Bonnie Tyler – I Need a Hero (Lyrics)

37 thoughts on “Bonnie Tyler – I Need a Hero (Lyrics)

  1. You guys might’ve come from shrek or detective pikachu or regular show.well i am from a random video legacy of hentai haven.

  2. If you are a women looking for a man to be your hero you will be disappointed. Look for the hero in side yourself.

  3. Fairy Godmother shredding it at the wedding got me to this
    Saw detective pikachu trailer, and immediately thought of Shrek when coming ot the video
    This song is from the pikachu detective trailer.

  4. so.. this song says "i need a hero".. but the song "I don't need another hero" by Tina says otherwise.. what the F am i suppose to do. tell me, as a man of principles, manners and customs, please, tell me what to do!!

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