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Book Friends Forever This is so much fun. I just love sleepovers. Please thank your folks for letting us have the sleep over in your house. Thank you Bob, for offering to look after us while they are away. Hey! Our show is on. Oh no! We will miss the show. My tablet isnt charged! We can’t watch anything till the power comes back. Oh No, What will we do? How about we tell each other stories? That sounds great. I know the story of Little Red Riding Hood. But we already know that story. How about Rapunzel? Heard that too. How about stories you have never heard before? But how do we know stories we have never heard before? Ah! I remember your mother putting these books away in this cupboard. Here are many stories you have never heard before. You have been neglecting your BFFs. BFFs? Book Friend Forever. A book is great It is your best mate
You learn a bit when you sit In a nook with a book A lovely story it can tell It can hold you in a spell You will feel so good If you sat or stood In a nook with a book. Oh this is such an awesome story. It’s about a dragon that dances Mine is about a boy in a jungle… My book is about a school of magic. Wow! The jackal in my book is so clever. I am learning new things. Ha ha ha. My book is so funny. Its about an adorable, naughty dog. Ha ha ha. The books will never leave you
So much they can teach you Open your mind a new world you’ll find In a nook with a book. Yeah! Ah! The power is back on. Shall we go back to our TV show? Kids? Oh Come on Bob! Do you really want to watch TV? Why don’t you pick up a good book? Yeah Bob, this is so much more fun. Its so wonderful. I will have so many new stories to tell now. Shhhh! I want to read. Are you all ready to find a BFF? A Book Friend Forever? They are just amazing Because you can have fun while learning new things And also improve your language. So find a nook and sit with a book But make sure you have enough light to protect your eyes. Go on..give it a try. Have a wonderful day filled with joy, laughter and learning! See you soon.

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  1. Hello Kids, Watch Book Friends Forever Bob The Train Cartoon Shows for Babies By Kids TV And Have A Wonderful Learning Time! #Kidstv

  2. i love tis episode it is so adorable and really funny please more funny episodes this one made me laugh and yes bob i love to read books and yes it helps me improve my language and it makes me feel so good and guess what tomorrow is easter sunday i love you have an awesome day filled with joy laughter and learning i can't wait for more songs to learn i am so excited for the feature i will see you everyday for songs dance routines and more i enjoyed this episode it was awesome please don't forget to put a comment in the comment section below

  3. Happy Easter 🐣 🐰 !πŸ₯š! 🀣Great Video ! 🐰🌸🐀πŸ₯šπŸŽ€πŸ‡

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