Book Haul | September 2019

Hi everyone, I’m here today to do my
September book haul. As always all of the books I mention will be linked in the
description box down below if you’d like to go and find out more. First off, Anna
sent me a copy of her new book. This is Pages and Co: Tilly and the Book of
Lost Fairy tales. This is the second in her Pages & Co series. I did a podcast
with Anna when her first book came out last year which I’ll link down below if
you would like to go and have a listen. Bookwandering is something that Tilly
can do; she can go into the books in the bookshop that her grandparents own
and it’s got a great magical system going on. Rather hilariously this book,
The Book of Lost Fairytales is coming out exactly the same day as Franklin and
Luna and the Book of Fairy Tales, both of which are about getting its lost inside
a book of fairy tales, completely by coincidence, so if you have
really young people in your life go for the Franklin and Luna; if you have slightly
older children in your life then go for this one. If you’re an adult, go for both, I
don’t know, anyway I’m looking forward to reading this one because I’m sure it
will be delightful. Then I bought this which is The Memory
Police. It’s a new novel by Yoko Ogawa this is translated from the Japanese by
Stephen Synder. This seems to be the opposite of her book The housekeeper and the Professor. This is an island where
everyone doesn’t have a memory but one person does and someone is keen to write
down all of their memories before they get collected by The Memory Police and
everyone forgets again. The island itself appears to have no memory. I think that
sounds like a really interesting premise. I also bought this book which is another
book by Maylis De Kerangal, translated from the French by Sam Taylor and this
is a very very short book, it says “this is a riveting dissection of the world of
a gifted self-taught French chef, a skinny young man called Moreau who is
both passionate about his work and full of questions about its meaning.” I just
love her writing style so I am keen to read more by her. I purchased this book
of short stories which is called Black Light like Kimberly King Parsons, it
says these stories shine light on the deepest darkest desires, the desires that
we do not want to talk about because they’ve
been swallowed by the darkness. It says that “she illuminates the ache of first
love, the banality of self-loathing, the scourge of addiction, the myth of
marriage and the magic and inevitable disillusionment of childhood.”
I then accepted this book for review which is by Nicki French, I don’t
think I’ve ever read any books by Nicki French which is a husband-and-wife team
writing under one name but as I mentioned recently in a wrap-up I’m very
much into crime/thrillers at the moment so when I was approached by this I said
I would give it a go. This is called The Lying Room. It says “a trusted colleague
and friend, a mother, a wife Neve Connolly is all of these things… is she also a
murderer?” I was sent this book for review which is The Illness Lesson by Clare
Beams. I’ve tried her short story collection
which is called…. it’s written in here, two seconds… it is called We Show What We Have Learned and I wasn’t a huge fan of it but this novel sounds
really interesting it’s about a school for girls where an illness starts
affecting all of the young girls living there and the female staff as well, and
then they have to appeal to the men there who are looking at their health.
I think it’s going to be a commentary on the way that female health is perceived
in our society and how often drugs for women haven’t been tested as thoroughly
as drugs for men have been tested, for example, and also how female pain is
viewed. I’m guessing that that is the basis for this book but it’s told
through this dystopian setting. I’m getting vibes of Only Ever Yours and
stuff like that, so I’m interested to see what this one is like. I read the very beginning and thought it was very beautifully written
it says “the first of the birds Caroline mistook for her own mind’s work. When she saw the
streak of red across the kitchen windowpane, fast disastrous bright, she
thought it was some bloody piece come loose inside herself” and I just thought
that was gorgeous. I was also sent this book for
review which is The Dutch house by Ann Patchett. I’ve never read any Ann Patchett it
but I know that Mercedes loves her so I would really like to get to he. For some
reason in my head I think she’s going to be like Maggie O’Farrell and Tracy Chevalier smushed together… I have no idea if that is an accurate representation of what
her writing is like at all! The blurb doesn’t really give away too much at all,
it’s about a man called Danny and his sister Maeve and their father brings
home a woman called Andrea which enacts a banishment. The decades pass
and Danny and his sister are drawn back time and time again to this place which
they can no longer access and get into. Their mother is also missing.
It seems really murky and I quite like a blurb that doesn’t have too much detail.
I really hate it when you find out far too much from the few paragraphs written
inside, so I’m intrigued by that. Faber then sent me this book for a view by Akwaeke Emezi. I haven’t read their books before but heard great things about
them from Ayobami Adebayo, who is also from Nigeria, and their book Freshwater
was longlisted for the Women’s Prize this year. This is their first middle
grade which sounds intriguing it says “Pet is here to hunt a monster,
are you brave enough to look? There are no monsters anymore, also thought the
children … no, there are no monsters anymore also… oh my goodness, why can’t I speak today? There are no monsters anymore or so the children in the city
of Lucile have been taught. (There we go) Jam and his best friend Redemption (great
names) have grown up with this lesson all their lives, but when Jam meets Pet she
begins to question what she’s been told. Pet has come to hunt the evil lurking in
Redemption’s house.’ I love that. Finally I was sent this book for review by
counterpoint press, it’s The Beadworkers by Beth Piatote. This is a short story
collection that is about Native American history and family life, and one of the
short stories in here is a retelling of Antigone as well. It says that ‘formerly
inventive, witty and generous, the works in this singular debut collection draw on
indigenous aesthetics and forms to offer a powerful sustaining vision of
of native life in the Americas.’ So I’m really looking forward to getting to this one
too. So those are all the books that I have picked up recently or have been
sent for a review, as I said I’ll link all of them in the description box down
below if you would like to go and find out more. Have you read any of these
books? If you have, let me know. Let me know if you’d like to pick any of these
up, as well. I hope you had a great start to the week and I’ll speak to you very
soon. Lots of bookish love. Bye! x

