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Omg… I am so excited with this giveaway🙌..
I would love to win this book because I always wanted to read about an Indian Paulo coelho…and I really love Indian authors as they write in Indian manner… And here is a chance to win a Indian author who is also called Indian paulo coelho then why not read..And I am gonna start a channel like you that is totally inspired by you and if I win this giveaway then my first video is gonna be about the book I won from you… I really mean it…. So fingers crossed(I am praying every day to win😋)
And I am a complete

main bahut sare paulo coelho ke book padha hu to i think ye book aap mujhe de skte ho aur main ye book akle nhi balki apne puri socity ko read krne ke liye dunga promish. soooo u pleaseeee give me this book

I love books and finding the good ones is a difficult task for me .

Your channel helps me to find the perfect book of the genre i like the most .
I am sure i will love the book given in the giveaway .

That's why i wanna win

मैम ,मै रोज सोचता हू कि एक बुक खत्म कर दू पर 3-4 दिन लग जाते है और बोरियत भी होने लगती है । मै ये पूछना चाहता हू कि क्या कोई येसा तरीका है जिससे एक दिन मे एक बुक पढी जा सके ?

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