! The first time I read these
books I was 11 and now 21, 10 years later I’m still enjoying them and that is
something I think is fantastic! It shows just how stories follow you and how you
grow with them and how you you read them again and you get
something else out of them every time! And that is phenomenal! Love the book! It
is following the characters of Ewilan, well, mostly the character of Ewilan
but also the character of Salim who is her best friend and the adventures that
they get up to and yeah I just think it’s fantastic! Unfortunately it doesn’t
exist in English that I know of! Which means I can’t share it with you guys
unless you read French or German because it was translated to German before
English! There must be a reason maybe there was an audience for it in Germany
that they could immediately tap into! I don’t know, but it exists in those two! So
if you can read either of those, I definitely recommend it!
314 pages long! So book 10 that I read this year was A Study in scarlet by Sir
Arthur Conan Doyle. This was a book that I had been wanting to get around to for
a long time because it’s the first Sherlock Holmes story that I actually
read and I know, ridiculous! I watched all of the Sherlock series and the films and
I still hadn’t read any Sherlock stories! So now I fixed that I’ve read one! I will
read more, it’s a start! I thought the way it’s written is very interesting! Now you
do notice some of the words used are slightly outdated but that just adds to
it when you’re reading it just like immerse yourself into it where you’re
like oh yes, yes he is definitely in London in this with its posh, posh
English in some sense. You can just imagine it because of some of the
word choices and the way it’s described. Though one thing I found really strange
about the book, now again, I listened to this one so I don’t know if it changes
it but I, at some point in the middle, I just got lost because there was a
transition and I don’t know if it’s because I was not paying attention at
that particular moment that I missed something but there was just a
transition from you’re there with Sherlock and they’re talking about the
case or something and then next moment you’re following two completely
different characters in a completely different place and you’re just wondering
well What did I miss? What just happened? And it’s basically because there’s a
flashback but there’s no actual clear explanation! But otherwise very
interesting, very interesting the way it was done! Because I got lost and some
things like that happened, three out of five stars! And this audio book was 5
hours and 39 minutes. So now we’ve gotten to these stats part of the video so
basically what is the total of pages read and the total of hours of
audio books listen to! So the total pages is *2012 pages and I listened to 26 hours
and 49 minutes worth of audio books! I hope you enjoyed this! If you did, feel
free to subscribe! If you haven’t seen yet, the previous video is a really
really cool video and I’m going to leave it here so you can check it out because
it’s so good I loved doing it with jay from captured in words! He may have
appeared here as a hologram in my previous video and I thought that was so
cool! He edited that because I would not have known how to start for that! Yeah,
basically we are organizing a giveaway and we’re giving away 10 copies of The
Name of the Wind, so if you want to check out that video it’ll have all the
details of what you need to know to enter! we’re also doing a live stream on
Tuesday! So feel free to check that out! I would love to see you at the live stream!
I hope you have a fantastic week! That’s all from me! Bye!

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Hi! So, I'm a new subcriber here. Really interesting video, so sad that I don't know french, it's so cool when you re-read your favorites and still keep enjoying them like the first time. I'm a big fan of The Name of the Wind and I haven't read The Slow Regard, I have it in my TBR since 2 years ago. Just don't know what I'm waiting for.
And don't know why your english sounds so pleasant to my ears. lol

I read Frankenstein a few years ago; I did like it, but the letters at the start (or maybe end, depending on the edition?) were rather boring. I think I skipped them. I get that you were not fond of the characters; I wasn’t a big fan of Frankenstein himself.

Oh man, you have read so many classics I also want to read (again). For example Gulliver's Travels, because I think nowadays I would get the references and ironic bit way better. And Frankenstein I also would like to read soon, but not this Halloween anymore, 2017 is too stuffed already with books I neeeeed to read. 😀

I enjoyed following that video. I hate it when someone spoils the ending or generally reveals too much about the plot, and you didn't, so thank you! You have made me curious about some of those books. I remember feeling much the same about Gulliver's Travels (for better and for worse) and I admit that I have looked at Frankenstein on the bookshelf for years without really feeling like reading it. I have read some short stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, but not really my favourite. The other two authors I am interested in checking out. I hope you make more of these videos. 👍

I had to write a paper about Frankenstein at uni a few years ago. In that paper I was looking into issues of "otherness" and I ended up arguing that Frankenstein’s monster does not have any inherently malign character traits at the beginning of his existence, and that the only aspects that render him monstrous therefore are his lack of a proper identity as well as the dehumanising way in which he is treated by humans. So I guess I just picked the message I wanted from the book, but I didn't particularly enjoy reading it either …

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