Book Shopping Adventure!

I’m on my way to National Book
Foundation Peshawar Pakistan I ordered a couple of books ten days ago I got a
call from them and they said that the book shipment was here and I can come
anytime to pick them up the two books which I ordered were little dorrit by
Charles Dickens and war and peace by Leo Tolstoy so we have just reached the
National Book Foundation and I can’t wait to have those two books in my hand
I have membership here so if I order books I get them on cheap prices we have to wait a little bit before the
books get here so so I am back with my books I just got the two books which i
pre-ordered and I also picked up a couple of other books because I mean I
couldn’t resist so this is I ordered this from Amazon UK via National Book
Foundation and the first one which I ordered was little dotted by Charles
Dickens bloom TV she has a separate video which is 5 reasons why you should read
Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens so I bought this vintage red spine Edition
this is going to be my second read spine this edition also has illustrations in
it which I just found out now but they are very very beautiful don’t you think
the next book which I ordered was war and peace by Leo Tolstoy and this book is as
beautiful as it seems in pictures it is just gorgeous this is the Vintage
Russian classics editions they have started the #ReadingtheRussians hashtag
on Instagram and they bought out six of the Russian classics in these in these
beautiful paperback editions they have French flaps in them and I have been
waiting for this because we are going to be doing the war & peace read along
along with Yamini from The Skeptical reader and Ange from beyond the pages
and this is such a massive book it’s the biggest one I have ever and it has a
quote from the book it says let the dead bury their dead but while I’m alive I
must live and be happy and we have another French clap and these are the
six editions I wish I could buy them all they’re pretty expensive I just bought
one I already have Anna Karenina in the Wordsworth classic edition so I don’t
need that and and this is also very very floppy it’s not if it’s very very
flowery and just to compare it with little dorrit uh-huh
here you can see how big it is I am so excited to read this – I cannot even
explain and while I was at National Foundation I saw this wordsworth
classics of world literature edition of twelve years a slave by Solomon Northup
and I have recently watched the video which was done by books by Leynes
she is doing black authors matters series and I saw this and I have I
think I’ve already seen the trailer of the movie but I’ve never seen the movie
and then I didn’t even know it was a book so I’ve been decided to just pick
it up because it seems like a very interesting read and this will also have
illustrations in it yes thank you for the recommendation books by leynes I also
the making of Pakistan a study in nationalism by KK Aziz this is a
hardcover and this one does not have any illustrationin it it is just for a nonfiction book about how Pakistan came
into being so yeah I will read it so this was just a small book vlog or book
unboxing or a haul video I hope you enjoyed it there were just four books
here but they are some of the biggest books I have ever owned and I am very
very excited to read them I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did please
don’t forget to give this video a huge thumbs up bye

11 thoughts on “Book Shopping Adventure!

  1. This blog was so insightful. I loved the scenerie you showed. Also, I am in love with these Vintage Russian Classic editions! 😍 and I'm so excited for you to read 12 Years a Slave!!!!!!!

  2. That is a beautiful copy of War and Peace! I've never read it so am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it. I love that you included a bit of a vlog too 🙂

  3. Love the vlog part of the video!! What a neat looking place to buy books from ^.^ I adore Vintage, they always print great stuff and these new Russian Editions are gorgeous!

  4. I love this Vlog!!! It's so nice to see your adventure for picking up books. You are going to attend the War and Peace read along next month too? I'm going to participate! Hope we can enjoy the book together! 😀

  5. Nice video but one question how did you ordered from Amazon UK when you are at Pakistan ???

    Do they ship anywhere ???

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