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hi everyone I'm Lisa and today we're going to be talking about advanced Facebook ads with Camila Guardia from heart behind hustle all right I know a lot of the time and you guys have so many trainings on Facebook ads or you all seem very beginner so let's talk about some really advanced strategies with someone who does this for a living [Applause] yeah so I'm the founder of carbine hustle and I'm a business coach and marketing strategist mostly working with female entrepreneurs like coaches experts authors and service based entrepreneurs as well so the biggest thing we look at is how do we increase your impact grow your community grow your audience and position you as an authority leader in your niche while increasing your sales as well so talk about what's different today versus five years ago yeah so in the Facebook ad world things change pretty much all the time so even a year ago you know things were quite a bit different in terms of what was actually relevant and works today so I mean five years ago three years ago there wasn't as much competition on on Facebook you know people were using Facebook for their own personal you know personal use and and there are businesses on there as well of course but it was much easier to actually get really good conversions because they were quite as many advertisers so you could pull up hook up put up in the ad as long as it stands out it typically does a good job now nowadays people are a little bit jaded when it comes to seeing ads because we're seeing ads everywhere so it's not so much about how can you stand out in the newsfeed it's more about how can you blend in in a way that makes you seem like you're just a part of this conversation and you're not necessarily screaming into people's faces because that's people are not going to relate to that very much now because nobody wants to see ads in the holidays so when it comes to your she will add how can you make sure you're showing up in a way that's going to intrigue people enough to actually click through and sometimes it's not going to be putting just your cover you know you cover a book book cover on the ad it's gonna be you're gonna have to test a couple different things but testing different things Instagram abs are also very popular right now making sure that you're taking advantage of retargeting and different split testing a lot of different things that a lot of people could get away without before but it's it's totally not the case anymore I think the biggest thing that I see people doing is boosting their posts for no reason whatsoever and let me back up for a second so when I say boosting posts there is a reason to boost your post if you are being strategic with it and there's a reason for why you want more track or why you want more engage amount in a post then great go for it but most of the people that are boosting their posts they first of all they don't actually even realize they're actually running ads they're like well I'm just boosting posts no that's an actual ad what you're doing when you're boosting is you're telling Facebook you want more engagement on a particular post so then these authors that entrepreneurs are surprised hey I boosted this post I didn't get any sales well it's because you told Facebook that all you wanted was more engagement right so you want to make sure that you're being very specific around what do you want these people to do if you want them to click through to go to your Amazon page then make sure that your objective is clicks to website not boosting or something else so you just have to get a little bit more detailed and specific when it comes to your ads versus just thinking that it's gonna be as simple as just clicking a button and hoping and praying that it works so Masey yes I love ads like that that's basically what it's showing before there basically is these ads that are showing up as more native within the news newsfeed so you know a lot of times what you can do is include photos of people or yourself or someone else that makes it seem like it's an actual photo that was taken by somebody real I mean the photo does have to be high quality so don't go taking one and like the dark with that you can't really see what it looks like what it is that's not gonna be a very good credibility marker for you but yeah I mean it's it's just a little bit different so people want to feel like they're engaged and they want to be invited into reading versus being forced into reading because if they're force if you're just like in their face with all these like borders and like attention and all these things they're just gonna keep scrolling pass and when no one is engaging with your ad then Facebook is going to notice that and it's going to give you a lower relevance score and therefore your ads might actually not be seen by very many people even if you have a bigger budget it's not uncommon for people to not even spend the entire budget because Facebook is just isn't showing it to people because no one cares and Facebook Facebook's main goal is to keep the newsfeed and the whole Facebook experience positive and engaging in a place where people can actually comment and feel good versus feel like they're just being advertised to so you have to keep in mind Facebook's algorithm and what they're looking to create as well as the user experience an odd sequence is basically when you're putting a couple of different ad campaigns together so it really depends on what the campaign is what is your overall objective so there's different people there's different types of people that would use ads for their books so some people I don't know if you're talking to nonfiction as ever but if you're a nonfiction author something that I see a lot of people doing is doing the the free plus shipping to get more book sales and then people are just paying for the shipping so that is basically a funnel right so you approach it a little bit differently where you actually have this asset of this page that you're sending to you can actually put pixels on those pages Facebook pixels and that is typically the ideal solution right because you get to send people to a page you can pixel these people and then if they did it by hand you know they didn't get to the thank you page after having purchased you can pixel those people – and then you know who'd landed on