Blippi Visits The Aquarium | Educational Fish and Animals for Kids and Toddlers

hey it's me and today we're honestly in Scottsdale Arizona this is gonna be awesome I think Jake you and I should learn about some animals whoa look at this place oh there's a kind of like grand drop okay this is gonna be so much fun you whoa did you see them I just used two fingers on the back of the head in the back of this Russian sturgeon oh it looks like you liked it whoa it feels so cool it's hard it also has kind of a layer of a slippery sludge on it it helps keep all the parasites away oh here's another one that is awesome whoa did you see that I just touched the Stingray nice and gently with my two fingers on its back whoa okay let's another one pull here's one right over here oh that's silly who come over here [Applause] there's so many of them oh look at that one it's just resting on the ground that's a different kind huh oh here comes one hey I'll describe what it feels like it kind of feels oh here's one more oh yeah I really know what it feels like now it feels like wet gummy bear oh so slippery and soft at the same time but firm as well Oh fun he blew me what are you doing oh just sitting here looking at my favorite fish the paddlefish whoo paddlefish that's pretty cool it is well see you later behind the scenes of the aquarium oh this is awesome whoa so many co-workers here oh we're on top of the McCleary oh no that water in those fish down there whoa okay follow me oh so much tanks wetsuits whoa okay we need to take this fish to the Sharks I bet they're really hungry mom okay whoever drew that this is a good artist it shows the different parts of the shark the gills you're welcome what's your name my name's Deacon EU this is Bannion what are you doing here is your fish tail matter so this is pretty cool seeing someone else good but hey can I feed some sharks let's put the gloves on so then white hands don't smell like fish for weeks okay all right I got my gloves on oh there we go one bump two gloves all right now what do I do fish market that you brought up for kitchen and we'll head over here there's no barriers okay [Applause] if that takes the risk or is that tasty oh that was so much fun oh she's speaking a turtle so many cool things okay she's beating Greta recognize me and this is Greta do you see Greta hey Greta ooh what is Greta like to eat lettuce bell peppers cucumbers and carrots sounds like Greta is really healthy can I try feeding Greta how do I do it it's a little bit rather hungry there you go Greta it's really big you know how much Greta weigh 100 pounds [Applause] okay let's do a big piece let's watch Brenna eat a whole piece you go that's a big piece of lettuce come on since we just touched some animals I think we should use this restroom and wash our hands let's go oh okay welcome to the back this room is under water in this restroom actually one the best restroom in America wash your hands and fish wool this is awesome pretty cool alright I wash my hands now I'll go dry them you enjoy the view [Applause] oh hey let's go down the escalator to the deep ocean oh look now it's like we're underwater look this way oh that's awesome I present to you the potion Hey hello hey so this is a sea line there's another one over here oh it's so big Wow there's actually a seal in here as well let's go try and find it ha let's see oh here it is hello see that right here this is a seal hi so there's three sea lions in here in one seal in the easiest way to tell the difference is this I'll show you so if you're a sea lion you use your front flippers to basically walk but seals don't do that seals oh you're curious huh so curious hello so that's a sea lion so it walks with its flippers they're actually really smart animals see how its following me I'll try and change directions whoa okay and seals they don't walk like that you know this is a sea lion sea lion and a seal they don't have that much power right here and it's kind of short and stubby so this is what they do so they just kinda wattle oh hello that's silly Wow what magnificent creatures check them out a little bit more [Applause] penguins yeah we're behind the scenes at the aquarium and we're gonna meet some penguins come on okay let's walk nice and slow and very quiet as well this is hutch hey what do you do here I work with the Penguins and the reptiles do you see the Penguins back there these are only two penguins here hey let's grab a toy let's see some more penguins [Applause] a lot of movement with their toys so we have violet a determining the liberties a mine it looks like it's joined my shadow huh that does happen so anyway like contrasting colors they also can see colors really well okay although they're Birds they're going to acting like kitty cats huh just a little bit they do like to play with a lot of different types of toys and just like kitty cats they tell us when they want to be touched okay interesting it's pretty cool penguins here these are from climbing penguins I guess you have learned something every day okay let's take a seat right over here and then hutch is gonna bring a penguin over so excited I get it to touch a penguin Hey so I'm gonna touch the penguin with two fears gently on its back [Applause] you helped so soft did you know penguins have 70 feathers per square inch yeah they're really small and really dense what does that mean when she shakes her head so that means she's really happy I hope she doesn't want a kiss oh no this is a little blue penguin it's pretty small whoa this board has the sizes of different penguins Oh like the penguin I met today an African penguin whoa and they just keep getting bigger whoa whoa look how big they're getting oh look how big this penguin is whoa four feet tall 1.3 meters high jeez look how big it is oh wow that's a really big penguin Oh – can I see see it's me kinda looks like the shape of a banana a really colorful banana there's another part over here and all a colorful parrot hey how are you Oh looks like it's yellow blue and on its head it's green hey hey there's another animal right over here I want to show you come on look look at this animal it's moving really slow do you know an animal this is this is a slaw let's act like a sloth together Wow oh these are otters they're so cute look at them go underwater oh I bet they can hold their breath for a really long time oh they're so fast they kind of look like water cats but they're not kitty cat Oh another one cool now it's so much fun learning about all these creatures Odyssey in Scottsdale Arizona with you well this is the end of this video but if you want to watch more of my videos all you have to do is search for my name will you spell my name with me ready BL I PPI hey grownups if your child loves my videos you can head to blippi comm for some super duper duper cool things

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