Book Marketing | Making Aesthetics for Your Novel

Don’t you just love those pretty pictures? Hi fellow Happy Writers! My name is Vivien Reis, and I want to help
YOU write, publish and market your novel. Today, we’re taking you behind the scenes
on how I make aesthetics for my books. I originally filmed this video about 6 months
ago and had a disaster of technical difficulties with the footage I got, so we’re going to
give this another go! And now #ThursdayAesthetic has gotten really
popular on Twitter, so what better time than now to remake this video. If you follow me on Instagram…and if you
don’t…*blink blink*…you’ve probably seen a few of the aesthetics I’ve created
for my works in progress in the past. Shameless plug, purchase links for my YA Dark
Fantasy, The Elysian Prophecy are down below. For those that don’t know what an aesthetic
is, other than being a word I both hate to pronounce and spell, it’s a pretty compilation
of a handful of photos that represents your novel or setting or characters. Or anything really. Here are a some examples of ones I’ve made
in the past. Why would you care to make yourself some of
these? Marketing purposes. Plain and simple. People love pictures. That’s why Instagram is so popular. A picture is worth a thousand words, which
means it saves people a thousand words. It’s quick and if you do it right, it’s
easy to get your photo and your story recognized by new people. I’m going to walk you through creating not
one, but TWO aesthetic photos today. So let’s jump right in! The first aesthetic I’m creating today is
for one of the main characters in my novella, which just came out and is FREE to get, link
is down below. Anyway her name is Isadora. She’s seventeen, the girlfriend of the main
character, and a True Oracle, meaning she has visions of the future. The app I like to use THE MOST is Pinterest. It works really well for most things we’re
looking for, so it’s a great place to start for finding suitable pictures. Tumblr is also a great place for pictures
as well! Look up your keywords and add “aes” or
“aesthetic” to the end. This part can take some time, so don’t rush
it. Look for pictures that capture the mood of
your character or the types of things he or she likes. Try to keep the same theme or color scheme
for most of the pictures. You shouldn’t really have a dark picture
and a really bright one next to it. We’re going for the same tone here. I already have a few pictures in Isa’s board
of what she looks like but I don’t have many of her hobbies or any “setting” type
pictures. So a few ideas I have: some more magical pictures,
some romantic pictures maybe, perhaps an Irish village. Once I have all my pictures gathered up, it’s
time to throw everything into a collage. Usually I use Instagram’s collage app since
I often am doing this on my phone, but today I’m using PicMonkey. I’ve been using PicMonkey for over three
years now, and have been recently using it for my collage thumbnails. I like it because I can edit the photos separately
before adding a filter to the whole thing. I like to keep the number of pictures between
four and six, depending on the size of the items in the photos. You don’t want too much going on, because
it’ll confuse the viewer. Download your favorites and then explore the
layouts available to you. I use the same basic one, with most pictures
about the same size as one another, closer to squares. Once you’re happy with the layout and how
they’re arranged, it’s time to add a filter to the whole thing. Explore them all. Brighten them, add contrast, whatever you
want to create the perfect feel for that character. And there you have it. Example number one complete. Next up is Theo, who if you’ve read TEP
you know is a Champion which means he’s this huge, burly guardian type. He’s been training to be a Champion his
whole life as his grandfather was a Champion and a Vikar back in his day. He’s got beautiful dark skin and is the
joker of the group. So I used pretty much the same techniques
to find pictures of him–although can we talk about how much time I spent trying to find
the perfect Theo? I’m talking hours. And it’s still not just what I’m imagining. Think a young Idris Elba. Again, assemble the pictures, and this time
we’re going for a rugged, fighter kind of theme. If that makes any sense. And there you have it. Whether you post these pictures on Instagram,
or you do most of your marketing on Facebook or Twitter, pictures like this are a great
way for people to quickly understand some aspect of your story. So that’s all I have for you guys today,
I hope that was super helpful! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram if
you want to see these aesthetics–I may have already posted one or both by the time this
video goes up. With that being said, make sure to check out
my brand new course, Dreamer to Doer, which launched last week! This course is all about the first steps of
finishing and publishing your novel: making the time, and having the focus and motivation
to write that book. The link to the product page is down below! Subscribe to this channel because I post new
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as it helps support my channel. I’ll see you next week where I’ll be talking
about taxes. Yaayyy! Specifically for the folks in the US. Until then, Happy writing!

51 thoughts on “Book Marketing | Making Aesthetics for Your Novel

  1. Great video!! I loooovvvee a good aesthetic and this was super helpful! I hope you and Steven and the baby are all doing great!

  2. I love this Channel ! It’s so inspirational for me 💜
    I’ve wanted to be an author since forth grade, I hate a 98 in writing and I write all the time, but I always kinda know my dreams probably won’t come true. This always picks me up though, it pushes me to not give up.