this page and didn't buy and they're you know creating some retargeting ads so that's always retargeting ads are always going to be your least expensive ads as long as the people that are landing on your pages are the right people and very often you're going to see incredible ROI on those so definitely use those as well and then if you have anything after that like maybe you have some upsells that you want people to buy maybe you have other ebooks then also pixel in these people that already purchased and getting them to see your other books as well or maybe you have other campaigns like tell a friend or buy a second one for half off or whatever it really depends on what it is that you're doing what the strategy looks like and then using ads to support that from there so it also depends on how experienced you are when it comes to Facebook Ads usually I recommend people to start off with image ads and the reason why is because images are much easier to create and easier to change and edit and tweak so because of this you know you just have one image if it's not working you can throw up another image and that's that's great now if you have a video while video works really well you want to make sure that you know there's a lot of other elements that are also right like the video quality is solid that the audio quality is solid what you're saying in the video is solid or maybe there's you're not saying anything at all maybe it's just an animation but there's so many more elements that you're testing so many more variables that are added that it's a lot harder to test because you don't know why particular ad might be working or not is it because if the copy is the video what is it so for most people I do recommend they start off with image ads and then if they want to build more of that know like and trust factor maybe they want the the author truck should feel more like an expert and they want to build that credibility and that presence for the author herself then you know using video might be a really good fit because people really connect with video in a much deeper way so good question I actually don't like using any split testing tools I use everything within the app manager used to be power editor and now they're merged together and it's one same tool I really find that the results tend to be much easier and better and you don't spend as much money the reason why I'm not a big fan of split testing tools is I like at espresso and things like that is unless you have a really big budget it really doesn't make sense for you to use these tools because it's going to be I mean it creates so many variables and unless you have a bigger budget you're not gonna really know which one of these is performing better so I always do all my split tests natively in the ads manager and it tends to work pretty well yeah good that's that's good so um I would say I would I would recommend anywhere a bigger budget is anywhere for an author I would say above $100 per day it could be even more than that and if you're spending less than $100 a day I would consider you know just just not going with the crazy tools and things like that and then what are some key success criteria Facebook Ads manager should demonstrate before hiring them in case people are watching this and thinking okay great I just want to hire this yeah so if you're looking to hire it out and you're looking for the right person you know I would definitely find out who has this person worked with what are the results that they've gotten and really understanding like who do they like working with what's their favorite industry and and just understanding like their preferences now from their really understanding what is their background and what is their experience have the only run Facebook ads for themselves or have they actually run them for clients because there's a lot of people out there that are not very expensive but it's because they maybe just took a course and now they're trying to figure it out and maybe they've run some ads in there on their own but haven't really done it with clients now there's also you know Facebook ads are definitely a science but there's also an art to it so make sure that you're working with someone that has actually been using Facebook ads for quite a while versus being newer so usually you know that means the budget that you have towards the Facebook ad manager needs to be higher because I mean honestly I think it's worth it because they're going to set up your ads in a way that is going to be set up for conversion for getting you results so either to spend the money upfront for the right person versus hiring someone that doesn't really know what they're talking about maybe they're saying things that you know make you feel like they know but they really don't maybe they're using outdated strategies that don't work anymore and they're cheaper right but then you have to hire someone else to actually fix the work that they did and you know they were running all the ads and and I just see it all the time where people are hiring these people that are cheaper and you know the quality of work definitely correlates with that too yeah so if you want to talk about Facebook ads and you want some support you can go to heart behind hustle calm there's a contact page on there and you can let me know what you're looking to create and why do you need Facebook Ads I'm not gonna let you know if working with me or maybe getting one of my courses is going to be the best next step for you so thanks so much for being on today sharing all your awesome secrets so just to recap for everyone we talked about Facebook Ads what worked five years ago or even a year ago versus what's working today the old strands you should abandon asking ads ad sequences we talked about video versus images split testing tools when you talk to ask about an expressive versus the Facebook Ads manager as well as key criteria if you've decided you want to just outsource this all and hire a Facebook Ads manager as well as how to hire Kela if you'd like to hire her so we hope you found this helpful and you can see you guys later

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  1. Great advice on outsourcing for FB ads with someone who is only trying to work out their mistakes on your dime. Always go with experienced ads manager.

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