Book Nerd Problems | Book Shopping with a Non-Book Lover

>>All right, we’re gonna go in there,
but only 20 minutes. Promise?>>I promise. Okay. [MUSIC]>>How you doing?>>Are we done yet?>>I mean,
I’ve only been through just that one part. There’s the whole rest of the store, so. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “Book Nerd Problems | Book Shopping with a Non-Book Lover

  1. This is such a book nerd problem!! I always prefer to shop for books alone cause everytime I try with my friends, they get bored, so my time is cut short. But when I'm alone, I have all the time in the world and I love that.

  2. That's totally me and my sister and mom. My sister is not as bad she sometimes finds books. Its also the same thing when I got shopping with my family. i don't do malls or clothes so my family(sister and mom) drags me all the time. Hehe.

  3. Me with basically anyone other than my sister. She's the only one in my family who even sort of understands the struggle.

  4. Fortunately my main shopping buddy is also a book lover so she gets it. Otherwise I generally book shop alone. Sad but no one telling me to hurry up. 😛

  5. Friend:what stores do you want to go to?
    Me:the bookstore of course!
    Friend:you only want to go to the bookstore? No where else?
    Me:we won't have time to go anywhere else!

  6. I am lucky enough that both my mom and sister are book lovers and we can stay in book stores for a long time.

  7. This happens when I'm book shopping with my mom. I'll be looking at the books and she'll say, "Are you done yet?" Every five minutes!

  8. This is so me and my boyfriend. Everyone we stop in a bookstore he has to drag me to the door and I'm like wait hold up I want to look at one more shelf

  9. All of my friends love books but my boyfriend is definitely sighing and tapping his foot whenever we are in a bookstore haha xD

  10. This is what happen when I go to bookstore with my dad. And he ended up reading Islamic books on religion section because he didn't have anything else to do. XD

  11. This is literally my life. My parents aren't readers so whenever I go to a bookstore, they never give me enough time to look through the whole store. Luckily, my sister loves to read so I usually just go to the bookstore with her most of the time 🙂

  12. This is pretty much me and my boyfriend in a book store…and then the other way around when it's a game shop

  13. Me and my friends love hanging out in bookstores (unless there's a reserved book one isn't prepared to pay for), plus, my mom and I separate at the mall so she can shop for hours while I decide for hours. It's a win-win situation for me, I guess.
    Privilege: CHECKED. : )

  14. I've stopped asking my friends to go book shopping with me. I'll shall walk along the bookshelves alone with all my eternal glory.

  15. Pretty much like my sister and I inside a bookstore. 🙂 After 30 minutes of following me around she'll ditch me and text me to inform her whenever I'm done.

  16. My non-book reading friend isnt like this, but she always follows me around the bookstore and tries to talk to me when it's so obvious that I want to be by myself and with books only.

  17. This is SO me. I remember when I really started getting into books I always found a way to get to go to the bookstore. So one time I got my mom to drive me and my uncle to Barnes & Noble. Keep in mind my mom already was aware of my obsession over books and my uncle wasn't. So she agreed that she would drop me and my uncle off at Barnes & Noble, and then sit in the car while she waits. As my uncle and I walk in the store I head straight to the YA section. AND I WAS GOING CRAZY. Since I recently discovered Booktube I discovered A LOT of books I wanted to read. And I was walking up and down the EXACT same isles just saying ' OOH THIS BOOK IS ABOUT….', 'I WANT THIS BOOK', 'THIS BOOK IS PART OF A SERIES ABOUT….'. My uncle was so suprised that I new so much about books and that I wanted to read them all. In fact, he thought it was great that I was getting more into reading. But that suprise turned into realization as he realized what he was getting himself into. 2 HOURS LATER. We walk out of the store, I'm carrying 4 new books, and my mom asked 'Are you happy now?'. I was like Yep. But my uncle just said, 'I am NEVER going into a Barnes & Noble with YOU again.'

  18. I don't get it. How can she be depressed? Did she forget to bring money? Does she already own a copy of everything in the bookshop? Did someone die?

  19. This is me with my mom when she is shopping for clothes, she spins around the store for two hours and I'm like: Can we go to the bookstore yet?

  20. My problem is having enough money to buy all the books I want, and since I have a nook, most of my bookstore time is me going around and ogling books and taking pictures of the cover to look up in ebook form.

  21. my old high school friends were casual readers and found it funny whenever i'd get excited over a book. (and by excited, i mean bouncing and squeeing.) they'd always have this, "oh, you," attitude whenever it happened.

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  23. My friends are the best bookworms eva
    They're the ones who introduced me to the selection series and now here I am reading red queen ahhhhhhhhhh <3

  24. My friend love to read books, but not buy them. So basically when I'm in the bookstore grabbing piles of books she just looks at me like "You could just check them out at the library" but I'm like nope! I get a satisfaction from buying books. Am I the only one?

  25. This is why I go alone to the bookstore. All my friends hate reading and when I drag them with me to the bookshop, they keep telling me to hurry up.

  26. This is why I like to go book shopping on my own , I could never go with someone who acts like that in a bookstore. Like go wait outside if you're going to sigh the whole time.

  27. Where I used to live they got rid of the only book store in the county(people there didn't like to read). And there's a local bookstore where I live now but the YA is section is 2 bookshelves.

  28. I have some friends that don't like to read. But all my family does. Perfect family for a book nerd am I right? And for my birthday my grandmother said that she didn't know what to get me so she just let me loose in a bookstore that loves YA it's like half the store. I left with two boxes. Best. Birthday. EVER.

  29. What are those orange books with the triangle eye on it?
    I can't figure out the words on them. I really want to know.

  30. And then a boy sits next to her and asks, "So you're here with a book nerd too?"
    "Which one's yours?"
    Points. "The girl over there with the towering stack that's going to fall."
    "Aw, cool, mines the one trying to buy the whole Naruto series."
    *a blossoming romance starts, or a very long, sitting-and-waiting-for-the-nerds friendship starts.

  31. That's my mom. She gets so annoyed at me but I have to look through everything or else I'll never know what I missed

  32. Love it! ❤️ That's why I go alone. No one to ask me why it always take me one hour to get through the bookstore even though I go at least once a week….

  33. Whenever my parents go to a thrift store, I get super excited and browse the book areas. Yesterday, I was looking at the books at one, and my mom made me leave before I could finish looking at all the books… I have to go back soon.

  34. I did this just like 3 days ago XD my fiance told me to focus and come out with only the book I was looking for.I was inside for 2 hrs XD almost bought a couple Sarah j maas books but he walked in barefoot like "I said just the one. Why is it taking so long" I literally felt like I had just walked in.

  35. I can go in and say I'm gonna get one book and come out with the entire selection series, a couple of star wars books and a Marvel character encyclopedia

  36. actually my friends just wanna rest on weekends……me and my mom go grocery shopping…the grocery store is near a bookstore/bookshop and everytime i go in……. and my mom would say

    "honey your wasting your money you have so many books in your room now…"

    Me " mom i only have 864 books in my room……i need more books to read….sheez

  37. I am lucky because my parents work at a bookstore, so I basically grew up there, and even though I am a total book lover it never takes me longer than 20 to 25 minutes for everything, even if I am in a store I've never been in. Perks of being from a book-loving family i guess

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