Blurb Tutorial – How to Publish A Book in eBook, Hardcover, Trade Paperback, Pocket Size Format

32 thoughts on “Blurb Tutorial – How to Publish A Book in eBook, Hardcover, Trade Paperback, Pocket Size Format

  1. Hey.. Im new to blurb.. I have doubt about the earnings. Can we really make money by uploading ebooks?.. I had published more than 50 books on Amazon kindle but recently they terminated my account. I lost my huge earnings on ebook publishing.. Please i need ur advice..

  2. what would you say of how long is the process of self-publishing with Blurb? And can you get a free ISBN with the service?

  3. Blurb has changed their system so you have to use a program called Book Wright now – much more difficult than it used to be.

  4. I’m having a hard to finding out how to get my trade book listed on Amazon. Seems like it’s harder to put a trade book there than it was a photo book.

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  6. Thank you for this useful information!
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  7. Dear all, thanks for your great work at Blurb. It gives a whole news dimension to self-publishing and a bunch of new possibilities too. I wonder how people can say that books and publishing are dead !
    I an trying to publish a book my late father wrote 30 years ago… He had ony one published a few years before… It would be a great Xmas phase for my Mum !
    Onty, I'v trier ton import the text in RTF format and all the french letters with accents seem to be doubled in the process : établi (established) woud become éétabli and so on. Any solution ? You do non seen to have a plug-un for Quarq Xpress, don't you ? Too Bad 🙁

  8. I have 28,000 words in this software and it keeps crashing when I edit how the paragraphs sit. So frustrating. This is an important work and when I [select all] and copy and paste into Microsoft word, the formatting is terrible. I'm literally at a stand still because I'm doing more recovering from crashes and/or re-doing my whole project between these two programs with the layout and line spacing. I need your honest advice. Should I just stop using this windows version of BookSmart and write the rest of my 30,000 words in Microsoft word? I need some supportive advice. Thankyou.

  9. Thank you for this video. My software is a tad bit different than yours. Maybe a upgraded version,.What's the preferred aspect ratio for the cover in this program?

  10. I added page numbers in top corner and want to switch to bottom corner. I cant seem to take the top corner page numbers go away. !!! HELP !!!

  11. My word manuscript has the pictures already set up, it has been reviewed by a professional book editor, it has been set up in the manner of a book (off-set left and right margins) pagination, title and chapter identification, cover page in .psd file etc. Can I bring both these items into book smart and set it up to Blurb specifications? 

  12. The order number 4108304 4132717 the customer service request is  #258374 # 251611 #262086 PLEASE PASS IT ON, YOU CAN TAKE A SCREENSHOT AND EMAIL TO EILEEEN. If my friend knew about a client complaining I hope they would call me immediately! 

  13. I have had the most horrible experience with Blurb. You can look up my twitter account to see screen shot of my month long email correspondence with Blurb regarding my 1st and only order. 

  14. Hi Tim, great intro to the Blurb BookSmart tool. They have a new tool called BookWright. Have you tried using it yet? If so, how does it compare?
    Thanks for a great video.

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