Bollywood Rewind-Naqsh Lyallpuri-Lyricist On 15th May 2016

13 thoughts on “Bollywood Rewind-Naqsh Lyallpuri-Lyricist On 15th May 2016

  1. Naqash Lyallpuri has been a renowned lyricist. I have liked a large number of his songs in various films which had been seen by me. I like and respect this great Writer

  2. My Salute to Naksh Sahab for giving such meaningful poetry which is directly entering to our hearts & will remain forever. Aise logon ko mere Salaam,Pranaam 🙏🙏

  3. Great lyrics who wrote songs of heart touching like – mai to har modpar tuzsko dundu sada film chetana .

  4. The Old man still has more wisdom in his simple words than all the retarded anglicized rascals of current times in Hindi film Industry put together.

  5. Lyallpur was an institution of Kabaddi players, poets, priests and all that could become a phenom. Now, as Faisalabad it's just a shadow of shit Arabia.

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