Blueface calls himself the best lyricist in the game #blueface #hiphop

yeah when I was a kid that we did Show and Tell and all that nigga's wanted to be regular you know careers in the 90s when he was kid I want to be a rapper yeah it wasn't – it was like that one kid that always wanted to be a rabbit it was always one or two yeah yeah nine thirty yeah cuz the degree of difficulty is so low and hip-hop right now and I can't blame anybody to think and make a trap cause when you turn on the radio or you go to the club after the shit is so trashed so watered down that's why everybody think they can do it now when I was growing up and I heard nas biggie I didn't think I could do that shit they was doing it was impeccable yeah it was it was a different time in in the art was different now you know the art is just this instant you know like how everything else out here is instant and the reason it's like that is because well how long does a album last these days what was the last album that you played over I actually you know to me this first start of the year I thought 2019 was garbage compared to last year all the album's I really fucked with this year for real I like the babies album realest bumping that yeah yeah Freddie Gibbs and madly I called that I'm still playing that yeah that Island was dope Jimmy Jimmy um Jim Jones hey you know El Chapo I thought to have aspire I thought it was to but it didn't get as much replay I guess because we yeah so I so let's so let's judge these these albums we're talking about on replay value so the replay value on what Freddie Gibbs and mad libs that bad and it's like Shannon I'm a fan of Freddie and Madeline out big trip for the album out yeah I heard that's pretty dope I heard oh I couldn't get past the first nine tracks so how many tracks is on it it's like 18 and that's one thing about me I'm like yo put the replay value so low like Chris Brown put out an album two weeks ago they got 30 tracks come on you're gonna shake niggas the whole year to listen the whole day at work but you know the baby album was really value on that because I've never listened to a lot of them on assault on a radio and yeah what is that dead sure get so I heard that track I was like oh that nigga actually can rat because yeah if you like to me when I hear like a new artist today I'm thinking all them niggas of like singing rapping with the author who like and it's fucked up that I don't even give niggas the benefit of the video on YouTube on a double XL freshmen list and I sit it on maybe how many of them was it like nah I might have shitted on six of them and it was like oh you gotta check out rowdy rich you gotta check out the Arawak good you got a you know I still haven't gotten around to it but I mean some people to try to tell you is sometimes you'd be surprised catch tan right you know I look at some of the you know when I look at that list when it first came out you had Jay Cole Kendra I was like oh yeah I'll know you think he gonna be around the way he's spending his money and in fact that he's with Birdman I probably didn't like it damn he got two girlfriends you know so man oh yeah he definitely even leading I'm gonna let another song because you can't that that lifestyle with two girls yeah and I thought the honesty is getting kind of old so I mean I'm kinda that she's all like after the first month I had no replay value yeah well songs that came out save you Airy arts mmm I'm still hear it every now and then but yeah I don't think the way rap is the hole that you get they phase you out eventually I mean hey over 35 40 years old on the radio unless it's like jay-z obviously Jay got the he got Beyonce in his back pocket oh you got Rick Ross rivero's probably the only nigga I could think of a 40-day still gets played you know along a string we got to give it up to Ross know even though fuckers don't want to give him his his Lydon g82 niggas they're the niggas got an ear for beats yeah and his flow is impeccable man yeah he's nice he's nice I don't like him as a character but he's is I can't do not never denied it but he's my li the only person I could think of over 40 that's you hear on the radio so to answer your question I don't know honestly what am i a me-too got a release date finally oh yeah even niggas 9 ok they're gonna push it back to August but I don't know man cuz they this business it's not designed for you to be in it for 20 years strong it still be relevant usually the people that are relevant are people who are going movies television they had to move on to another outlet of entertainment

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