24 thoughts on “Book Haul | September 2019

  1. I’m a total Ann Patchett stan so I’m hoping you love her too! If you like her writing I recommend trying out State of Wonder and Commonwealth. Great books. And I just purchased black light as well… I’m kind of hoping it gives me some really dark vibes kind of like Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang. Great haul, definitely going to have to pick a few of these up myself. Cheers!

  2. I hear so much about The Memory Police… definitely one I want to get to ❤️ Great haul …can't wait to see how you get on with them . ❤️

  3. Really looking forward to picking up The Dutch House and The Memory Police from what I know of the blurbs. can't wait to get through my current reading list!

  4. Memory Police sounds very interesting – I've read a few of her books and liked them all so I will most likely buy that one.

  5. I'm here for all the books about books and travelling into books, and shall get to both Tilly and Franklin + Luna. (The latter with my nephew.) I've a Netgalley edition of The Memory Police to get to, and have heard some good things. Hope you enjoy all the books and are having a bloomin' marvellous week.

  6. I have The Dutch House in pre order, love the cover and the Waterstones special edition has sprayed edges. The Illness Lesson sounds very interesting

  7. The Memory Police wasn’t for me at all 😢. I listened to it as an audiobook, maybe I should have read it on paper. I couldn’t make any sense of it, at some point I wondered whether it was a tale about Alzheimer’s or dementia. Grim. Looking forward to your impressions of it! 😉

  8. Hey there, it is me Lin, from the Book event in Stockholm. I totally forgot to give you my IG in case you'd like to check it out. It is @creattalent and the illustration is of Louise Brooks 🙂

  9. I read the novel Bel Canto by Ann Patchett and also her non-fiction book Truth and Beauty, about her friendship with Lucy Grealy (author of Autobiography of a Face). I loved them both, especially the touching story of her friendship with Lucy, and highly recommend both of them.

  10. The Dutch House came up as a recommended read on my Kindle. I was intrigued and confused by the blurb but really want to read it. The Memory Police sounds amazing. Great haul 🙂

  11. Since you said the Dutch house seems like a mash up between Tracy Chevalier and Maggie o Farrel, I think I’d like to pick that one up for a read

  12. Haven't read her latest, but I love Ann Patchett. Some of my favorites are BelCanto, Truth & Beauty, State of Wonder, Commonwealth. I guess I love everything she does.

  13. Hi Jen, no idea why YT recommended this video to me but once their algorithms got it right. Love it! 💕👍 😍Rummaged around on your channel a bit and yeah – upbeat, inspiring, quirky (add another 100 or so positive adjectives here). 😄So I had to press that subscription button.
    Have not read any of the books you mention but will have to get Pages & Co as I love books that have other books as their world. Your description made me think of Cornelia Funke's Inkheart trilogy.
    The Illness Lesson and The Beadworkers also sound very interesting.
    "Lots of bookish love" from Dublin 💞💞

  14. I also have never read any Ann Patchett and also know that Mercedes' loves her! I have The Commonwealth, but maybe I should add The Dutch House to that and JUST READ SOME ANN! xxx

  15. I love Ann Patchett's novels & am SO excited for The Dutch House. Recently bought The Memory Police & hope to start it soon – bit worried that it won't live up to the premise!

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