Blippi Learns about Jungle Animals for Kids | Educational Videos for Toddlers

and today we're at party jungle zona if we are gonna have so much fun I am really excited thank you Oh wristband and some tokens okay put these in my pocket for later let's ride around whoa what kind of animal is this yeah it's it happened will you act like an elephant with me oh [Applause] it's are so big okay let's ride okay here we go oh that was so much fun on the elephant ride and so much fun acting like an elephant let's go write some more rides check this for help hey these look like swings do you know of an animal that loves to swing from trees yeah monkeys love to swing on trees let's act like monkeys okay alright let's hop in yeah let's take a seat alright Oh buckled up okay I'm ready here I go Wow [Applause] [Applause] oh that was awesome oh okay well I am having so much fun Oh time to getting hungry oh I'm stuck hey let's act like monkeys to get out of this whoa I'm getting kind of hungry oh are you hungry let's go whoa can I please have some animal crackers Oh animal crackers amigo yeah thank you okay let's find a place to sit how about right here open them up whoa so many animals let's set this right over here wait a second what's this it's a dog hey I have an idea why don't we eat our snacks like how a dog eats do you know how a dog eats yep what no hands that's silly okay let's see what else they have around here whoa this place is so cool and colorful whoa Oh check it out miniature golf hey there we go to size clubs do we want this one or this one let's do this one looks just right for my size so we have a blue Club and an Orange Bowl my two favorite colors all right get ready oh wait wait a second to see this what animal is this this is a zebra whoa black white black white hey did you know zebras are actually all black with white stripes interesting Oh can't forget these whoa hippopotamus whoa silly let's act like a hippo hippos are really big they love the water and they love the land too pretty interesting I almost made it whoa this is a horse hey or see how are you I love horses nice most of the time and they love to gallop hey let's gallop this horse okay let's put this horse right here because we have another ride to go into oh thanks oh come over here hello how are you – oh very good are you excited okay let's go whoa hello how are you let's sit in here and then put the chain on right here now we're ready to go ooh here comes a train here comes a train get there here comes a train I can spin up watching me go choo-choo Oh Paul across the country they're on baby train tracks it's I can't Janene that's the back of the Train try to count all the train cars that was awesome – – let's see what else there is around here Wow Jungle Jim whoa whoa cute little animal hello this is a slob did you know that sloths move really slow here come on let's act like a sloth together okay how you act like a sloth is you just move really slow ready 3 2 1 you silly have you ever seen a sloth swim you should look it up it's hilarious sloths move really slow on land but when they swim swim really fast like three times faster than they move on land oh hey this area you have to take off your shoes so let's take off my shoes oh there we go one two this place is awesome whoa look at this place what is this whoa what animal is this it's cute it's black and white it's a penguin wait let's act like penguins together okay all you have to do is waddle whoa a little water what a little oh ok ok let's put my shoes back on and let's play some arcade games ah okay let's check this out whoa look at this game whoo all right let's put in a coin [Applause] get ready Oh now it's so hard okay what other games do we have oh I know of a game here come right over here dance dance revelution I'm really good at this one get ready [Applause] [Applause] we did it whoa [Applause] [Applause] let's ride the fish here we go Wow it's like on sweetie because I'm right in the fish oh good job whoa now it's so tiring Oh another ride come on okay this rides pretty cool because you get a spin around did you see how fast I was spinning oh that was awesome oh I had so much fun hanging out at Party jungle with you well this is the end of this video but if you want to watch more of my videos all you have to do is search for my name will you spell my name with me be Li PPI blippi good job well fun hanging out with animals with you hey grownups I think it would be a great idea if you liked my Facebook page live show information behind the scenes special discounts even free giveaways see you there

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