  3. Thank you for this!!!! I needed this. In my head it seems like it should be easy, but every time I try to make one of these I end up so frustrated! Either I just cannot find photos that speak to me, or creating the collage gets tedious. Is that normal or am I just missing something? Haha!

  4. I tried making an aesthetic for my novel once… spent like 5 hours down the internet/pintrest rabbit whole. I don’t have enough self-control to do this regularly hahah I’d never write!

  5. It's a nice idea in general, but you should have probably mentioned that it is not quite okay to just take anything from pinterest, where you don't own the rights, or where you did not ask the creator, if it is okay to use those pictures. Especially if you are using it for marketing purposes. It can get you in trouble too.

  6. I love making aesthetic boards. I can spend hours looking for the perfect combination of pictures, filters, and fonts and not get tired of it.

  7. I'm so glad you made this video. I use InDesign right now to make aesthetics and it's not really user friendly and takes forever. Thanks so much for making this!!

  8. Love this! I've been working on aesthetics but wasn't calling them that. Lol! I'll definitely have to look into picmonkey. 🙂 And thanks for mentioning the difficulty of finding people of color on Pinterest. I've been having the same struggle. Hopefully, as the number of diverse stories increases and diversity gets better in general it'll improve. Great video!! ❤

  9. Idris Elba's good. I've done this only in Photoshop. For my novel "Samskara" which is my version of Homer's "The Iliad" I decided to do these kinds of things for my characters. I haven't done it for my other novels "Caldera" and a book series I haven't come up with a name for yet. I find these sorts of "boards" for want of a better name for them, highly helpful in setting mood and whatnot for all my characters and settings.

  10. I need to make more aesthetics! I think the reason why I don't is cause I can get lost for hours looking up beautiful pictures lol. Lovely video, Vivien! Hope you're excited for this new year with a baby on the way 🙂

  11. I love making pintrest boards of aesthetics for my fictional world and characters, it has helped me immensely when I'm trying to dig deeper into a character or aspect of the world. Pictures somehow help me much more than filling out character info charts and such. As for your comment on finding pictures or aesthetics of colored people, I haven't found that problem at all. I can't remember the key words I've used but there is an endless supply of pictures, especially of ethnic tribes and such.

  12. These are so lovely to look at! How would you give credit, though, to the original owners of the images? I'd love to make grids like this, but I'm confused as to how crediting works on social media. Don't want to step on any creators' toes ♡♡♡

  13. Hi! Thanks for sharing this tip! I find it very inspiring and it also helps get back into a character or a mood when writing 🙂

  14. LOVE this! It's a great way to give readers an additional insight into the story!

    My only question is would there be copyright issues from taking the images from pinterest and/or online to market a novel?

  15. This was actually very helpful and very fun to watch! I'm also hoping to get around to making my own (and very first) aesthetics in a video very soon!

  16. I've been doing this all along without thinking of it lol to help get visual ideas for things. But I've been making my collages in MS paint. Lol

  17. This was an awesome video, thank you! I've used canva in the past, but it looks like you can do so much more photo editing with pic monkey, I'll have to check it out!!

  18. I didn't know what the term was before I started keeping pinterest pages full of inspirational images, but I started doing this for my stories and characters back in 2012. I'm happy to have a name for this! 🧜🏻‍♀️❤️🦄

  19. Not that this is of any importance, but when I'm spelling aesthetic, I usually think of it like aes – the – tic. That's what I do with a lot of complicated words because it isn't as hard to remember, or lose track of

  20. I never thought much about aesthetic boards or how they could be used for marketing… very interesting, thanks for sharing!

  21. I notice alot of fantasy and science fiction writers create aesthetics, does these work for contemporary, romance, mystery and thriller writers?

  22. I would just looove to make the aesthetic boards for my characters, I still haven't gotten around to (I'm still a little insecure ab oversharing on my social media), but I feel like they're coming very soon! 😀

  23. I love creating aesthetics, although I have g put them together into a single frame with multiple pictures like you have. Pinterest is awesome for finding inspiration for the look of my books!

  24. Hey Vivien! Thanks for putting this video together! I have a quick question!

    I was wondering, if I'm looking to use this aesthetic technique for marketing a published work or a work I hope to publish, how does copyright and such work for this sort of thing? Since all these pictures are not our own, should we be worried about giving credit to original photographers/digital artists, and if so, how does one go about doing that? Or since they're already up on an open site like Pinterest and Tumbler, is that something we just don't have to worry about?

    Thanks in advance! <3

  25. Thanks for pointing out the dearth of people of color on sites like Pinterest, et al. I recently went through this looking for images to use in a book cover and was frustrated at the limited selection. It's good to know it's not just me.

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