Bloodborne Cut Content :: The Door Behind The Cleric Beast :: Unused Shortcut

hello everyone and welcome to another video today we're going to take a look at one very small bit of cut content from blood-borne but one that has been a mystery to fans for so long I figured it did deserve its own albeit short video but do stick around to the end as I'll have one other little bonus bit of cut content for you to see you all with that said let's take a look at the door at the end of the Great Bridge so here we see this door as it appears in the final game there's no way to interact with it no prompt or anything at all and throughout the game this door never opens no matter what we do so let's just quickly take a look at what is literally behind this door as you can see there's nothing of use back here just a completely empty area with parts of the Great Bridge in surrounding areas colliding through it haphazardly you can't interact with the door from the other side either let's also take a quick look behind the gate here as well but as you could already see from the other side we just have more messy assets here and no actual unique areas back here however very strangely there is a lever floating down below this area there's no way to actually walk down there as it's literally floating in space but if I carefully lower myself down to it I can pull the lever despite it being invisible once I get down to its level it makes a lot of noise but otherwise it does nothing now many of you likely already know but if we head into Cathedral Ward and down below the plaza we come to a room full of incense burners this room is literally cold internally former shortcut room this serves to confirm something mini fans have already assumed and that is that this door which cannot be opened is actually the other side of the door on the great bridge once again if we pass through this door we find that not only is there nothing on the other side but the door itself is not actually a door object it's just a picture of a door on the wall which cannot be edited removed or forced open at all no matter how we hack the game it is literally just a picture of a door drawn on the wall which is why it has no backside another interesting bit of trivia if we quit the game while standing in this room then reload as we leave the room we are introduced to cathedral ward further showing that this room was once a path between central yharnam and cathedral ward just to further demonstrate how the great bridge door and the door in the former shortcut room connect let's fly out over the edge of the plaza and as you can see it lines up perfectly and we can even see the item chests glitching through the geometry near the door so unfortunately in the end even if we could force these doors open there would be nothing on the other side in the final game but what if we go back to the blood-borne alpha demo that was shown at Tokyo Game Show in 2014 let me just say that I love how you can see the cleric beasts shadow on the ground here in the Alpha demo of blood-borne this door actually has a prompt saying that it cannot be opened from this side so we head to the former shortcut room in Cathedral Ward to check it out from here the way the hunters shadow is visible on these incense burners really helped you appreciate how amazing the lighting was back in the Alpha demo there's no chests at the end of the hallway like there would be in the final game also unlike the final game the door here is literally a door rather than just a picture of one and we can simply open it from here unfortunately the developers have placed an invisible barrier at the door just for the demo to stop players finding ways to glitch through it but as you can see the Great Bridge loads correctly on the other side even though we can't literally pass through the doorway it's great to see for the first time this door actually open and showing the complete shortcut design as it was once intended to appear in the game after opening the door if we return to the other side we still can't pass through for now that's about all there is left to discover about this door I think in the final game even if we delete or force the door open Cathedral Ward will never load and the opposite side on Cathedral Ward doesn't even have a functional door at all well we're left with is what we can discover in the game's alpha demo with that being the case I'm going to leave it here for now but I am going to leave you with one more bit of cut content from the alpha demo a bit of music called false god him this song is also in the final game but it's dramatically different being sung entirely in Latin and it's called hail the nightmare on the official soundtrack this version of the song is complete nonsense and seems mostly synthesized it's a song intended to accompany amygdala in some way with that said if you enjoyed this video and would like to see more like it do take a moment to hit the subscribe button and please check the links in the description for more information about how to follow 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20 thoughts on “Bloodborne Cut Content :: The Door Behind The Cleric Beast :: Unused Shortcut

  1. So I guess that covers a lot of the technical aspects of this door, but the question still remains: WHY DID THEY REMOVE THIS? What do youse think?

  2. If anybody's interested, this is Lance's tweet about the byrgenwerth infamous trap door:

    Also a later tweet where he says he found a hidden lever in byrgenwerth

    Still, we still don't bloody know what's inside that damn thing.

  3. 6:30 damn you! Find that lever in that Alpha version and PULL IT. why must you leave; it probably has a function at that point in time!!!!

  4. I can't believe this game is 2 years old and we're still finding this cut content. It's amazing, also that song scares me in game, but this version is absolutely terrifying.

  5. Amygdala are creepy and also bad ass as fuck!! Wish u could fight one as big as this on on the building.. the one we battle in the game is tiny lol.

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