Book Dash: creating open-licensed children's books

and we're here in the Central Library we have plenty working really hard to create 10 children's books in 12 hours all of the children's books are going to be open licensed so that we can easily translate edits and distribute them to get them into the hands of kids for cash the project to put more children's books in the world and if we want to make them properly successful we have to be able to print them cheaply and share them widely and translate them easily and so we've got a whole lot of volunteers making books for 12 hours and by the end of today we'll have a lot of open licensed children's books that we can print and give away we're here today is a kind of grand experiment in trying to impact or help out the literacy crisis in in some way in South Africa so I mean our aim and goal today is to create books that can be used to support other illiteracy initiatives that are doing such good work in Cape Town and Durban South Africa as a whole we have a big vision that we would like every child to own a hundred books by the age of five and if we want to do that we've got to make a lot a lot of books that we can that we can very cheaply print and give away because in South Africa you can get more children reading at a young age will grow a bigger publishing literary industry will have smaller leaders more entrepreneurial business people and in general will be a better society for it I really believe in Arthur's vision of creating a great quantity of books the children can access I love the idea of letting this country with that creating a reading culture teamwork I thinking about getting books out to children in the world and you know being able to read and have access to books is an incredible thing that all of us take for granted some child somewhere will read a book one day and really enjoy personally I love the idea I think that every child needs a lot of books and as many books as possible and these books need to be relevant in South African and there needs to be accessible first of all and this is a great way to go about doing that we're hoping that we'll be able to expand book – on to a kind of year long scale hopefully that will operate nationally so that we can have artists designers and writers for around the country contributing towards stories that will influence the lives of children from here we have to grow from strength to strength and do a lot more events producing a lot more books we're going to be involving a lot of sponsors in printing books starting with our first printed book giveaway on the 18th of July on my deeper day after that hopefully we'll be giving away a lot more books and a lot more places all around South Africa

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