Book Bucket List Challenges You To Read 100 Novels

40 thoughts on “Book Bucket List Challenges You To Read 100 Novels

  1. I just received this today for Christmas and it’s very lovely and I love the simplicity of the poster! Just a warning to anyone who plans on hanging this on a wall that is not a completely smooth wall, be VERY careful scratching because I scratched a bit to hard and rubbed off the actual book image. If you do have a slightly bumpy wall I suggest either rubbing it off with a lot of patience and not too much pressure or taking the poster off and scratching on a smooth surface. Anyways super cool poster ☺️❤️📚

  2. Why isn't the charmed children of rookskill catsle in there. THAT BOOK IS MY NUMBER 1 FAVE 😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩. It was rly good and I finished it in a day cuz it was rlyyy good and it has 60 chapters and I'm only 8

  3. I was recently reading a book after really long. I have been reading ebooks for a while now. So yeah I was reading from an actual book and I smelled it and said the exact same thing. ' I love the smell of books ' . Man I need a run in to a bookstore soon .

  4. I really like to support local businesses, so I usually go to a non chain book store, like if you agree

  5. Yessss! His Dark Materials! It was my favorite book series as a kid! If anyone reads this comment, tell me what your favourite book/series is! My current favourite is the Illuminae files! Also I love Marissa Meyer's books!

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