Book Publishing Process – How to get your book published

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  1. I went down the self publishing route because I was anxious that my novel series wouldn't be accepted by publishers because all the lead characters are gay men or drag queens. It was very helpful obtaining feedback from a wide range of audiences although straight women enjoyed them the most. I have spent a long time rewriting based on this feedback and now it's almost time to start sending out to publishers. I had no success with agents but i think the suggestion of small independent publishers is a good one and I will start with this route next. Thank you for the tip xx

  2. Was his question only about traditional publishing? The answer only focused on getting published traditionally. Lots of Indie authors are doing well eg. Joanna Penn

  3. I have had a book idea since I was 4, and I am finally working on it. i am 11,and and after 7 years, i have made a lot of tweaks. the book is a fiction book called The Power about a kid named Chase who does something dangerous and gets killed, but by some miracle, he comes back to life. When he comes back, it is five years in the future from where he just was. Obviously, there is more than that, but I don't want to reveal TOO much. ('_').The book is a definite page turner, always having chapters ending on a cliffhanger. it takes place in an apocalypse type scenario, and when I write it myself, I am on the edge of my seat. Tell me what you think of the idea. i hope to make it a five book long series with extra companion books, and make it have lots of secrets. Can it be successful? let me know.

  4. Agree with what you're saying. You can try to write and publish a book without first learning how to write effectively, but you won't get anywhere. So learn to write! Find the book 50 Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark. When you get to book number 3, you'll probably have learned enough and be ready for a publisher.

  5. Is this will be okay to take a help of a m online book publishing compny to publish your book…?
    What's the way to make your book published as physical form for a new writer.?

  6. Thanks I'm in the process of writing an Autobiography. I have three more chapters to write. Thanks for the advice

  7. Hey i need a publisher & probably a ghost writer or HBO documentary.. Look i have a insane story that history & people forgot.. You guys won't even believe it if told u.. Craziest story movie you ever heard.. This is a true story not no b.s. i swear!!

  8. This is so inspirational
    My name is Mohamed I'm 15 yrs old and currently working on a dark fantasy novel. This video has opened up alot of things I had doubts about.

  9. Can you have your book copy written before you send it to a publishing company ?
    Great video kind of discouraging at times but if you’re confident & have faith you’ll make it.

  10. Hey man great video ,really helpful. That thing you said about getting an audience is still unclear to me, do you have another video that could clarify that?

  11. Should I have my material copy written first? Plus I am visually impaired, my book is a children's book. Will finding an agent work for me?

  12. Try Wattpad. Many authors do get their books published through this platform. Though, the competition is still high, you have chances and of course it's free.

  13. I want to write a book(I’m 12 right now, I talked to my language arts teacher who said she’ll help me look into that) it’s not what I want to do when I grow up, I just really want to write a book. When I grow up I want to do interpretation in Russia

  14. Thank you , this is such a great video .. can you please advise what is the process of finishing your book ? Do you hand in your draft? Or does it need to be polished ? I’m sorry I know it is a silly question , but I honestly don’t know the answer . What do I know when I have finished writing ? What is my next step . Thank you 🙌🏻🙏🏻

  15. Ok, so you offer an idea then you write. I am currently half way into writing a story, I kinda want give it to a publisher and get told what I should change and if it's good.

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