Blurb BookWright: Using RTF to Publish a Novel

hello everyone let's talk about using RTF files to publish your novel for those of you who don't know an RTF file is a rich text format file that you can find by using most word processing programs you simply work on your document and then save it as an RTF file and it will be ready to import into the blurb software and let me show you how this works up here at the top you have the text file button and when I click on that I get an ADD RTF files button and when I click on that I go to my desktop where I have an RTF file waiting and hit open it imports that file here into book right now to use the file it's as simple as dragging it into the document below it brings up a window that asked me what kind of containers I want to use and I'm just gonna choose this one and when I hit apply layout watch what happens look here on the left that entire document is now automatically placed into all of these pages it's as simple and easy as that so good luck and happy bookmaking

One thought on “Blurb BookWright: Using RTF to Publish a Novel

  1. Well, NO it's NOT that simple!!! When you do it, there are borders and the text goes outside of it. Then it gets all confusing.

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